Korean Hair Styling and Treatment Products

K-beauty industry is a different environment with its own rules, so we decided to show you the best Korean hair products from the Korean hair industry.

From Tony Moly’s adorably packaged skin care products to Etude House’s natural look, BB cream foundations and lip tints have even started to carry K-beauty brands. It’s not shocking that Korean beauty products have taken off globally. Hair products are one field of K-beauty that hasn’t earned nearly enough credit. More than make up for the often incomprehensible directions, the affordable prices and cute packaging. What items are the hype worth? Whether you’ve perfected your Korean skin care routine or just started dabbling with your first Korean beauty bag, there’s a lot you need to learn about Korean hair care. We’re here to make getting started a little easier.

You will use sheet masks not just for your face

The sheet masks are one of the simplest Korean beauty products to find and use in shops. In minutes, they offer smoother brighter skin and it doesn’t hurt that they make you look like you just stepped off a horror movie set. It makes some pretty big selfies. I have some good news and some bad news. Since sheet masks are not just for your eyes, your problem is about to get so much worse. Because of the powerful punch of ingredients, these Korean hair masks sound like magic and are super easy to use.

We love the hair therapy mask of Kocostar. The rejuvenating cap comes soaked in herbal essences of keratin and liquid elastin amino acids in just fifteen minutes to make dry or damaged hair feel softer and healthier. Wear it after shampooing and after use rinse your hair. With shea butter olive oil and argan oil, Kocostar also makes a Split End Therapy mask. The Silk Scarf Essence Hair Cap from Etude House is another great addition to make your hair smooth and silky.

Photo Kocostar Hair Therapy

How to Use Korean Sheet Hair Masks

type= After shampooing, skip the conditioner and cover your hair in towel and let it dry for a couple of minutes. Unpack the mask to grasp its shape and texture (it should look like a paper sock).

Your Korean Hair Care Routine Will Get a Whole Lot Cuter

If there’s one thing that Korean beauty brands don’t care about being cute. Adorable eye-catching packaging is commonplace like this bottle of Tony Moly’s funky mayonnaise-shaped hair food collection. Yolk extracts (hence the mayo) and shea butter are used in the overnight hair pack to give you super soft hair when you wake up and absorb it as a styling cream so it won’t ruin your pillow.

While many beauty brands have a streamlined atmosphere of bright, elegant packaging (think Glossier), many K-beauty brands such as Etude House and A’pieu have no fear of embracing their whimsical side. Hair care shouldn’t feel like a chore, and this fun packaging will remind you to dip into your most exciting beauty supplies at high-sleeping junior parties.

Tips on How to Use Korean Deep Conditioning Products

type= After shampooing squeeze water out of hair and apply conditioner. Leave for – minutes and then rinse with warm water. If you prefer washing hair in the morning leave your treatment product for all night long wrapping your hair in a thin sheet to avoid stains on the pillow. If your treatment product includes oils avoid the scalp zone ” it may leave greasy even after rinsing.

It’s All About Essence

If you’re a fan of Korean skin care products then you’re familiar with the term essence. If not just think of it as a lightweight and slightly less concentrated serum of active ingredients and scents. There’s an essence for just about every hair care need. Try Skinfood’s Lychee Essence Mist to heal damaged hair and leave it smelling fantastic.

Photo Skinfood For instant shine grab a bottle of Innisfree Camellia Essential Hair Mist. The best part of hair essences and serums (as it’s sometimes translated) are that there are endless options at affordable prices. Try a few out and find your favorite or mix and match to suit your hair’s needs throughout the week and boost hair growth.

You Will Go Natural

Not all Korean hair products are made from natural ingredients (in fact sometimes they’re far from it). But if you’re committed to using natural products on your hair there are definitely K-beauty brands out there to meet your needs. Innisfree established in 2000 was Korea’s first natural cosmetics brand and makes dozens of hair products. This Mint Green Tea Fresh Shampoo won’t just have your hair looking soft but it’ll also leave it smelling refreshing as well and change your hair care routine forever. You don’t have to use dry shampoo because organic and natural products leave hair fresh for a long time.

Whamisa an organic fermentation cosmetic brand may be best known for natural facial mists and sprays but they also make some fantastic natural hair treatment products that will make dry and damaged hair feel healthy soft and smooth again. There’re also effective Whamisa’s products for hair loss.Read reviews and you’ll want to shop this brand’s magic products asap.

Photo Whamisa

You’ll Love These Products

In addition to the products mentioned above here are a few more Korean hair care products that should be on your K-beauty brand wish list. As their name suggests Nature Republic utilizes natural ingredients. This hair pack contains argan oil rose hip oil and evening primrose oil to nourish and repair deeply damaged hair.

Photo Nature Republic Sometimes you stay out all night and wind up with some nasty smelling hair that makes you wonder when you last visited a cigar lounge that also served pizza. A’Pieu’s adorably packaged Hair Mistspray is the solution whether your hair is just a little or a lot funky. If you’re interested check out our article about hair perfumes.

Photo A’PIEU Like Korean skincare Korean hair care is often about keeping your hair as healthy as possible. These cute hair rollers are a gentle way to curl your hair without heat damage. It is one of the most favorite asianstyling products ever!

Photo Etude House For those with perpetually scaly scalps Aromatica Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo is better than magic. The foamy exfoliating rosemary shampoo banishes chronic dandruff and eczema and feels so much more luxurious than an ordinary anti-dandruff brand.

Photo Aromatica Korean hair care is a large competitive industry which means this is just the tip of the iceberg. However since most K-brands are affordable; it’s an easy world to explore. What Korean hair products have you tried? Which do you want to incorporate into your routine? Related Posts Why Shampooing Daily Is Bad and Tips for Cutting Down A Skin-Care-Like Guide for Healthy Scalp and Hair Are Hemp and CBD Hair Products Worth the Hype? Is Your Shampoo Making You Fat? Ways to Protect Hair When Sleeping How to Wash Your Hair to Get Perfect Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get hair style inspiration. No matter what your hair type is we can help you to find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeTips and Tricks