Kessié, in the list of signings of the Barça

Franck kessie (24 years old), Milan midfielder, is one of the powerful media that Barça has on its radar for next season. The Barça club is looking for a footballer with physical display to prop up the spinal cord since he was left with the desire to sign Georginio Wijnaldum (30 years), who opted for the greater economic offer of Paris Saint-Germain, and also sold to Ilaix Moriba (18 years old) to Red Bull Salzburg due to the youth squad’s refusal to renew his contract, which expired in 2022.

In case of Kessie is similar to Moriba because his contract with Milan also ends next year, with the difference that he has not agreed to renew with the ‘rossonero’ club and everything indicates that he will end up leaving as a free agent. Today he is one of the physical midfielders that arouses the interest of more high-level clubs.

Kessié, in the list of signings of the Barça

An Ivorian international, the middle of the Lombard club has a privileged physique. Without being very tall (1.83 m.), He stands out for his power to break lines but also for his good ball handling and for having a more than acceptable technique in his right leg. In fact, he is the main shooter of penalties in the milanista club, ahead of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. As a result of this in large part, in Milan he has scored 30 goals in 191 games, a more than remarkable figure for a pivot. His shots from eleven meters are almost always accurate, fooling most of the rival goalkeepers. In the last edition of Serie A he signed 13 goals.

Barça intends to sign a player with physical display but also technique and Kessie meets the profile. In the Barça entity they admit that they have him on their radar because due to conditions, age and contractual situation, he is a more than interesting footballer. He is not classified as a ‘top’ medium in the world but it is appreciated that being a free agent would provide a good compendium of quality and experience in high competition.

Play despite not renewing

For his part, the Milan midfielder is enduring the pressure of playing without renewing at a club with a very demanding fans. For now, Kessie He has not suffered any kind of ‘retaliation’ in the form of a substitution for not wanting to extend his contract and he continues to be an important player for the ‘rossonero’ coach, Stefano pioli.

The Ivorian midfielder knows that he has several important clubs following in his footsteps and tempting his representative. In this sense, you are in no rush to decide what your next destination will be. Among others, to Kessie They are followed by Parsis Saint-Germain, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester United and Liverpool. Meanwhile, in Milan they are already getting used to the idea that they will lose him and for that reason they are searching the market in search of a replacement. One of the most liked in the Lombard club is Boubacar kamara (21 years old), Olympique de Marseille pivot who also ends his contract in 2022.

Koeman wants a medium

TO Ronald Koeman He would like to incorporate a player of these characteristics into the winter market and, in fact, the club has the capacity to undertake an operation in terms of economic ‘fair play’ for LaLiga. Sources from the Barça entity confirmed to MD that the amount is about 16 million, while the CEO of the club, Ferran Reverter, and the economic vice president, Eduard Romeu, they put it at about 20 million.

Although the final amount has not yet been absolutely defined, this money would be used to sign, taking into account that it is that this money would be the one that could be spent for the proportional part of the token and the amortization of the hired footballer, which is what which would correspond to the second half of the current season