73 Purple Hair color

Rather, in different colors of violet and blue, it is a sequence of highlights and lowlights. Now this is taking a whole fresh level of mermaid hair!

Blue and Purple Hair

Conversely, just placed more emphasis on your hair’s blue portion.

This operates incredibly if your hair is already colored blue or a mixture of blue colors. All you have to do is sprinkle for a pleasant twist a little purple on top.
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Transform your brown hair with our suggestions for lowlights and highlights!

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Purple Flat Twist Out Curls

Another deliciously eye-candy concept for natural purple hair involves a classic method: flat twist curls.

Although most women with afro-textured hair already know how to get these corkscrews, when colored purple, we wanted to point out how pleasant they look.

Purple hair extensions

If you’re not up to your natural purple hair to die, extensions can always be obtained.

It’s a excellent way to safeguard your hair from coloring harm and you can take it off or put it back on whenever you want.

Grey Purple Hair

As mentioned earlier, gray hair can be toned to make the overall look more interesting. This is yet another example to show how beautiful the fusion is!

Shaved Purple Haircut with French Braid & Balayage

Kelly Osbourne shows that a carefree spirit can rock at the same time a shaved hairstyle, an upside-down French braid, and lavender scanning locks.


Whoever said you had only one or two hair colors to settle down?

Consider three bold and lovely colors to step up your mermaid hair game. Together, for example, turquoise, pink, and purple look absolutely exceptional.

Purple Double Buns

You can turn stuff around with double buns if you’re tired of classic chaotic buns. If you have bangs, this look is even bigger, but without them, it will look sweet as well.

Katy Perry Purple Hair

Katy Perry certainly deserves a top place on the list for celebrities with purple hair. Here’s how she rocked flawlessly, with black roots and undertones, dark and purple hair once.

Black and Purple Hair

This discrete plum shadow is another subtle approach to violet locks. It focuses on the tips and is very dark in the color used. If you’re ever tired of the look, you can directly chop off the ends and change your entire look.

Big Curly Purple Hairstyle

Have you been blessed with enormous curly hair? Try to color it violet! This mix of dark and light violet tones feels amazing against any color of the skin, not to mention all kinds of curly locks.

Metallic Purple French Braid

If you decide to use a deep pastel shade to color your hair, you can use a classic French braid to demonstrate it. Braiding won’t take much time, but you’re going to love how it turns out.

Purple Short Hair

You’ve had a pixie undercut lately. Why don’t you make it more memorable? In this amazing plum shade, you can either dye all your hair or just color the top and leave the undercut natural.

Pink and Purple Double Dutch Braids

Regardless of whether you’ve colored all your hair purple or walked a half and half combo like the one in this picture, double Dutch braids are an absolute must.

If you have lengthy and straight hair, this is an outstanding styling concept, and it is not overused as other braid styles.

Pink and Purple Hair

Pink is one of the most common secondary colors among hair color combinations containing purple.

Apart from the natural tones of the hair, pink beautifully complete purple. Go from violet to rose, or vice versa. It’s going to look just as charming!

A-Line Bob in Purple

In general, violet looks good on any hair or cut form. But we wanted to include a couple of purple examples on particular haircuts so you could see how the findings look.

Silver Blonde and Purple Hair

This funky look can be acquired in two primary ways: either with violet lowlights or with extensions.

If you’re not sure you want permanent purple, we suggest the second choice. Either way it looks awesome!

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Half Up Half Purple Hairstyle

One of the best components about this hairstyle is that it operates as long as the locks are at least shoulder-length for all hair textures.

Purple Red Hair

You can use a red tint to warm your dark purple hair up a bit. Due to the cold nature of the color, purple provides off a cool feeling in most instances. However, you can heat up the whole look by adding some red tones.

Brown and Purple Hair

In recent years, natural roots have become increasingly common. This is excellent news on several levels, beginning with the maintenance of long-term hair color.

Red Purple Hair

There is no doubt that this dark shade of magenta is a glam approach to purple locks. For rebellious women who want to demonstrate off their wild side while keeping up with the recent hair trends, it’s another choice.

Purple Mohawk

This may not be your everyday search for a business job, but it’s certainly an idea for our punk women out there.

The contrast between the dark shaved roots and the bright mohawk of lavender will keep heads whenever you go.

Pink and Purple Faux Hawk

You can always have fun with fake hawks if you’re not up for a real mohawk. You can accentuate each with such a hairstyle if you have two hair colors. The violet roots stand out against the pink top in this situation.

Deep Purple Hair

This is one of the nearest black shades you can get from violet. A profound pruning tone like this is just enough to spice up your natural hair color while maintaining a suitable look for all times.

Bright Purple Hair

You can also go wild with bright purple colors if you are not restricted by a rigorous job. If you’re a teenager or just want to convey your outgoing character through your hair color, it’s fantastic.

Half Purple Half Turkey

Have fun accentuating them with different braids and pigtails for fun after you get the colors of your choice, like the excellent combo above!

Purple Braided Ponytail

If you’ve got lengthy braids, it’s always a great way to style them. It not only looks great, but it is also a practical approach to super-long braids. They’re not going to get in your eyes and you’re going to look amazing!

