The 1×1 of Sanse in Almería

THE BEST: Ander Martín / Enriquecedor

45 exquisite minutes of the left-hander, double that of his pair, which he surpassed in all aspects: thanks to the controls, driving or with a dribble. A delicious scribble pass to Magunazelaia.

Ayesa Callejero

He was in too much of a hurry to go after Sadiq in the goal that decided the game, leaving the house, that is, the goal, without people.

Blasco Compliant

Task solved firmly, without going through problems to shield the band.

Glez. by Zárate Descamisado

He controlled the situation until Almería got ahead. His shirt was ripped open and he was pissed off: logical.

Whole Arambarri

Very toned in the clearances of the lateral centers, fast to the cut.

Visionary Romero

Author of the center that ended in a goal, with two erroneous clearances by Almería. Worker.

Pokorny Monarch

The master in the center of the field, anchor for balance and in the distribution of the game. Very well.

Olasagasti Integral

Very complete performance to reach all corners and hitting short passes and long diagonals.

Roberto López Genuino

Two hits and little presence. More prominence is required of the hand.

Djouahra Technician

A great center, a devil and a thread that narrowly left.

Lethal Magunazelaia

Magnificent goal at the first impact on the ball, inside the area and adjusting to the post. Outstanding receptions between the lines. About to double the mark twice.

The changes

Aldasoro Focused

They took the ball from him prior to 2-1.

Alkain Competitor

Never give up. He kicked, he centered, he ran.

Invisible Sangalli

He was not seen.

Aerial Karrikaburu

An overhang

Marton Nato

A header that was a goal.