How to make healthy homemade food for my cat


Excellent recommendations that I will take into account in future to prepare my cat’s food

Glendy Herrera

I was already confused, other articles say that the meat is better raw or undercooked so that you do not lose the nutrients and that the eggs are raw; and here it says the opposite; I don’t know what to do anymore 😭 I don’t want to feed my kittens badly.

Norma Mendoza

Homemade meals are a good option and it helps to change flavor from time to time. I wish they could share some kind of menu for at least a month. I have 8 animals including cats (2 females 3 males), dogs (2 females a male, the latter is a large size dog between 35 and 40 kilos
Congratulations on the note.

The cat is a carnivore

Cats are strict natural carnivores, they do not process carbohydrates. People should be well informed before committing crazy things like this. Irresponsible!

Juan Carlos

Greetings … some recipe to prepare a homemade substitute for cat food …. they have always eaten catchow or similar, I would like to change the menu, or try something other than sardine or tuna — you will have help for me … greetings


Hello. My cat suffers from calcivirus and it costs him a lot to eat I think but the vet told me that it is not good for him to eat wet food since it is very similar to as if we fed him chocolate every day. I would like to be able to remove the feed forever and replace it with healthy, soft foods and, above all, that my kitten can enjoy eating since she has the misfortune of suffering from this virus. I only want that she can eat things that she can enjoy and at the same time have good health . Can anyone recommend something to me? I would be very grateful. Nothing matters more to me than the happiness of my kitten.

Consuelo Martinez

Where do I get the daily ACBA menu for my cat? I have read in your article how to prepare it but I don’t know the daily amounts or the combinations, is it possible to have a daily menu per week and to be able to freeze for a month? I WOULD APPRECIATE THIS INFORMATION

Rafael Santiago Martin de las Mulas

Hello good morning!
I have a Persian Himalayan cat, who has significant kidney problems, they have recommended me a special wet food, but he likes home-made food a lot, what can I give him and how do I prepare it?
Thanks in advance.
Rafael Santiago.


How to make healthy homemade food for my cat.

freesia halls

What homemade food can I give to a naked Persian kitten

Teresa Cruz

I have a 4-month-old male kitten that I can give him food in addition to the foods sold in the supermarket

Carmen C

I have about 12 cats at home, sterilized, of course. And I also carry food for the car and water for homeless cats. I wonder if making them homemade food (at least for mine) would be better for them and would be better priced. I give them special Mercadona feed and they eat it well. I await your opinion. Thanks.



Gladys torres

Excellent article, for me it is wonderful because I adopted a cat over a year old and I have no experience, she does not like fish, I give it rice with meat or chicken, chayota, squash, all without salt, chicken soup, lizard, thanks for the guidance.


my cat is 6 months old and is gaining weight very fast as a concentrate twice a day a lot of water and canned meat once a day small portion

Marcano Maria

As I feed my cat, in this precarious situation that we are living in Venezuela and with the super high prices in pet food, please help me, my cat is 10 years old and I see him day by day as weakened, I know I should not give him raw meat If you eat chicken breast cooked and cut into small pieces but do not tolerate natural or raw uncooked sardines, another thing each time you eat seems to choke and tries to vomit or boost what bothers you when swallowing, please help me


It’s great….!!!!!! You have given me many ideas, but do I have to make a list every day to do it? Answer please


I have a question … Why does my cat like to eat plastic bags ??? How do I stop him from doing it? Please help. Thanks.


Good afternoon, I was reading the comments to see if I am able to answer any and in this case it is clear that your cat believes that the plastic bag is food. This is very common among animals and the only thing you can do is keep the plastic bags out of sight. I hope it has helped you


The author of the article contradicts himself. First he says that rice with chicken and then he says to be careful with carbohydrates. If I remember correctly, rice is a food that falls within the group of carbohydrates, exactly like the noodles, biscuits and bread, which warns that they are not made for animals. Also risky thing, they are not made for cats that are carnivorous animals, not like dogs that are omnivorous and can eat almost anything.


unprocessed or whole rices are not under certain processes that can harm your cat’s health. in fact flour harms us humans, because it would not be the same with cats. What has the rice is that it does not have the additions of a refining process, therefore it would not damage the digestive system of your kitten


There are people who do not use their common sense when one reads an article, suggestions, or any other note, it is for you to take it into account, what you reflect, what you analyze, you discern it, it is not for you to take it as a law or an imposition. You have to use criteria based on what a professional advises. If you think that this or that food is the best, you just have to proceed. But staying in the malicious criticism and disqualifying dora is not HEALTHY !!!