Purple hair accessories

If you are searching for colorful hair accessories, we suggest using silver or otherwise cool metal. It will complement your hair’s cold color while enabling you to different styling of your hair.

Braided Purple Back Crown

This purple hairstyle is so beautiful that it can be used on the day of your wedding or prom.
Essentially, it’s a braided back crown starting from the top ends and braiding down to a chignon.

Dark Brown Hair with Purple Highlights

Another office-friendly way to wear violet hair is to add some discrete feather highlights to your natural color. The subtle impact is best achieved when black or dark brown is your natural hair color.

Twists Deep Purple

You can recreate violet dreadlocks without damaging your hair with just enough hair product and patience. If bohemian is your middle name, these lengthy twists are just what you need.

Purple Curly Hair

Even if your curls are not afro-textured, when colored in purple they still look magnificent. Experiment with various colors of purple that will mix nicely thanks to your curls to make them look even more unique.

Lavender Double Fishtail Braid

Fishtails may not be the simplest braiding method, but on purple locks, they look amazing.

Moreover, by braiding three fishtail braids and uniting them in a standard braid beginning at the back of your throat, you can create your hairstyle more creative.

Make Homecoming a Night to Remember: Wear Dreamy Hairstyles Keep Them Looking Lovely: Heartwarming Flower Girl Hairstyles Fantastic Wedding Looks to Try If You Have Short Hair You can add some silver to the gradient so it won’t go from one color to another approximately.

Purple and Green Hair

The reverse can also be tried with purple locks on top and green at the ends. In this scenario, to harmoniously move from purple to turquoise, we suggest using a shade of blue.


Lavender Ombre over Blonde Base

Purple shadow always appears sexy on the soil of blonde hair. With a light foundation, the lighter shade of purple goes fantastic, making it one of the top lavender ombre hair and purple color to go for.

Layered Purple Ombre

If you want to add a purple tinge to your brown hair then make sure you choose a slightly lighter violet color. It fits well with your hair and provides an incredible feeling.

Layered lavender

This soft, feminine appearance is particularly cute and enjoyable for short hair. It is possible to pull this hair color flawlessly over any length.

Purple scanning over Long Black Manes

These purple scanning ends seem cute and no less impressive than any other method. This makes it one of the top hair and purple shadow of the lavender shadow.

Mermaid Ombre

This siren-inspired shade hair color is perfect for those who want to leave the box in terms of their hairstyle and still look amazing. Your hair appears like silky soft manes with this look, which are slightly undone towards the ends to produce a fuss-free appearance.

Woodsy Brown and Purple Ombre

This hairstyle masterpiece provides a boost to your hair’s adorable, wavy texture. Dark blonde, pink and dark purple shades come together to produce a distinctive, uniqueness-filled look. This makes it one of the top hair and purple shadow of the lavender shadow.

Dark Roots Purple Manes

Your hair with a bright purple hair color appears appropriate for a multitude of hair textures and kinds. This makes it one of the top hair and purple shadow of the lavender shadow.

Purple Ribbons over Dark Brown Base

This hairstyle is certainly a welcome option when you’re thinking about something new and fresh for your hair. The highlight of the shiny purple shadow adds dimension and depth to your bouncy hair.

Blonde Bleach to Lavender Ombre

This ethereal mixture of lavender hair and boho beach waves makes you look soft and feminine. The blonde beach waves appear bold, chunky and fancy over dark manes as well. So to opt for the spring and summer season as an excellent style.

Pink Roots with Purple Ends

Purple and warm pink shadow literally screams for attention. The smooth and subtle waves exhibit a contemporary, punk way of rocking any classy haircut.

Black Hair with Dark Purple Highlights

This masterpiece underlined by the vampy shadow is not one of those tender and girly hairstyles. We have a medium choppy black haircut here that pops through the electric blue and dark purple highlights, merely accentuating the entire dramatic impact.

Platinum Blonde with Purple Ombre Ends

Just add a few shadow color highlights to make your chunky curls look funky. The blonde and purple platinum hue works to perfection together and create a contemporary look.

Light Brown and Lavender Hair

Light brown hair with a silver and lavender tinge provides a feminine touch to your hair and adds an additional dose of depth and size.

Black Hair Reddish Purple Highlights

Light purple hair is always a beautiful option of color, but if you’re in a mood for something more significant, this color is certainly the right option. This masterpiece is aimed at stealing the spotlight.

Rosewood Hair with Purple Ombre Ends

Redheads are always bound to attract a lot of attention, and it will definitely be a complete show stealer with dip colored purple manes. Orange and purple create a harmonious hair color mix that is also frequently used in designer dresses and home decoration. This makes it one of the top hair and purple shadow of the lavender shadow.

Purple Ombre

Whether you choose light purple hair color or a bright purple shade, you’ll get an amazing black hair color combination used as the foundation. This sleek and specialist hairstyle gives you a second look.

Chunky Long Lavender Curls

Long hair can easily look dull and boring if you don’t add a few frills, but this hairstyle masterpiece is anything but monotonous. It is simply packed with chunky waves and the smooth, relaxing hair color of lavender is highlighted.