How to care for an american bully

How to care for an american bully

They seem bravado but they are usually the most tender; the american bully They are the perfect dogs for those who love dogs with character but do not have enough space to keep them at home. Their mild character does not seem compatible with their rough appearance but they are great company to their masters and excellent family members. Today in a How we will tell you how to take care of an american bully, you will know a little more about this wonderful breed and you will fall in love with them.


American bully are a relatively new breed dating back to the early 1980s and have arisen from the pitbull. His physical characteristics make him look like a strong dog and of care, not only because of its resemblance to pit bulls, but also because of its thick build, large head and short ears that provide a temperamental look.

These dogs are ideal as company and faithful to their families, they have a docile character even with the little ones in the house, with whom they like to play and share.

As for the care of the dog, it is important to take into account the basics: baths, food and especially training. They are not dogs that need a lot of care and are usually very healthy.

In this OneHowTo video we tell you what an American bully is like.

The fur

The American bully have short hair that is very easy for their masters to wear, since they do not usually require greater care or frequent combing. It is important to use a special dog shampoo at bath time, which should be every two or three weeks depending on the state of their fur. To avoid bad odors and skin irritations after bathing, drying in the sun will be necessary or you can also help yourself with a hair dryer.

Is completely It is essential to take care of the dog’s wrinkles so that they are always clean and above all dry. Drying the dog’s wrinkles will prevent skin diseases or irritations from forming that lead to taking him to the vet in the future. In unCOmo we tell you how to take care of your dog’s hair.

How to care for an american bully - The coat

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How to take care of your diet

feeding at an early age it should be done in 4 shifts: in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon and in the evening. The food should be special for puppies and ideally it should be of Premium quality and special for each stage of the puppy’s development, depending on his age.

From 5 months onwards, feed intakes can be reduced to three, like the three meals of humans: in the morning, at noon and at night. It is important that the amounts are increased in consideration when removing one of the feeds, so that the dog can hold out until it is time for his next meal.

Walks and training

It is important to take American bully for a walk alone from 3 months of age or when they have already been given all their vaccines, otherwise it could be risky for their health. The walks must be done twice a day at least, with intensive days of activity that allow you to stimulate your physique and mind, taking care not to abuse them since, like many other races, American bully suffer from osteoarticular disease, which culminates in elbow and hip dislocations.

Tip: Trimming his nails is important but it is recommended that your vet do it.

How To Take Care Of An American Bully - Outings And Training

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