How to DOWNLOAD an Instagram Photo

How to unarchive a photo on Instagram

One of the most practical functions of Instagram is to archive photos or videos published on the profile of a person or company. In this way, although the photos are publicly deleted, you can access them privately and recover them whenever you want.

But how to recover archived photos from Instagram? If you have archived a publication and want to show it again on your profile, in OneHOWTO we will tell you the necessary steps to know how to unarchive photos on Instagram easily.

Photos archived on Instagram – what are they?

The photos archived on Instagram They are a personal database that is stored in the cloud or servers of the app and which can be accessed through the same application.

Surely, on some occasion, you have wanted to delete a photo because you consider that it no longer fits in your feed, because it is very old or because you are ashamed. Whatever the reason, many times we want hide a post so no one can see it, but not lose it permanently.

For this reason, Instagram created a function to achieve this in 2017. In this way, you can hide a post without deleting it and without losing its likes, comments or other statistics.

This Instagram feature is intended to give people more control to store and preserve important moments, as well as to give more flexibility to share them. This means that it allows you to move images that you have already published to a site that only you can access.

If, instead of archiving them, you prefer to save your Instagram photos in another location, we invite you to visit our article How to make a backup copy of my Instagram photos.

Where are the archived Instagram photos

In the case of Instagram, the archived images are saved on the servers of this application and you can see them in the “File” section that you will find in the drop-down menu of your profile in the app. Your posts will go there if you select archive instead of delete.

Optionally, the phone makes automatic copies of the photos or videos that you publish if you have activated the function to do so. These backups can be found in the image gallery, either from Android phones or iPhone. You can discover more ways to preserve your posts so you don’t lose them in our article How to save Instagram photos.

How to view archived photos on Instagram

Surely one day you will want to see the photos or videos that you have hidden or saved on Instagram to keep your memories alive or return them to your feed. To know where is the file on Instagram, you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and touch the three horizontal bars located in the upper right.
  2. Tap the clock icon that says “File.”
  3. This will automatically direct you to a grid with all your archived posts with the date you saved them.
How to Unarchive a Photo on Instagram - Where are Instagram Archived Photos

How to unarchive a photo on Instagram

Now, recovering archived photos from Instagram is very easy once you know where its new location is. For republish archived photos, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Once you are in the feed where your archived photos are, select the one you want to recover.
  2. Select the three dots in the upper right corner of the photo or video.
  3. A menu will be displayed with the options “Show in profile” and “Delete”.
  4. If you want to get it back, just select “Show in profile”.

Note that this option does not imply creating a new publication. Your photo or video will only appear on your profile again without alerting your followers.

In this same section, you can visit your old stories and republish them as souvenirs. If you are one of those who love to make stories and revisit them, we invite you to visit our article Questions for Instagram Stories – the 100 best ideas.

How to Unarchive a Photo on Instagram - How to Unarchive a Photo on Instagram

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