How to care for a rose bush – 8 steps

How to care for a rose bush

The rose bushes are one of the most common plants in homes and gardens, since their flowers beautify any corner. The roses, with their unmistakable fragrance and diversity of colors, they are at the same time one of the favorite flowers when making bouquets to give as gifts. For this reason, planting rose bushes at home becomes a great idea, but you should know what the cares that this plant needs. Discover with this article from some tricks about how to care for a rose bush.

Steps to follow:


At the time of take care of a rose bush correctly, it will be essential that they have sunlight at least 6 hours a day, even roses that prefer shade do well in direct sunlight for 4-6 hours a day.


It is necessary that the soil has a good water drain to avoid the accumulation of water, although we must also verify that it retains some humidity. In this way, when planting a rose bush it will be essential that you choose a suitable substrate or prepare the appropriate drainage for the pot where you will place the plant.

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The withered roses that have been left in the rose bush must be eliminated, so that they make room for new roses. In this way, you should remove them when you see that they are drying and thus growing stronger roses.


One of the main care that rose bushes need It is a correct pruning, which will make it flourish more and have better health. The rose bush must be pruned in the middle of winter, when the plant is dormant, being the month of February or March the deadline to do it (in the northern hemisphere). Remember that you should always do it with the best tools and wearing gloves to avoid cuts or punctures. Anyway, we recommend that you expand the information in this other OneHowTo article about how and when to prune roses.


We will carry out the pruning the rose bushes with well-sharpened scissors, and the cuts should be made with an inward slant to help prevent water from accumulating, and we must also try not to cut on the knots to improve growth.

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It will also be necessary to take preventive measures for pests that can affect our roses or the entire plant. Aphids and beetles are the most common insects that can affect our rose bush, therefore, you should go to a specialized store to purchase a product against pests.


Just like when you take care of other plants, pests can be a problem you need try on your rosebush. Rose bushes are susceptible to a large number of different harmful insects, such as mosquito larvae, beetles, aphids, snails, caterpillars, and slugs. Nobody wants to have to deal with these pests, but if you want extend the life of the rose bush, you need to address the problem and prevent it from happening again.


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  • The soil must have good water drainage. You can always improve soil quality by using compost or compost such as animal manure or bone meal. This introduces microorganisms into the soil that support the growth of your roses.

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