How to tone the body quickly

How to tone the body quickly

Regardless of the time of year, one of the most common goals for men and women of all ages is to do more sport and get fit. The excesses of certain celebrations, as well as a sedentary life or the simple desire to feel better with oneself are the reason why we decided to join a gym and exercise constantly.

However, it is not an easy process, and although the most important thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle in which food and sports are perfectly combined, there are many people who do not achieve their ideal silhouette. How can this goal be achieved more easily? What exercises are the most suitable? If you want to know how to tone the body quickly, from UNHOW we help you … let’s go!

How to tone the body quickly – tips

In order to find a healthy balance between food and sport, at OneHOWTO we give you some tips that will help you if you wonder how to tone your body quickly. Take note!

Do exercises that involve multiple muscles

Many people have exercise-based routines that only work one specific muscle. This is a mistake, because only by opting for exercises that involve more areas will you be able to work several parts of your body at the same time and change your image globally. This way your body will tone up much more quickly and with balance.

Vary the routine

By changing exercises or alternating workloads, you will prevent your muscles from getting used to the same daily activity. In this way you will be able to expand the body’s capacity for evolution, avoiding possible stagnation and achieving a more flattering development of the muscles. You can also modify the setting by doing sports outdoors or on machines other than the ones you usually use in the gym so that the exercises are new and more attractive.

Change workloads

To avoid stagnation in the development of your muscles, progressively increase the load of the exercises. Even so, everything has a limit: do not try to take weights greater than the capacity you have, because it is most likely that you will end up suffering an injury. The same thing happens with repetitions: do the ones you can or the ones recommended by a personal trainer.

Enduring pain is essential to tone the body, but you should never reach great levels of suffering.

Use a couple of objects at the same time

Reinforce the weights with sturdy rubber bands, or use a fitball (a giant ball) when doing push-ups for a different point of support. In addition, you can also use accessories such as medicine balls or bars to increase the intensity of the activity.

Slow down the workout

Concentration is important in any exercise, so it is advisable to do each activity taking the necessary time. If you are in a hurry to finish the routine as soon as possible, you will not do it properly and this will be reflected in the results when you want to analyze the evolution of your muscle development.

Don’t forget the cardio

Although cardio is more recommended for those who want to burn excess fat and lose weight, combining some cardiovascular exercises with your training to tone the body will give you better results in less time. To do this, you can resort to sports that involve aerobic activities such as swimming, boxing, running or spinning. You can also jump rope, run, walk briskly, etc.

Always keep a balanced diet

The balance between exercise and sport must be perfectly balanced. For this, we recommend that you cover your daily nutritional needs and make sure you do not consume many more calories than you can burn; By going to a personal trainer or a medical specialist (such as a nutritionist), you can easily comply with these premises.

How to tone the body quickly - How to tone the body quickly - tips

Exercises to tone the body fast – basic routine

The basis for doing sports in a healthy way should be a plan agreed upon with a personal trainer, as only a specialist can offer you a training that is perfectly suited to your needs. The established routine will serve as a guide to ensure that exercise all muscles and, in this way, tone your body proportionally.

Within a routine, exercises for a whole week should be included, but to simplify the explanation, in a HOWTO we will focus on one day plan. So, a good example would be the one configured by strides (common and lateral), squats, bridges, crunches and hyperextensions. Obviously, push-ups and sit-ups can also be added, as they are basic exercises in any type of training. The series and repetitions of each activity are adjustable for each person, so you must establish them under the supervision of a trainer.

Lunges to tone legs and glutes

It is a very common exercise in crossfit and body combat, as it is an ideal practice for tone legs and glutesas well as arms if some weight is added to the exercise. In addition to being one of the most practiced due to its simplicity, you can do it from the comfort of your home:

  1. Bring your feet together and step forward with one of your legs. The knee of the back leg should come very close to the ground, while the front leg should be at a 90 degree angle.
  2. When you do this movement, remember to use force with your abdomen to better support your balance and to also strengthen this area of ​​your body.
  3. Using strength with the glutes and legs, return to the starting position and repeat the movement. This time, move forward with the leg opposite to the previous one.
  4. Continue like this until you reach the number of repetitions indicated in your routine. If you are a beginner, start with 7 lunges on each leg.

Feel free to add a pair of dumbbells to your exercise to see better results in less time. In addition, from UNCOMO we advise you to visit this article on 14 exercises for legs and buttocks that you can do from the comfort of your home.

How to Tone Your Body Quickly - Strides to Tone Legs and Buttocks

Squats to tone the lower body

Once again, we present you a perfect exercise to tone your lower body. We continue working the area of legs, abdomen and buttocks for proper development throughout training. Do you know how to quickly tone your body with squats? Follow this step by step:

  1. Spread your feet up to your hips and stretch your arms forward for balance.
  2. Then squat down as if you were going to sit in an armchair. It is important that you not only lower yourself, but also pull your glutes back to perform the exercise correctly.
  3. Hold this pose for a few seconds, holding your balance at all times.
  4. Return to the starting position slowly without stopping to force the glutes.

You can vary the difficulty of this exercise by opening your legs more or less or jumping (jumping squats) each time you ascend. Start by doing 3 sets of 10 reps each, and as you gain resistance, add a few more reps.

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How to Tone Your Body Quickly - Squats to Tone the Lower Body

Bridge to tone buttocks and abdomen

In addition to being a simple exercise, the bridge can be a high intensity practice if done correctly. To tone your glutes and your abdomen throughout the training, do not hesitate to follow this step by step:

  1. Lying on the floor on a mat, bend your knees and leave the soles of your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Push yourself up with your heels to lift your hips.
  3. Keep your back as straight as possible at all times and hold in that position for a few seconds. While you are up, it is essential that you do pressure with your glutes and force with your abdomen, because in this way you will work the whole of your trunk.
  4. After a few seconds, slowly return to the starting position.

Do three repetitions, trying to hold the same in the air each time you do the bridge.

How to tone the body quickly - Bridge to tone buttocks and abdomen

Crunches to tone your abs

Also known as sit-ups, this exercise can be performed from the comfort of your home and without additional equipment. Once again, the time you dedicate to this exercise will depend on your resistance, so it is essential that increase the difficulty as you perfect it.

  1. On your back and lying down, bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground at all times.
  2. Take a deep breath with your hands behind your head. This will ensure that you are not using your arms to perform the exercise.
  3. Expel the air and begin to do the crunches, raising your head to the knees approximately. It is essential that you feel the pressure in your abdomen when you do the exercise, otherwise it would mean that you are not doing it correctly.
  4. Return to the starting position, rest for ten seconds and repeat the series.

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How To Tone The Body Quickly - Crunches To Tone The Abs

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