Barça denies having received a 1,500 million proposal from Dubai to buy the debt

As reported last night by the program ‘El Curibito ‘from 8tv, A company of Dubai has offered to Barça 1,500 million to buy that debt. A priori, and according to the same information, the conditions would be very favorable for the Barça, as it would have a full moratorium for two years, that is, in that period the club would not be obliged to pay anything, and with the possibility of extending it up to 12 years.

However, sources of the Barça club have denied this information to this newspaper, which detailed that Barça would receive an injection of 1,500 million euros automatically and in this way would have liquidity to be able to reinforce itself in the next winter market. In addition, according to the same program, the interest that this Dubai company would impose would be very low.

The document shown by Albert Lesan, presenter of 'El Curibito'

The document shown by Albert Lesan, presenter of ‘El Curibito’


With the proposal on the table, and after rejecting the option of CVC what did he offer The league because he mortgaged the future of the club and its television rights for the next 50 years, now they will have to be the economic vice president, Eduard Romeu, and the CEO, Ferran Reverter, who study in detail all the conditions and decide together with the president Laporta whether or not they accept said proposal. From the program of ‘El Curibito’ they insist that they have the document that accredits it, although at Barça they flatly deny that this option exists.

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