How to work as a gigolo – Tips and recommendations

How to work as a gigolo - Tips and recommendations

Being a gigolo It is one of the oldest professions in the world and it is required to be especially handsome, just as important is to have a very well cared for sculptural body. The women who usually hire these services are usually high class and seek, in addition to sex, a little company to speak or attend events. If you are interested in knowing how to work as a gigoloIn this oneHOWTO article we are going to give you advice and recommendations so that you can practice this profession safely and calmly.

What does gigolo work consist of?

Unlike company men, gigolo are dedicated to the male prostitution and provide sexual services. In most cases, only female clients are sought, but some men agree to have homosexual relationships, all depending on the preferences of each person in particular.

But the gigolos they can also act as company men since a woman is likely to hire his services to accompany her to an event or dinner and, later, to be able to enjoy his services in bed and thus bring out the most passionate side.

What you have to be clear about is that the gigolo can mark the limit: You can make it clear what you will accept and what you will not do under any circumstances; in fact, it is important that this is highlighted before the sexual encounter so that there are no misunderstandings or compromising and uncomfortable situations.

How to work as a gigolo - Tips and recommendations - What does gigolo work consist of

Working as a gigolo: tips to get the job

If you want to know how to work as a gigolo you have to know that the safest way to do it is to go to agencies specialized in this type of service in order to guarantee protection and forget about having to deal directly with the client.

More and more men want to provide their services as gigolo, therefore, we recommend that in order to work on it, you prepare your physique well and stand out from your competition so that you are the chosen one: take care of your personal image but also, cultivate your intellect Well, for women there is nothing sexier and more provocative than a man you can talk to.

Broadly speaking, what gigolo agencies ask for are cultured men, with good looks, but especially those who have conversation. It is clear that a woman over 35 is not just looking for a perfect physique, she wants more. Also, they say size does not matter to be a gigolo.

How much can you charge being a gigolo?

As a guideline, the rates may vary depending on the agency but they are around 200 euros per hour (with coffee included), 700 euros for 6 hours of company (plus accommodation) or up to 1,500 for a full day.

However, the prices are much lower in forums and contact pages on the Internet: from 50 euros to the claim to do it for free. In any case it is always better to work through an agency to have it all covered and advice on how to get the job done.

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