How to use honey to attract love

How to use honey to attract love

Want attract love of the person you like? If you are a spiritual person and you believe in the power of spells, we are going to propose a recipe to prepare a ritual with honey with which you will not only attract the attention of whoever you want, but they will go crazy for you.

Honey is an element that, combined with others, has a great power of seduction, that is why from we tell you how to use honey to attract love.

Steps to follow:


First you have to prepare all the ingredients for this one love spell with honey: a glass of water, 3 tablespoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of cinnamon, 3 drops of your perfume, red, white and red candles and sandalwood incense. And in a bottle or container that you consider, add all the ingredients and mix everything well.


With this ritual with honey it’s about getting the attraction to emerge That is why it should be done when the moon is in the first quarter, especially on the weekend; If you are not sure which day will be the most appropriate, check out our article on the lunar calendar. Set the atmosphere, put on soothing, seductive music, light the candles and incense, and give yourself a bath calmly.


Then, once you get out of the bathroom, take the potion with honey, and cover your whole body with it, spreading it well. While you put it on, think about the name of the person you are interested in, and even say it out loud. Feel sexy, provocative, unique, if you impregnate yourself with positive thoughts about yourself, and how irresistible you are, you will surely attract the person you like.


Leave the lotion on your body for a while, and keep holding those seductive thoughts about yourself, it will be a way to attract all the good to you, including that person. Then take a shower to remove the remains and repeat this ritual every month, you will see how your wishes of love are fulfilled, you just have to hope.

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