What is the largest island in the world

What is the largest island in the world

The islands are special, pieces of land far from everything, away from everything, like a bubble where life lives inside, away from everyone. Given their isolation, the islands tend to create diverse and wonderful ecosystems where fauna and flora grow unimpeded.

Our planet is incredible and has many contrasts, from the largest lakes, to the most impressive volcanoes, from the most inhospitable deserts to the smallest countries, and at UnComo.com, as we are curious, we wanted to answer all the questions that the Earth offers us. Do you want to know which is the largest island in the world? then we will discover it for you.

With 2,175,600 km² of surface, Greenland is the largest island in the world. It is part of the American continent and is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Glacial, given its latitude it is not surprising that 84% of its territory is covered by ice. In fact, its average temperature during the year is 0ºC, although not so long ago it was -6, global warming has caused that in the last 30 years the temperature has increased by 6ºC.

Politically it is an autonomous region of Denmark, although it maintains a lot of political freedom and strong self-government. Of the 56,000 people living in Greenland, 16,000 reside in Nuuk, which is the capital and, 240 km away from the Arctic polar center, is the northernmost capital in the world.

What is the largest island in the world - What is the largest island in the world

New Guinea

The 785,753 km² of surface make New Guinea the second largest island in the world. Politically the island is split in half, one part is from Papua New Guinea, an independent country, the remaining part of the island is called Western New Guinea, a territory annexed to Indonesia.

It is located on the western limit of the Pacific Ocean, north of Australia, so it is believed that in ancient times New Guinea was attached to this continent. Something surprising about this island is the great biodiversity that inhabits it, we can find between 5 and 10% of the total species on the planet!


Slightly smaller than New Guinea is Borneo, the third largest island in the world at 748,168 km² and the only place in Southeast Asia. As in the previous case, here we also find a great biodiversity and a multitude of species, many in danger of extinction, such as the clouded panther. The threat to this small paradise comes from the intense deforestation that it has suffered since the 70s, because since it does not have fertile lands for traditional agriculture, its inhabitants have to resort to logging and selling wood.

On the island of Borneo 3 different countries coexist; Indonesia in the south and north, Malaysia and Brunei, a small sultanate, which despite having just under 6,000 km² is the richest on the island.


Perhaps the most famous of all, partly thanks to animated films, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, at 587,713 km². It is located in the Pacific, off the coast of Mozambique, separated from the African continent by the Mozambique Channel.

More than 22 million people live in it, most of whom speak Malagasy, their own language, and French, a country of which they were a colony until they achieved their independence in 1960, and with which to this day they still maintain close ties. ties.


To discover the last island in the top 5 of the largest in the world we have to go back close to where we started, in Greenland. Baffin Island, belonging to Canada, is located between this country and Greenland, with a population of 11,000 inhabitants in its 507,451 km² of extension.

Since it was discovered by Europeans in 1576 the island has been used as a whaling baseCurrently, the main economic activities of the island are tourism, attracted by the spectacular views of the northern lights, mining and fishing.

What is the largest island in the world - The largest islands in the world

You may have read this article wondering when we would talk about Australia, well now we will, but to deny that it is the largest island in the world as, erroneously, many people believe.

Australia is not the largest island, not because it is small, but because geographically it is not an islandrather, it is a continent. It is true that at the land level it can be seen as an island, since it is a land surface surrounded by water, which is why many people believe that it is an island, however, when settling on its own tectonic plate it is considered that it’s a continent. In any case, if we consider it an island it would not be the largest in the world either, since Antarctica is another island-continent that is even larger.

What is the largest island in the world - Why is it not Australia

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