How the Facebook Messenger app works

Gladys montes

I have not been able to install messenger on my cell phone. What should I do?

Wenceslao vitelio Flores Rodriguez

I want to be connected to Facebook Messenger but I know how to do it. Thanks

carlos mario ochoa

I ask. When I go to chat with an acquaintance via messenger and when I open it, a secret conversation appears and a black padlock. which means.


I would like to know how I can see all the conversations I have through the messenger app on my facebook page? And if it is possible to download the chat?


Hello, I was wondering why in my contact of the mesenger of facebook it puts the last time of connection (for example, 1h ago) and in other contacts it does not


Hello, I would like to ask you the following: I am sending Messenger messages to a person who does not have me in their Facebook contacts. Therefore, I deduce that the messages must reach “message requests” (that from a computer it is easy to find them, not from a cell phone because you have to open screens to find it). My question is: do all the messages I send you day after day accumulate? or did he only get the first? Does it warn you in any way that you have those messages? Thanks!


very good but not what i’m looking for

Eniyeli Silvia Cervantes

Well, I like the application, it is very fast to communicate
Have a nice afternoon

Alicia scarpitto

When I am only using my facebook, it appears CONNECTED TO MESSENGER, even though I am not using it at the moment?

oscar sevilla roses

Gentlemen, I do not quite understand what is the difference between Facebook and Messenger and Facebook Messenger. From what I have read it is the same. Please could you clarify it more. Finally, what will happen to me if I don’t use Messenger? Can i uninstall it?

joel Quinones

All my contacts appear “not available” in my messenger account but I appear online and I cannot communicate in video chat. When my wife uses this same laptop, it is her account, everything is perfect. Apparently it is the problem in my account and I don’t know what to do!

Luis Bolivar Campoverde Balcazar

I find the explanations on facebook interesting

Arturo Donaire

Well, the technology that makes life easier for us is wonderful. You have to learn to use it because no one is born knowing anything. Thank you for everything.

Edu Cando

Can someone explain to me, when you connect the chat if the other person that you are going to start the conversation is chatting with someone, …… can you know if at that moment he is chatting with someone?

rocio florence

How do I make myself a new one?


In what order do the chats appear in the part that shows you the people who have Messenger and the assets, do they appear in the order of who you chat with the most?


Is there any way that the owners or those who control Messenger record the video calls we have?

Valentin Melendez

I want to install it on my iPhone but it seems difficult, I tried a lot and I can’t because I can tell you how to install it without complications, thank you and I await your answer.


If you send an invitation to messenger to a contact who is not a friend, does it arrive?

Jhoana Kaikiat

How it works and if it is fast

OneHowTo Editor

Facebook Messenger works very well, it goes very fast and the best thing is that it is integrated with the mobile and fb, it is great