Hairstyles Bob ideas

“Bob and Wispy Bangs”

This timeless bob is one of the finest bob hairstyles of medium length for good hair. This adorable hairstyle, inspired by the s, completely frames your face and looks fantastic on all females.

Chic Wavy Styling For Short Bob

advanced style Wavy locks are likely the perfect way to display your elegance and produce complete and well-groomed hairstyles. Even if you believe your best brief haircuts have nothing to do with it, remember that there is nothing impossible about waves: some curling iron whirls are going to sort stuff out.

Bob With Arched Bangs

judith petz Whether you need a little framing touch on your forehead or want to make your look fresh, bangs are a must. First, for large foreheads, they are the perfect solution. Second, they’re taking off years. They’re gift sending from above as for arched bangs. Without overlapping your eyelashes, this sort of fringe can hide your faults. To get what we mean, check out this bob!

Bob With Long Side Bangs

maggie menges You should understand one more thing about bangs. Longer kinds can give you liberty of styling. To be more precise, as an extra layer of hair you can style in any manner you like. For example, this bob features a lengthy fringe that blends seamlessly with the remainder of the hair. It provides a more voluminous and presentable finish in this manner.

Blonde Layered Bob

Smooth bob layers “open” your face by young impacts. Use a good mousse to increase your hair volume. If you are looking for a change in hair color, buttercream hue is a nice option.

Baby Bangs and Mid-Length Bob

Channelthis incredible mediumbob and brief baby bangs to your internal vamp woman. What makes this hairstyle so amazing is that depending on the makeup and outfit you choose, it can make you look classy but also like a punk rock girl.




Your bob must not always be sleek and straight. The creation of gentle waves is one of the cutest ways to style this haircut. What makes this specific style amazing is that it’s also for dense hair in the medium-length bob hairstyles category, which is essential because females and girls with good hair often feel restricted in their choice of dose.

Get the easily chic look that adds volume to your hair with a chaotic bob on medium hair. All you need is to use mousse to produce the style you want and to generate a piece of “bed head” impact all the hair strands you want.

You can add red highlights to your medium-length bob for a vibrant and refreshed look. Red highlights add more edge to your hairstyle. It depends on you for the color of red; it can be a subtle red wine hair or a striking red fire.

The medium-length bob hairstyles for good hair are not simple to discover, which is why you will enjoy this one. Use a nice brush to style your bob softly and cut your lengthy bangs in the center. Bangs will completely frame your face and give your hair more volume as well.

You may want to add green highlights to your mid-length bob. Green is an uncommon highlights color that provides you more advantage. At the same moment, it contributes to darker hair more playfulness.

Do you feel very adventurous? Then completely alter the color of your hair. Choose lavender instead of normal dark, red, or blonde. This mid-length lavender bob haircut is a excellent choice for women, particularly for the uing spring and summer festival season, who enjoy edginess in their hairstyle.

Full bangs offer more meaning to your face, but they also have a slimming impact and emphasize your eyes. Moreover, this is one of the cutest bob hairstyles of medium length for dense hair. Sleek bob is always trendy, no matter how old you are and what year it is.

Are you the kind of individual who enjoys ancient films when females have romantic and sleek hair? Totally understandable, they looked so classy, and wanting to emulate their style is completely natural. To accomplish this outcome, this is a ideal haircut. In waves that resemble the chic finger waves, style your one-length medium bob, and you’re done.



Classy Blonde Layered Bob

jenniscarsker It doesn’t matter whether you’re naturally blonde in your hair or a blonde in your core who wishes some color modifications; this concept will hit everyone with its eternal style and volume. Layers are more noticeable on light hair, and this is the primary reason to attempt this color: it enhances and highlights all the advantages of layers.


Crown Braid and Bob

He’s another cool hairstyle you’ll enjoy. Unlike the style above, which includes one braid and chaotic medium bob cut, this one requires sleek bob and two braids. Beautiful braids from each side fuse in a small tail at the back and act as a kind of bandana or tiara appropriate for more official occasions.

Curly Bob Haircuts:

This is the longest hairstyle in the list and it feels chaotic too. This one hairstyle seems to tick all the lists as well as look very beautiful. You can see how casual and yet intelligent the hairstyle is in this image. This hairstyle is very appropriate even for the mature women’s group.

