How long is a lustrum

How long is a lustrum

Are you questioning how much is a five-year? The truth is that it is a common question to ask how much this time frame, since by its name it is impossible to deduce it with the naked eye. For this reason, at OneHowTo we want to help you answer how old is lustrum.

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In the first place, to know how much a five-year period is, it is necessary to know the etymology of this word, that is, what is its origin. Like most current words in the Spanish language, it comes from Latin and, specifically, from the term lustrum.


The Latin word lustrum means “clean, pure” and that is where the verb also derives shine or the name glossBut then what does cleaning have to do with the period of time called lustrum? Although it seems that at first glance they have nothing in common, the truth is that we must refer to a Ancient Roman ceremony called gloss, that is, purification.


During this celebration, various animals were sacrificed to request purification from the deities and there was a tradition of performing one of these public ceremonies. every five years, which was called lustrum which could be translated as “polished time”.


As you can deduce, it was from there that the name of “lustrum” to designate the 5-year periodsSo if they ask you how much five years is equivalent to, in addition to knowing the answer, you can even explain the origin of this word.

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