How to Marinate Sardines – Easy

How to marinate sardines

Make a good marinade at home It is a quick and simple technique that will allow you to comfortably prepare your fish dishes, since you can prepare the marinade one day before preparing multiple recipes. This time at OneHowTo we teach you how to marinate sardines.

Pay attention to the following tips and you will learn how to season this rich blue FishIn addition, this technique will also serve you for products such as anchovies or anchovies. In this article we explain an easy way to marinate sardines, but you can do it with citrus juice, tomato, lemon or many other products.

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Steps to follow:


To make a good marinade, we recommend choosing sardines from average size. In this way, the flavor and aroma of the salting will be more concentrated and it will be a good way to take the sardines as a skewer or appetizer.


Once you have the sardines, clean them totally. To remove the scales you can use a knife so that you scrape the sardine from the tail to its head. Then remove the head, the bones and the guts so that you have two loins joined by the tail.


Next, take a bowl or bowl and cover it with coarse salt. If you wish, to make the marinade tastier, you can add a little chilli, minced garlic O well vinegar. Once you have the container covered with salt, place the sardine loins so that the skin is facing up.


Once you have placed the sardines, cover them with more salt. Repeat the technique, placing new sardines on the salt and covering them again if necessary. Remember to finish the operation with a layer of salt on top; in case you want to use citrus, squeeze orange or lemon juice about the sardines.


With all the seasoned sardines, cover the container with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator, where it should rest, as minimum one hour. So that they are well macerated, we recommend leaving them in the refrigerator for between two and three hours.


After the required time, remove the sardines out of the fridge and wash them well with water to remove any excess salt. After rinsing them, dry them with kitchen paper.


Lastly, place the fillets in a large bowl skin side up and cover the sardines, completely with aolive oil or with a good homemade vinaigrette. At OneHowTo we help you know how to make a vinaigrette so that the recipe is natural and totally homemade.


Ready! You already have your marinated sardines perfect to consume. If you wish, you can eat them immediately or keep them in the fridge with the olive oil for a few 20 days. Enjoy!

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