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Is Jordyn Woods Meeting Intentionally With Khloe Kardashian’s Exes? KoKo A post shared by Khloà © (@khloekardashian) on Jul 22, 2019 at 5:43am PDT Khloe’s personal life when it comes to sex, Khloe has had a tough go. We’ve seen people cheat on her in her younger years on KUWTK and treat her poorly. But then she met Lamar Odom, a Basketball player, and at first sight it was love. The two were wasting no time getting married or engaged. All seemed to go well with the pair on their show Khloe Lamar but underneath it all Odom struggled with drug addiction. The relationship ended when he got the best of Odom’s addiction which led him to cheat on Khloe and overdose in a Las Vegas brothel. Ultimately, Khloe was able to forgive Thompson for holding their families together. Watch this video on Instagram Bali 10.2018 # FBF A post shared by Khloà © (@khloekardashian) at 6:07am PDT on Jul 19, 2019 What happened to Thompson and Jordyn Woods? This not only ended the relationship between Thompson and Khloe but also Woods and Kylie’s friendship. Which other man did Woods hang out with? Dated basketball player James Harden before she met Thompson Khloe. Recently Woods was seen at a bar getting cozy with Harden. “KhloeKardashianis genuinely puzzled as to whyJordynWoodswas hangingoutwithJames” a family-friendly source told HollywoodLife.”KhloefeelsJordynis purposely hanging out with heresies to get a reactionoutofherand truly cares about the feelings of herorher. She doesn’t think she bumped into him by mistake at all. This was no mistake toKhloe. It’s really upsetting and she wants to stop it. She honestly thought she would never be seen again with aKardashianexever after Tristan and thinks this is really a low blow and not nice. “View this post on Instagram A post shared by HEIR JORDYN (@jordynwoods) on Jul 23, 2019 at 7:05pm PDT For Khloe the first instance of treason was enough. But it is just too much now to hang out with another of her former flames. “She also understands why Jordynis is still doing this and she wants to find someone who is not related to the family,” the source said. “She knows Jordynknows what she’s doing so why she’s going to go so hurtfulKhloedoesn tget.” Clearly this hangout was the biggest blow to Kylie who thought she and her former friend would be able to rekindle their relationship after time had gone by. “When she learned that Jordyn was out with James Harden, Kylie was so angry that she wanted to unfollow Jordyn on Instagram,” said the source. “This was her final straw. She was still supporting Jordyn because she still had a little hope that they could chat and try to rebuild something with time. “5 Essentials All Men Need to build an Effortless Look at WorkDerek HoffmanGoogle+ More Posts April 30 2012 Broadcom Corp (NASDAQ: BRCM) will reveal its next results on Tuesday May 1st 2012. The average analyst estimate is a 22.5 percent decrease from the company’s actual earnings for the year-ago period, for profit of 31 cents per share. The average estimate has gone up from 26 cents in the last three months. The average estimate had gone up between one and three months ago. During the last month it has been unchanged at 31 cents. Analysts are planning to raise income to $1.86 by 1.1 per cent compared to last year. Bankrate Inc. (NYSE:RATE) will report its most recent results on Tuesday 1 May 2012. The analysts ‘ average estimate is a swing from a loss of $1.02 in the year-earlier period to income of 19 cents per share. The average estimate is similar to three months ago. The average estimate had moved up between one and three months ago. During the last month it has fallen from 20 cents. For the year analysts are forecasting a 57.4 percent increase in net income of 85 cents per share from last year. The business finished last quarter projections after being in line with the previous quarter’s predictions. It posted earnings of 17 cents per share in the fourth quarter of the last fiscal year against a mean estimate of 14 cents. It had posted a net income of 14 cents per share two quarters earlier. Analysts are optimistic at Bankrate as it is ranked by three analysts as a buy none as a sell and three as a keep.