This hairstyle will fit on the medium hair face of diamond, oval, slender, and tiny.
< Summers, autumn and winters to perform this style are appropriate for the climate.
< Casuals, jeans and T-shirts are the best dress to wear with this style.
< Appropriate opportunity to wear this style are parties, casual outings, universities, etc.
Curly Medium Bangs Hairstyle:

Dramatic Long Angled Bob

ro.hsiqueira Angels went to make our looks more sexy in our globe. They look so eye-catching and dramatic that people can not help themselves and stop looking at such cuts: can you take your eyes off this sharp long-angled bob?

Dramatic Asymmetrical Bob

Sometimes we want to offer more drama to our hairstyle, especially when preparing for a night out. If you have a medium bob, for a kind of asymmetrical look, you can brush most of your hair to one side. One side would have more volume and more dramatically contribute to your look.

Exquisite Short To Medium Wavy Bob

master models Many women, lots of minds, lots of bob haircuts. As we stated earlier, there is no single variation of the bob; each woman controls its shape based on her preferences. If you are one of those in every detail who appreciates simplicity, let your bob express it. This brief to medium wavy bob is a classic and feminine concept that can highlight your delicacy within.

Fascinating straight crop layered

The strength of layers is never underestimated by wise females: they add to our hair more life, texture and lift. So women who want to stop thinning hair understand what to ask when they’re sitting in the chair of their hairdresser. A brief straight crop with various textured layers will add an intriguing and contemporary touch to your hair.

Braid and Bob

Braids are only for lengthy hair?! Not really, really. You can produce a nice braid that will also make your hairstyle romantic and chic as a headpiece or accessory. Complete the look for messier type instead of sleek bob opt.


Full And Sleek Stacked Bob

Once you’ve managed to get a stacked bob, you’ll forget about the volume shortage once and for all. Such haircuts require texture on the back and top, so your hair is never going to fall flat. And if you directly style it, be prepared to shine brightly.

Graceful Icy Blonde Wavy Bob

Let’s not forget that most trendy hair colours look more genuine on elderly females: all the whitish and grayish locks we get over time are trends on everybody’s lips. So why not demonstrate everyone how it looks like the true perfection? The famous icy blonde for your elegant wavy bob will be a great embellishment. Plus, it will fit your picture perfectly.

rey Bob Curls

brennanevon While gray hair was deemed a fault a century ago, today it is the most desirable trend. So believe again if you’re thinking about dyeing your hair! Remember, by the manner, the incredible hairdos you’d wear years ago? It’s another trend. A trend which is never going to die! These two will look just beautiful together; this picture is evidence!

How to Get Medium Length Bob Haircut

Medium bob haircut enables you to keep some length while maintaining hair bounce and short. This kind of hairstyle rests on your neck base or shoulders. You can use elastic bands to get this sort of cut and position them where you want to cut your hair and begin cutting one tail at a moment uniformly.

Or you can see your hairstylist creating a bob haircut of medium length that completely frames your face. Bob can be graduated after all, chaotic, sleek, you’re calling it. Use a nice styling brush, mousse, and hairspray to maintain your haircut looks ideal day by day.

Icy Blonde Bob Styling

Advancedstyle This icy blonde bob haircut styling concept is extremely elegant. Start with a deep side parting, blow your tresses with a hair straightener and offer a lift to the ends. Complete with hairspray.

Short Bob inverted

Short, elegant and voluminous. This inverted bob is an epitome of beauty values that are most desirable. This bob can give a lot of personality to your look while being a completely versatile brief haircut, showing off your excellent taste. Such an immaculate silhouette, of course, needs periodic maintenance. But let’s be frank; valuable.

La Natural Below Shoulder Length

This is a pleasant and natural look that requires little product and can even be a natural hair dry with some scrunching, although a blow dryer will have the same impact more quickly. To get this look, hair with a natural wave may need some taming.

Layered Bob With Thick Bang

and.bloom Looking for a haircut that gives you a certain volume and frames your face? Layered bob is your haircut. As you can see, no wrinkles or faults can be noticed: the dense bang provides a flattering impact on the face. The entire silhouette is highly voluminous and complete. Isn’t this a copy look?

Medium Auburn Hair Bob

If you are looking for the perfect medium-length bob haircuts for dense hair, this is the one. This specific style provides more structure to your hair, but it also makes it easy to regulate for a perfect’ do.

Even cut bob coupled with lengthy bangs divided and swept aside is a go-to style for girls and females who are constantly on the go and do not have too much time-consuming haircuts that involve too much maintenance.