How to spell ANHELO or ANELO

How to spell longing or longing

When writing a text, whether to write a letter, a report or any writing to share, there are always doubts when writing words such as pillow, do, bearded vulture and an infinity of words that have “h”. The word longing is occasionally misspelled, despite being considered one of the most beautiful in the Spanish language.

You know how to spell longing or longing and what is its meaning? Next, in oneHOWTO, we talk a little about it and we also give you a list of synonyms for this word so that you can use them when you want to express that you want something.

How to spell longing or longing – the answer

The “h” does not sound in any word or does not correspond to any sound, unless it is agreed with the letter “c” to form the letter or digraph “ch”.

When consulting the word “anelo” in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), it indicates that the word “anelo” is not in the dictionary, that is, it does not exist as a word in the Spanish language to be used in the formation of sentences, since “anelo” does not mean anything.

Conversely, the word “longing” is found in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). Therefore, this word is written with h intermediate or interleaved, that is to say, it is written “longing”.

There are spelling rules in the Spanish language that tell us when to write with an intermediate “h”. Next, we are going to enunciate these rules to you so that you have more clear why the word “longing” has to be written with an interspersed h:

  • When between two syllables, the first syllable ends in a consonant and the second syllable begins in a vowel, these two syllables are separated by the silent h. Examples: longing, inhalation, exhorting. “The people are urged to stay in their homes while the quarantine passes, as they can inhale the virus.”
  • Words that have the diphthong “ue” preceded by a vowel. Example: words like, hollowed out and hollowed out. These can be used in sentences like, “The wall must be hollowed out” or “The door has been hollowed out.”
  • The words save, drown and related words like drown, drowned, would save and the synonyms savings, drowned. “From the drowned, the hat.” “He drowned in his own saliva.” “Saving is very important for the future.”
  • Many words that are written with intermediate h, come from words that begin with “h”. Example, the word “undo” comes from “do” which begins with “h”. We are going to make a new world and undo all the evil that they did ”.
  • The words that begin with “mo” or with “za” followed by a vowel, the “h” is inserted. Examples of them we have the words “moldy” and “zaherir”.

In these rules there are exceptions regarding writing with the intermediate “h”, among which we can mention: when the first syllable is a prefix and the word to which this prefix is ​​added does not have an “h”. Example: in the word “inadequate” the prefix is ​​the syllable “in” and the word to which this prefix is ​​added is “adequate”, therefore, the word “inadequate” is written without an intermediate “h”.

As complementary information, we will state other rules for the use of the letter “h”:

  • “H” is written at the beginning of words that begin with diphthong, in the case that the first vowel letter is u or i. Examples: hiatus, ice, smell, hollow, bone.
  • The letter “h” is prepended at the beginning of words that begin with the letters iper, ipo, idr ,. Examples: hypertension, hypothyroidism, hydrogen.
  • The h replaced the “f” in Old Spanish words. Examples: “beautiful” was changed to beautiful, the word “facer” was changed to “do”, the word filius was changed to son.

What is the meaning of longing

The “h” is silent, that is, it is not pronounced and Spanish inherited it from Latin. This letter represents one of the great controversies for the Spanish language. Furthermore, this letter is considered to be derived from the Hebrew “heth” which means “closed”.

If you consult the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, you will find the definition of the word longing What:

  • Longing: from the verb longing. I crave. Have a craving or craving to achieve something.
  • “Longing” is also the first person singular (I) present indicative. It also means intense desire.

Summarizing the meaning of “longing”, it can be said that it is something that you want to obtain and enjoy in the future, whether material or symbolic, among others. For example: “My greatest wish is to see you graduate in letters.” Due to its etymological origin “longing” is derived from Latin, specifically from the verb “yearning” which means to breathe with difficulty.

How to spell longing or longing - What is the meaning of longing

Synonyms for longing

The synonyms of a word are those that are written differently from the original, but that mean the same or almost the same thing. Examples: a synonym for car is auto, a synonym for going up is to elevate, a synonym for longing is for ambition. Here are some synonyms of the word “longing”, which can be used in different sentences without altering their meaning:

  • Craving
  • Aspiration
  • Eagerness
  • Interest
  • Claim
  • Wish
  • Endeavor
  • Hope
  • Sleep
  • Delusion
  • Expectation
  • Waiting
  • Appetite
  • Desire
  • Will
  • Whim
  • Impatience
  • Avidity
  • Propensity
  • Appetite

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