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iPhone SE Cost and Features Specifications: Must You Upgrade?Kourtnee Jackson January 25, 2020 WEtvMarriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition after I The network is bringing five new couples into the big house this year to work through their issues and to find out for some if they have a future together. Fans last year saw the likes of Waka Flocka Flame Soulja Boy Lil Mo and Jessica Dime along with their other big fans. But who are cast members this year that are lined up for Dr. Ish Major and Judge Lynn Toler to see? 9/9.003 Figure 1 Ceelo Green and Shani James Kristy Sparow / Getty Images For Amfar CeeLo Green and Shani James

CeeLo proposed to his girlfriend Shani James in 2015 but the two were an item for around eight years. We rely on the series to work on problems with communication power struggles and stuff from their experience in the trailer we share. Coming to Marriage Boot Camp CeeLo was a bit worried about what to do, but fans will have to wait and see how it works out.

She expressed her desire to ask the question of her friend, but he would not be forced into a marriage. Judging from the teaser, there are a few other things that the lovebirds need to work through but these two are still going strong outside the show.

Michel le and Stew

R B singer Michel le Toussaint and boyfriend Robert Stewart are in the early stages of their relationship and as many fans are probably already aware Michel le hasnt had the best of luck in her love life. She used to be married to Suge Knight and Dr. Dre is also one of her exes and getting beyond old hurts is one of the things she is focusing on.

Bianca Bonnie and Chozus

Love Hip Hop fans: New York can remember Bianca from the show’s previous seasons. She is the young Harlem rapper behind Chicken Noodle Soup in 2006, and has been working on new music ever since. Bianca and her boyfriend Chozus have been together for a year and he works as a rapper / producer in the music business too. The Source Chozus notes that he is an Ivy League college graduate with a desire to help his family develop their wealth. Bianca and Chozus are on the Marriage Boot Camp because they are struggling constantly and want to add more positive energy to their union.