When is Children’s Day in Chile 2022

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When is Children's Day in Chile 2022

The Children’s Day in Chile is celebrated every year on second Sunday of August.

It is a commemorative day in which all the little ones in the country are honored, in addition to the traditional gifts and enjoy this day full of joy with mom and dad.

It is important to bear in mind that on a day like this the objective is to highlight the well-being and children’s rights all over the world.


Here are some ideas to do with your children on this Children’s Day, here are some examples:

  • Surprising them in bed with a large number of toys will be a good start to the day, nothing more special than waking up to a pile of gifts.
  • If you want to enjoy this day at home with your children, they can make crafts, play board games, make a celebration cake or watch movies.
  • You can enjoy a picnic with the whole family in a park where there are games for them to enjoy their day as they deserve it.

If you have other ideas to celebrate with your family on children’s day, we invite you to share them.

How is Children’s Day celebrated in Chile

Children’s Day in chili It is celebrated every year with the intention that society reflects on the respect of the rights of all children and adolescents. To celebrate, in Chile that day numerous activities are organized in which the little ones are the clear protagonists and can spend fun times playing with other children or with their families.

Activities for children, musical activities in schools, traditional games and special activity programs are usually organized in the main parks of the country with the aim that the little ones enjoy, have a good time and integrate.

Undoubtedly, World Children’s Day is so that children feel the protagonist and perceive the importance they have in their environment.

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