LaLiga does not share the CNMC report

The league sent this morning to the clubs a letter on the non-binding communication of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) regarding the bases presented by LaLiga for the commercialization of audiovisual rights in the residential field in Spain, in which it details that it maintains its firm position in this regard given the conviction that its proposal promotes competition with more operators and facilitates greater access to football for fans in better conditions and price.

In the letter it indicates that, on October 20, it received the report issued by the CNMC that is non-binding, so its content does not affect the procedure for marketing the audiovisual rights of the residential market in Spain on which it has been reported. , without prejudice to the fact that LaLiga indicates that it will carefully analyze the recommendations made.

It explains in the letter that the conclusions of the document are based on aspects already analyzed in previous reports, raising as the main novelty its discrepancy regarding the possibility of submitting offers for a period of up to five seasons.

In this sense, LaLiga has the conviction that taking into account the current economic and technological context, the five-year period will facilitate greater access to football for fans in better conditions and price, allowing the possibility of participation to a greater number of operators , and facilitating the amortization of the investment, arguments, he emphasizes, that they have been supported by various legal and financial reports made by experts in the field and that guarantee compliance with competition law of such an approach.

On the other hand, it details that in said report it is recognized that the new structure of Options and Lots proposed by LaLiga has the objective of allowing a greater number of operators to choose to acquire, directly from LaLiga, the audiovisual content offered, thus introducing a competitive dynamics greater than that which has occurred in recent marketing processes, and thereby favoring better and broader access to potential consumers to the audiovisual product that LaLiga sells.

LaLiga considers that this disruptive configuration of Options and Lots, which will be presented in the coming days, respects the competition rules set by the European Union and favors greater competition between operators, which will lead to a better distribution of the football audiovisual product , facilitating access to more fans and at more competitive prices.

In addition, the League has reports of legal and commercial offices that in 5 years favor competition, distribution and the lower price to consumers. In countries like France and Germany they already sell for 4 seasons.

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