How to care for a baby sparrow


Hello everyone, those of us who have dogs or cats cannot let it go free I have it in the cage of my parakeet who died and is fine, her name is Zoe … She follows her name but she does not sleep and she has me worried, I have I get her to eat dog food porridge and drink water, I don’t know if it’s okay … I think she’s probably scared but I don’t know how to put her to sleep, I’ve made her a nest out of a sock but I don’t know how to make the shape of the nest, if someone can help me and tell me how to make it sleep and how to prepare the nest I would appreciate it very much 🙁 THANK YOU AND GOODBYE


Hello. I do not understand why you recommend leaving it in a cage and allowing it to walk around the house. When a bird is rescued, the objective is to simulate the conditions in which it would be found naturally in order to free it as if we had not intervened. Sparrows nest in holes, so the chicken should be kept in a shoebox with paper and branches at the bottom, with an opening to feed it without it seeing us, so that it does not imprint. If we have the bird at home and he sees us feeding him, he will associate humans with security and he will not be able to live well in freedom without putting himself in danger. I am also reading people in the comments saying that they gave them bread. DO NOT GIVE BREAD TO THE BIRDS. And much less a sparrow chicken. Sparrows feed their young with INSECTS to provide them with the nutrients they need for their development. Please contact people who really know the subject, people with training in birds and their care. We think we are doing well but we are really endangering the birds.


Hello, today I found a baby sparrow, I don’t know how long it will have, in case I try to feed it porridge that I made of cookies with water, but it didn’t eat, I went to buy it a special pasta for babies, but it doesn’t eat, I have tried to find him with the syringe but nothing, and also with a toothpick, with the toothpick I have managed to open his beak and introduce food, but I don’t know if he also has to give him water? It is very quiet, but I do not know what to do with it, it worries me, someone could give me guidelines for meal times and what I should do … thanks


Hello good, I picked up a baby sparrow yesterday, it fell from the nest and does not know how to fly yet, I have been giving it milk with migrated bread, this baby if she opens her little bit alone to eat, but seeing everything she says, I need HELP, you have been eating the same thing since yesterday, what can I do? (Apart from giving him milk) I don’t want him to die, please help me.


Milk never! We are taking one forward as follows:
The first hours, we made a mush with banana and a little water, to try to hydrate the animal and give it strength, all this with the help of a 5ml syringe (without a needle).
C / 3 hours we are embuchando.
The first 3 shots we did with the banana porridge, the following we have already approached a birdhouse and we are with the sparrow porridge.
We have it in a makeshift “nest” made with cotton, nibs, and toilet paper, all in a shoebox.
At the moment we have it stable, with normal defecation (you have to control not to abuse with water so as not to produce excessive dehydration, you will see that the “poops” are liquid and you do not have to keep them that way over time).


Hello good, I entered a volatile sparrow inside the house I do not know how long it would have if 15 or 20 days, I gave it in the syringe a paste that I made with water, wheat flour and six grains of crushed dog food and dissolved the truth that All good, the next day I only gave him dog food crushed and dissolved with water and there at 9:00 p.m. I gave it to him in a spoon and he pecked and everything was fine, the problem that on another day x the morning when I got up and went to Seeing him he was dying and he died, and he had a nest made with gauze and cotton inside the shoebox and inside the house and with his plumage with the heat that begins to do and everything, I don’t know what could have happened … if he had died of heat, sadness or stress from the box … the food tolerated it wonderfully so I don’t know what could have happened … if you can give me a cable because I still try to find the reason for his death but I can’t find it, see what everything was going well and suddenly after two days I died I was very angry and helpless


Hello, I found a baby sparrow, I think it flies a bit, but I don’t know if it can eat seeds or something else to feed it.


Our family adopted a fallen sparrow from its nest, about 1 week old, it grew 3 months, we took it out on the terrace, it wanted to fly and it went to the house of alado, we went to see through the door of our neighbor and a dog had it chewing, now our sparrow is dead


I have a sparrow since yesterday. Yesterday I released him in a park and the adults came down at his call, but he chased them to feed him or take care of him and they did not pay much attention to him. The poor man was very sad after that. Fortunately today he already eats from the syringe and calls me to pose with me. He doesn’t want me to leave him alone


My family found a baby sparrow, but when I brought him home or wanted to open the beak to give him water, what could I do?


Good, I have a question, I have read in many posts that they are not given water, because they take it from the porridge but my question is, I have two little sparrows that I rescued and one of them is almost fledgling, I still give him porridge but I don’t know when to start giving seeds and water.


I found a gurriato who still didn’t know how to fly five months ago. I have taken care of it as if it were a canary, giving it in addition to eating what I see its fellow humans eat in freedom: worms, chips, salty crackers, etc. So far it seems to be doing well. My question is: at what age does it stop being a gurriato and become an adult sparrow? Thank you.


I agree with the comments on how to care for a sparrow. I have saved many sparrows throughout my life. One of the ways is to feed them every time they ask, and give them a half-fried egg with almost no oil. And apple, …. more grown up they love birdseed.
The sparrow is happy if you let him out, and fly around the room. They love to perch on your shoulder, and flutter in your hair. Have breakfast with you, and eat from your plate. I let them do what they want. I love them.


Hello I have recovered a sparrow on May 15th He is in good health fed with dog food, boiled egg and multigrain bread but does not have full plumage after 3 weeks the bald tummy
Of course you cannot fly IF someone can inform me, I would appreciate it.


I have raised many sparrows with bread and warm water, at the moment we have a sparrow that my daughter raised is very pretty, she gives her ground corn, millet, baby cargill and sometimes lettuce.

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My sparrow has been with me for 2 weeks and I give it mash with water and it is eating well, but one thing is that every time I give it and the sparrow keeps catching something that I don’t know is wrong. Do you know? when you catch a lot that you know something?


I found my sparrow on the ground, it was very small, it would be a week old, it had almost no feathers, I raised it with cat food and it has been with me for a year, I give it an apple in a very small cut cake, because I started by putting a piece between the bars but she got scared and wouldn’t approach her, I also give her a boiled egg and crushed with striped bread or sponge cake, I’ve also put canary food on her, but the only thing she eats is a little birdseed, I don’t know if this will be enough for He, now his feathers are very ugly, his neck is without a feather and his tail is also very ugly, I don’t know if he is changing the feathers, I would like you to advise me if I do well with this or not, thank you very much


Hi, I’m Marta, I also had a sparrow and I released it a few days ago. The best thing is that you go to a bird shop and they will tell you everything you need to know, as I did. They also have baby food and the appropriate birdseed. Good luck!


Today I picked up a baby sparrow. I made it baby food based on puppy food and an egg. I have him in a nest inside a cage and I put him an electric blanket left. I feed him every three hours. Let’s see if we are lucky.


I have had a sparrow for 15 days. I feed him baby food in a syringe and he’s already starting to eat birdseed. I would like to drop it because it already flies perfectly but I am worried that it does not know how to feed itself because when it sees the syringe it goes crazy so what should I do?

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I am in the same conditions but I have not gone to the birdseed, I give him more solid porridge (bread and water basically) but not with a syringe, I let him peck it and swallow it near him so that he learns to peck, he does not break it …