Do you want strong legs? The best exercises to work all the muscles

To have a harmonious body, strong and capable of facing all challenges That they put us ahead is important to work on all the parts of it. One of the most relevant is the lower body, specifically the legs.

Main leg muscless have the function of move and stabilize the lower extremities, so strengthening them will bring us benefits such as improving the Balance corporal, the power and the speed. In addition, it will help us protect our joints and reduce the risk of injury.

Here is a selection of various strength exercises aimed at working the large muscle groups of the legs, from buttocks until quadriceps, hamstrings and Twins.


The buttocks They are the largest and most powerful muscles in the human body. Working on this part is not a minor matter, not only to enhance your physical attractiveness but also because of the multiple advantages that it will bring us.

These muscles influence a large number of exercises and athletic movements, and having them well trained will allow us to lift more weight, jump higher or run faster. In addition, it will help us avoid injuries and pain, stabilize the hips and maintain an upright position.

There are several exercises to work this part of the body, although three of the best known are the following:

As its name suggests, this exercise is inspired by the position taken by the sumo wrestlers during the fighting.

It is an exercise basically aimed at work the lower body and many muscles are involved in its execution. To increase the work can be done with added weight using a barbell, dumbbells or kettlebell.

Sumo squat example

Sumo squat example


It is another of the exercises that we must include if we want to work buttocks. There are many forms of it, the most common with gym machines designed for this purpose.

It can also be done on the ground. Simply stand on a mat with your elbows and knees supported and your back straight. From there, lift one leg up toward the ceiling, keeping the knee at a 90-degree angle.

The glute kick is a common exercise to work this area

The glute kick is a common exercise to work this area


The hip thrust It is one of the best exercises to work the glutes, although it is not as well known as the previous two. It consists of a hip thrust movement in which intervene above all the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius.

However, it is a very comprehensive exercise that may also involve the hamstrings, the quadriceps and the area of core and that will help us maintain good posture.

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The Hip Thrust is a hip thrust movement in which the muscles with the greatest involvement are the gluteus maximus, middle and minor.


The quadriceps It is a muscle formed by four portions that are located in the front of the thigh. Its function is to generate movement both in the knee, which is its place of insertion, and in the hip, which is one of the points where it originates.

As with the glutes, it is highly recommended to work and stretch this muscle correctly, especially those people who exercise regularly. There are numerous exercises aimed at this.

The squats o squat is an exercise that works the muscles of the lower body, including the quadriceps. Can be done with own body weight or with dumbbells, discs or bars.

In addition to strengthening the quadriceps and the lower part in general, the strength and stability of core, back and ankle mobility.


Squats, one of the key exercises when doing sports at home


The press work is one of the most complete for lower body work and that can be carried out in the gym. Depending on how we place our feet, we will be working more on one area or another.

For a specific quadriceps workout, feet should be in the center of the base, with the spine well supported on the back of the machine. From there, the platform is pushed with the legs until they are almost extended, avoiding the knee lock.

Woman doing press work on a machine designed for it

Woman doing press work on a machine designed for it


  • Quadriceps extension

It is a very popular and effective exercise to work the legs and especially the quadriceps area. We can carry it out in the specific machines there is for this purpose in gyms.

After sitting on the couch, we must place feet under padded rollers and firmly grasp the lateral arms of the machine, always with the spine on the backrest.

We choose the appropriate weight for the exercise and later we extend our knees up, until the lower leg is aligned with the upper leg and in horizontal line with the ground. Finally, we proceed to a slow and controlled descent.


The hamstrings are three muscles located at the back of the thigh and their main function is help to bend the knee and extend the leg behind the body. They are the semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and biceps femoris muscles.

Working this muscle area is important for those who have intense physical activity, from runners amateurs even dancers or athletes who practice sports that require sudden starts and stops.

There are numerous exercises intended for this purpose, although these are two of the most frequent and popular.

To perform the deadlift we must stand up, with the legs slightly apart and the knees slightly bent, and grab a bar or a pair of dumbbells of more or less weight – depending on our physical condition – with the palms facing us.

From this position, we lean the trunk forward, keeping the back straight and without bending the knees further. Once we have reached the middle of the lower leg, we will return to the starting position with a slow and controlled movement.

To train the posterior area of ​​the leg with this exercise we must use the machines designed for it. Before placing ourselves on it, we must select the weight with which we will do each series.

Then we lay down on the couch face down, with the ankles under the padded rollers and with the hands subject to the lower grips. From this position, we bend the knees until the ankles are close to the buttocks. From there, we return to the starting position with a slow descent and …