How to cure genital herpes with home remedies

Joma lop

I think the advice to control the discomfort of genital herpes is very good.
Thank you very much for sharing all the information

dr patrick

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I have the virus, I get sores every 3 months, what treatment can I take?




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Herpes can be spread in HPV


Hello, how are you? Do you have any news about the cure? Where do I come from?

Robert Samaniego

I found on the web several pages that talk about the cure of herpes and its natural treatments, I think that the amount of information on the web supports the effectiveness of these methods.

Jose garcia

Hello I hope I have a good response from you for a few years my doctor told me that I had herpes I had no idea what it was until they explained to me what it is from that day my life changed my doctor told me that there is no cure for my herpes Marriage broke up after this I have a few years since I do not have sex for fear of infecting that dog I only get a wart I get like once a year I hope some advice from you thanks José

Anthony Albert

I was diagnosed with herpes in 2016 and tried all possible means to get a cure but all to no avail until I saw a post in a health forum about a herbal doctor preparing herbal medicine to cure all kinds of diseases including the virus from herpes, at first I doubted if it was real but decided to give it a try, when I contact this herbal doctor through his email I bought the herpes herbal medicine and received it via DHL within 7 days and used it as prescribed, tested negative for hepatitis b virus Within 3 weeks of use.


You could tell us details about your treatment. Thank you


Could you tell us how to contact that doctor?


Can you give me the email of the herbalist?

emilia whyte

Hello everyone in this forum, I will continue to share my own experience with the world what Dr. Silver has done for me, that my cure for the herpes virus. I was suffering from herpes virus for over 3 years until I got the email of this great herbal doctor from the internet and choose to give her a test to see if she can really help me. To my greatest surprise this man helps me with his herbal medicine and now my pains are all gone, I went to the hospital to do some test and the result came out negative. I am free from my HERPES VIRUS disease and I am very happy now, I would like to send you by email if you are suffering from any sexually transmitted disease in your email: [email protected]


hello emilia can you pass me the email of Dr Plata so that I can help me …. thanks greetings

Grace Luz Ramirez

I have genital herpes, you only get on my buttocks … thank you … I would like the remedies to cure me … thank you


Please help me either by passing the email of Dr. Plata or in any case what is the treatment, thank you very much


I have herpes for 5 years, they come out safely and I live taking asyclovir I would like to contact someone who can really cure it, a lot of thanks


Hi, I would like to know if it really has a cure or is it just joking?


How did you get cured, please help me


Can you give me the doctor silver mail please


Can you give me Dr. Plata’s email please


Please I need the doctor’s email is urgent


Might you help me

Olga Lidia Martínez Robaina

Hello, I am desperate. I got it in a rape. Since then my sexual, emotional life is hell. Hopefully you can help me. From Cuba, a hug.


How can I have herpes …. in the lower abdomen areas near the waist … without having had intercourse for more than five years … how is that possible.




Could you help me thanks

Olga Lidia Martínez Robaina

Hi, I got it during a rape. I am undone. You help me?


Thank you if all the people were like you who know about home God remi who are wise God put them on earth for Adam and Eve and for the animals and there were no pharmacies but the man and the gift of money do not care about the diseases of the people who God bless you thank you


please send mail


I want to know how long they hold the heper

maria calderon

I want to know why when I take some pills I get herpes in my vagina, such as a pill for the itching of the body and vitamin A in ampoule


I got wounds on my penis and the big one that burned me to urinate, I treated it with antibiotics, it happened to me but I came back with force that I can do I can’t stand it

Elia Tabuenca

Hello Alexis, we recommend that you go to a urologist so that he can help you treat your condition and relieve discomfort. Greetings


How should I get medicine to cure ginital herpes

Elia Tabuenca

Hi Raul, it is best that you visit a urologist to tell you which is the best medication for your condition. Greetings


Hello, good morning, my question is, I am pregnant. From 32 weeks it prevented me and you are genital, I do not know why, and I do not want to take medicine, it is bad, it can infect my baby or enter the birus still inside, why. The virus. I have it outside to one side. Thank you for your advices.


Hello, please can you help me tell me what fruit could also be used to heal?


hello!! Thank you for the information. I acquired it in Nov 2014 and I have sex once a month, I have not shared it with him because he always uses a condom, my consultation will give him the disease with the simple fact that he touches me with his hands?


Excuse me, I got a pimple: I revealed it: and now it’s a sore I can’t stand the burning and pain: how can I solve it, some effective remedy to remove it is only a small sore on one of my genital lips: “it’s herpes”

Elia Tabuenca

Hello Vanessa. In the article, I recommend some home remedies to soothe the itch of herpes such as black tea, green tea or castor oil. Try any of them and, if it does not improve, I recommend that you go to a gynecologist. All the best


Ola wanted to know if you can eliminate Herpes great