Can I Get Syphilis from a Kiss?

Can I get syphilis from a kiss?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that CAN be spread by kissing. It is caused by a bacterium called Treponema pallidum and is one of the most common STDs today. Syphilis is highly infectious and can cause damage to the brain, nerves, and body tissue. Without proper treatment, the disease can leave irreversible damage to the body.

When we talk about STDs, our greatest concern has to do with the different forms of transmission. In the case of syphilis, one of the most common questions is whether syphilis is spread by saliva. At oneHOWTO we want to give you answers to the question of “Can I get syphilis from a kiss?“And also that you know the symptoms and the different forms of prevention of this disease so that you enjoy good sexual health.

Kisses and the ways in which syphilis is contagious

To avoid the risk of being transmitted syphilis, you need to know how this disease is spread. Syphilis disease is spread from one person to another through contact with the discharge that can cause, a kind of sore or skin erosion caused by the disease. Syphilic chancres appear in these different areas of our body:

  • External area of ​​the penis
  • Vaginal area (external and internal)
  • Anus and rectum
  • Lips and inner area of ​​the mouth

Therefore, it is a disease that is spread mainly through sexual contact, these being the different ways of contagion of syphilis:

  • Oral sex with someone who has chancre on the penis or vaginal area.
  • If you have had vaginal or anal sex unprotected with someone infected.
  • Through the use of infected syringes: You are also at risk of contagion if you have used the same syringe as an infected person.
  • Pregnant women can infect the future baby if it is infected through the birth canal and the placenta.

Can I get syphilis from a kiss?

Despite the fact that the spread of this STD occurs, above all, through sexual contact, syphilis can be spread by saliva, so it can be spread by kissing whether it is a French kiss or a deep kiss. As we have explained, chancres or sores appear in the early stages of syphilis and may appear on the inside of the mouth and lips. Therefore, syphilis can be spread if the infected person has sores in this area.

Syphilis can be totally curedSo if a person had syphilis and has already been cured, they are not at risk of infecting another person.

Is syphilis spread by drinking from the same glass?

Actions such as drinking from the same glass, sharing cutlery, towels or sharing a mate NO are considered forms of transmission of syphilis, since it is not spread by casual contact. Hugging, holding hands, sneezing, coughing, or sitting on toilet seats are also not considered forms of contagion.

Can I get syphilis from a kiss?  - Kisses and the ways of contagion of syphilis

Symptoms of syphilis

The person infected by a kiss or by another form of contagion by syphilis it will go through four stages of this disease: the primary stage, the secondary stage, the third stage or latent and the late stage.

It is important to know the symptoms that syphilis produces since, if it is detected in the early stages of the disease, it is easier to cure than during the later stages of syphilis, in which more aggressive treatments will be necessary. The syphilis symptoms are as follows:

  • Fever
  • Muscle, throat and / or joint pain
  • Warts in the mouth area or on the genitals
  • Chancres or circular sores with a reddish border in the mouth, penis, vagina or anus. In the case of men it can appear on the penis and testicles, and in women it appears on the genital lips and cervix
  • Skin erosions on the torso or back

If you have any of these symptoms (especially the appearance of cankers) it is very important that you go to the doctor so that you can do the relevant tests to detect syphilis and you can obtain the most appropriate treatment.

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How to prevent syphilis

Prevent a sexually transmitted disease like syphilis It can be simple if you follow a series of steps or tips that will also improve your sex life. These are the main forms of prevention, not only of syphilis, but of avoiding any type of sexual contagion.

Use latex or polyurethane condoms the right way

  • Latex or polyurethane condoms protect us from sexually transmitted diseases during sexual intercourse.
  • Do not use the same condom again in the same sexual relationship, that is, if you are going to perform different penetrations (vaginal, anal or oral).
  • In the case of using lubricants, use those that are water-based since oils or petroleum jelly weaken the condom.
  • You must make sure before any sexual intercourse that the condom is not broken. You should also check the expiration date.

If you do oral sex, use a latex dental dam

  • Use latex dental dams since, like the condom, it is a safe method of oral sex.
  • If you don’t have a latex dental dam, you can always cut a male condom and use it for oral sex as long as it covers the entire genital area.

Avoid risky situations and relationships

  • Avoid having sex with people who have had a lot of unprotected sexual activity, as it is likely that they could have an STD like syphilis even if they don’t know it.
  • Abusing drugs and alcohol can put you at risk, as they can cloud your judgment and end up having unprotected sex.
  • In the case of having a stable partner and wanting to switch to a non-barrier contraceptive method, you must take the relevant tests before stopping using the condom or another barrier method.
  • You can practice low-risk sexual activities such as kissing (if it is not infected), caresses and masturbation (both your own and mutual).

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