How to make charcoal – 13 steps

How to make charcoal


The Coal It can be very used in our daily life. From barbecues or grills to lighting our indoor fireplace, the charcoal It can do us very well, however sometimes it is usually a bit expensive. For this reason, at we explain how to make charcoal, so that you can make it at home easily, simply and economically. Follow these tips and learn how to make charcoal.

Steps to follow:


To get your own charcoal, we suggest you two methods: make a fire or make it through barrels. Pay attention to the following steps and choose your favorite method.


If you decide to make the charcoal using a bonfire, find a suitable place to do it. If you do not have a large space in your garden, do it in an open field. Yes, do not forget ask for an authorization to your town hall.

How to Make Charcoal - Step 2



Put firewood in a metal barrel. The size of the barrel will vary depending on the amount of Coal you want to get. You just have to ensure that it has a lid that resists the flames. Remember: the type of wood you must burn must be cured, that is, the most suitable are oak, walnut or cherry. You can find them in a store specialized in garden products.

How to Make Charcoal - Step 3



Once you have all the wood, cut it into pieces to fit inside the barrel. Fill it whole and then put the lid on it. Make sure it is not completely airtight, although it should cover everything.


Now, it’s time to prepare the fire. Introduce firewood and wood that can burn between 3 and 5 hours. Place the wood so that there is a space in the middle, where you should put the barrel and then cover it with more firewood.

How to Make Charcoal - Step 5



Light the fire and feed it so that the fire does not go out. It should be at least three hours, although the time will depend on the size of the barrel. After the required time, let the fire go out little by little and naturally. Remember: let the keg cool completely by itself, do not touch it or go near it, as you could injure yourself.


When the container is completely cold, take out the charcoal, product of having burned the cured wood. And you will have it ready to use.

How to Make Charcoal - Step 7



If you wish, you can also make your charcoal using two barrels, both made of metal and of different sizes. Just make sure the small barrel stays inside the big one.


Next, drill a hole inside the large barrel. To do this, use a special hacksaw blade. Cut out a rectangle around the bottom base of the barrel. Its measurements should be approximately 30×50 cm. With this hole we will fill the fuel barrel and it will be possible to keep its interior always hot. It also pierces the bottom base of the small barrel. With these five or six perforations the heat will be transmitted inside the barrel and thus the wood that will be inside will be burned.

How to Make Charcoal - Step 9



Next, he fills the smaller barrel with cured wood. Remember: the most suitable type of wood is oak, walnut or cherry. Once you have the wood cut into pieces and deposited inside the container, put a lid on the barrel. Do not close it hermetically, leave a small gap for moisture to escape.


Inside the large barrel, lay bricks in parallel. On top of them, place more bricks now crosswise. With this frame you will avoid that the base of the small barrel touches the big one and you can easily introduce the fuel to burn the wood from the bottom. Now, place the small barrel on the bricks and cover the large barrel, leaving a small slit through which air can pass.

How to Make Charcoal - Step 11



Next, light the fire inside the large barrel. It should burn between 7 and 8 hours, so try to add fuel so that the wood burns. Remember not to neglect the fire and introduce more wood if you see that the flame is burning.


After the required time, let the fire go out little by little. Once the containers have cooled, you can remove the charcoal. Use your charcoal for your barbecues and grills!

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