10 businesses that can

10 businesses that can never find sufficiently skilled workers Sam BeckerGoogle+ More Articles December 05 2017 3/3.713 3/3.713 The tech company is still in need of assistance. | Jejim/iStock/Getty Images What does that look like? For the most part a abilities mismatch. Either that, or a mismatch of salaries. Either way there are businesses out there — big firms with very recognizable names — that always seem to recruit. Why? For what? Evidently they can not locate the workers they need.

The companies that are always hiring

Many of those businesses are in development sectors such as the technology sector. Mostly because the skills they need are relatively scarce, the employment in these industries pay off well. This of course takes us back to mismatching skills. If more people had these skills, demand would be exceeded by the supply and incomes would decline. Below are 10 of those businesses that still hire. 10. 10. Microsoft

The tech giant is as big as ever — hunting for new talent at all times. We’ve already listed the tech sector and Microsoft has been — and has been — a industry staple for decades now. The business isn’t attracting new young talent like it used to with new players on the block. Take a look at Microsoft’s job site and you’ll see hundreds of open vacancies if not thousands. The qualification bar is set to be pretty high, of course, and you will need some skills and experience to be working there. Next: You probably have a strong distaste for this company.