“Barça did not respect me”

The French base, now in the ranks of Madrid, talks about his traumatic departure from the Barça club


Heurtel in his first league match against San Pablo

Fernando Alvarado / EFE

Thomas heurtel has spoken for the first time, since he signed for Real Madrid, about his traumatic departure from Barça. The Beziers base does not hide his discomfort with the Barça club due to the Istanbul airport episode, when he was prevented from returning on the flight with the team after a Euroleague match.

“I had a bad time especially because of my family’s concern,” he said. Heurtel in an interview in El País. “They were difficult moments. Barça did not respect me. I had been there for several years to receive that treatment. But you have to transform everything bad into positive things,” he commented.

The French guard tries to forget all that to focus on new goals with his new team. “Now, after getting over that, I’m in the perfect place. The dream and the goal is to win it all, the Euroleague above all. In this I will put all my desire, “he added.

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