Tarot of love: how to know if you like me

Tarot of love: how to know if you like me

Love is one of the aspects that usually worries us most in our life, which is why some people resort to an esoteric system known as the love tarot. Will I meet someone special in the future? Does that co-worker like me or not? Will my romantic relationship last? These are some of the most common concerns that anyone has on the sentimental level. For this type of doubt, there is a method that will give you all the answers you need: the love tarot.

Also know as true love tarot, It is a reliable method with which we can find out everything we need to know in the sentimental plane of life. If you want to know in more detail specific questions such as, for example, how to know if you like me with the love tarot or what ways exist to throw the cards in this method, we recommend that you continue reading this oneHOWTO article.

Where does the love tarot come from?

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It is not known exactly where the love tarot comes from. Some say that this esoteric method was already used in Ancient Egypt, but there is no proof of this. Other experts date it around the sixteenth century where it would make more sense that this was its origin, since it is at this time that the first references to the use of cards to divine the future begin to emerge.

Whatever its exact origin, what is clear is that the tarot has been in different times in the history of mankind, since the cards used are loaded with symbols of different types of religion and culture. That is, for several centuries, people already had an interest in ask the tarot for the feelings of another person or learn other aspects with this divination technique.

Love tarot: how to know if you like me - Where does the love tarot come from

What cards to use for the love tarot

The love tarot, like other techniques, is made up of 78 cards from the tarot deck where they are classified into 2 main groups:

  • Major Arcana: there are 22 cards that represent the creation of the universe. This series of cards, in turn, are divided into knowledge, action and emotion cards. That is, they symbolize both the earthly and the sentimental plane of a person.
  • Minor Arcana: They are made up of the 56 remaining cards in the deck and represent more specific aspects of our life. In the case of a love roll, these arcana reveal more specific details of a more generic situation (represented in the Major Arcana).

How to throw the cards for the love tarot

Now that you know the basics of this divination technique, we can explain how to throw the cards for the tarot of true love.

Although there are different ways of guessing the future, such as the yes or no tarot or the runes of love, one Tarot reading of true love It is one of the most basic that you can do. To do this, you will first have to shuffle the deck of cards and draw 4 cards face down at random, without following a specific order. When you have taken them out, you will have to put them on the table forming a cross. Now you will have to reveal the cards in a clockwise direction, that is, first the top card, then the right one, then the bottom one and finally the left one.

According to this order, the cards will represent the following aspects of a relationship respectively:

  1. Current relationship status: In this letter you will be able to observe if there are problems or not in the sentimental relationship.
  2. Wishes of the person who has consulted the tarot: This card will reveal whether or not you are happy with this person and what your real motivations are for making the roll.
  3. Feelings of the other person: If you wanted to ask the tarot for a person, this card will be very important to you.
  4. Advice for the querent: In this card he usually reveals information about how the person who has consulted the tarot can achieve his objectives.

How to ask the love tarot if someone else likes me

As we already indicated in the previous section, if your question to the love tarot is if someone else likes me, the third letter that you have put on the table will be the one that contains the information of the person for whom you are consulting.

This letter will reveal important aspects of your relationship with that person with clear answers such as how does he feel about you, if he still loves you or if he still has you in his mind or, on the contrary, he has no interest in the love sense. It can also give you information about their state of mind in terms of romantic relationship or how committed that person is to you.

Finally, although this love tarot card is focused on that person’s feelings towards you, it is also possible to ask other types of questions in the true love tarot, such as, for example, whether or not our partner has been unfaithful to us. in some way, the answer being reflected in said letter.

Love tarot: how to know if you like me - How to ask the love tarot if someone else likes me

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