20 Low Maintenance Haircuts for women

Short Layered Bob Haircuts

We can’t believe of any better way to get our list started than a brilliant hairstyle.

Not only is the bob dramatic downright, but so is the coloring option. This is the perfect hairstyle for the unconventional woman who can’t wait to demonstrate off her real colors.

Flirty Short Layers

This voluminous cut is a brief hairstyle any female can rock. It is suggested especially for females over or age, but it also looks cute for younger ladies. Flirt in the most classic manner!

Mature Layered Short Haircuts

This is one of the brief layered haircuts for mature females that should never be underestimated.

Raquel Welch, a style icon for this women’s category, shows you can look fresh and youthful regardless of your age.

Layered Haircut for straight hair

If your hair is naturally straight, a haircut like this should definitely be used. You won’t have to spend hours at the end preparing to go out as your straight locks fall completely alone!

Short to medium layered haircuts

What if you want a haircut but don’t want to go that short? Well then, there’s a brief to medium layer cut in order. The layers in the front end in a chic, shoulder-long hairstyle from brief to long.

Thin Hair Short Layered Haircuts

Fighting the lifelong struggle of good hair? We feel you, and we have your back as well!

This kind of hairstyle is just what you need to bring back to life your slender locks. We also suggest highlights to create the thickness illusion.

Playful Short Haircuts

An actress and singer who is very near to our hearts, Mandy Moore never ceases to give a nice look to our day.

She rocked this brief hairstyle flawlessly a couple of years ago. Get motivated by the look to keep all year round summer vibes.

Fiery Layered Haircuts

Don’t worry about glamorous short-layered haircuts? Then take the color with you!

You can experiment with red highlights for some additional sass after you have the edgy cut of your dreams. Check out our full list of red hair color thoughts for more fiery hair into.

Short layered round face haircuts

The shape of your face is an important factor to consider when selecting your new hairstyle.

If you have a round face, a long inverted bob is recommended. It will frame your face and correspondingly complement your characteristics.

Professional Short Haircuts

If you have a job with a rigid dress code in a corporation or other workplace, you already understand that hairstyles should always be smooth and timely.

The sliced down pixie is one of the finest short-layered haircuts in these settings. It’s a nice look for a job interview as well!


Short layered haircuts We enjoy so many sections of this look that it’s difficult to select one to begin with. Jaw-dropping is the choppy bangs and similarly dicey haircut. The blonde balayage after that is the icing on the cake and the cherry on top.

Cute short haircuts for teens

Life in high school certainly has ups and downs, but one of the coolest advantages is to show off your fresh look! Impress with a lovely brief haircut with layers and a graceful side portion all your friends.

Feathered Short Haircuts

What if you want the wind to rake through your hair continually? What you need, sweetheart is a haircut that is feathered.

It’s a layering method, as the name indicates, that produces a feathery impact. It’s just what a good hair gal requires.

Effortless short haircuts with layers

If your hair is naturally dense and you generally have to be prepared in record time for job or college, this is the haircut that should be in your mind.

The layers are completely adjusted so that they drop down on a regular basis easily.

Bold Super Short Haircuts

This haircut requires heaps of bravery to rock, but we strongly promote you to try it out if you’re the kind of fearless.

The general design is not only highly eye-catching but also the contrast between black and platinum white.

Medium Short Layered Haircuts

Another great choice for females seeking medium to brief haircuts. It’s a lengthy layer shoulder-length and, we might say, a wonderful job of coloring!

Layered Ombre Bobs