How to make bread pudding without an oven

How to make bread pudding without an oven

If you like flan, you will like pudding or bread pudding, a typical French dessert whose recipe can be much simpler and cheaper than you might imagine. And the thing is that the pudding is made with ingredients that we always have at home.

Often times, it is prepared because there is bread left over from the day before and we don’t know what to do with it. In addition, it is still possible to spend less, since we can do without the oven to prepare it. Do youHow to make bread pudding without an oven? Take note of this unCOMO recipe in which we show you how to make a bain-marie bread pudding without an oven.

4 diners
1 hour
Low difficulty


You will need to:

Steps to follow:


To make bread pudding without an oven, the first step is crumble the bread or cut it in small or medium pieces. The goal is to be able to handle it and mix it with the other ingredients. To do this, place it in a large bowl.

Really it doesn’t matter if the bread is stale or not, since, when soaked in the milk, it will soften. The advantage of taking advantage of stale bread is that, otherwise, we would discard it. For this reason, we recommend you opt for the leftover bread from other days.

How To Make Bread Pudding Without An Oven - Step 1


Cast the milk in a recipient, add the sugar and mix well to sweeten it. Add it to the bowl where you left the bread. Remove everything pushing the pieces of bread so that they sink and are well soaked.


Now is the time to make the caramel. When it’s done dump the hot caramel on the mold in which you will cook the bread pudding. Wear gloves to avoid burning yourself. As the caramel spreads over the surface, it will cool down until it sticks.


If you wish, you can add some raisins on caramel. Thus, when you unmold the pudding, they will be seen from above and will add a decorative touch to your dessert.


In another container, beat the four eggs and add them to the bowl where you left the bread soaking in the milk with sugar.

How to make bread pudding without an oven - Step 5


Mixture all good, add all the remaining raisins and continue mixing.


Pour the contents into the mold where we leave the caramel to dry and place it a little with a spatula so that it is homogeneous and well distributed throughout the mold.


Place foil over the pudding so that it is well covered and adjust it well to the edges of the mold so that it does not move.


Finally, put the mold in a pot where it fits well but not just enough. There must be plenty of space around the edge, since we will fill it with water.


Fill the pot with water a little more than half and put it on medium heat for 1 hour.


After the cooking time, the pudding will be ready. Remove the pot from the heat, remove the bread pudding from the pot and let it rest to cool for half an hour.

How to make bread pudding without an oven - Step 11


When the dessert is cold, use a knife to separate it from the walls of the mold, place a plate on it and turn it over. It is very similar to the process of unmolding a flan. You now have your no-bake bread pudding ready to serve. Take advantage!

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  • The size in which you cut the bread is a matter of taste. Personally, I like it in medium pieces because it gives it more texture, especially if I add fruit or pieces of chocolate. But many people like it to be very small pieces so that it is hardly noticeable or even beat it before cooking, so that it is more like a flan.
  • The pudding is very well covered with caramel. You can choose to buy ready-made candy, or prepare it yourself. Making liquid caramel is a breeze. And it is also possible to make liquid caramel without sugar.
  • If you don’t like raisins, it doesn’t matter. You can use some dried fruit, such as walnuts or pistachios. Some fruit like blueberries or even chocolate chips. In addition, the chocolate will melt a little with cooking and it will be delicious.