How to ask a girl for a date

How to ask a girl for a date

You know her, you have talked to her a couple of times and you would love to ask her out. It’s time to ask for an appointment but you don’t dare. How do I tell him? What will be the most appropriate moment? What if he rejects me? … Surely these questions will haunt your head. At we give you the necessary advice so that you know how to ask a girl for a date quickly and easily. Because to get the love you are looking for, you will only need security in yourself, confidence and optimism. Ahead!

Steps to follow:


Don’t think of it as a date. Imagine that you are trying to do something fun together. If you consider the situation as something simple, for example, if you are chatting with friends at the bar in the afternoon, invite him to go to the cinema on the corner to see that superhero movie or tell him that you want to have pizza for dinner and propose to go to that one. nearby pizzeria. With naturalness and spontaneity you will succeed, you’ll see!


Don’t ask, affirm. No “Do you want to go to dinner?” or “Would you like to go to the movies?” better use affirmations such as “Let’s go for a walk in the park” or “I invite you to dinner“. That way you don’t give him as much time to think and avoid the stress of waiting for an answer.

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Avoid “solemn” words. It is important to take the drama out of the date, that is, make it natural, simple and spontaneous. To do this, avoid words or phrases like “Do you want to go on a date with me?” or “Would you like to go out with me?” and, of course, banish from your vocabulary the famous phrase “Would you like to be my girlfriend?” All this is very romantic but it can cause fear and discomfort, the best thing is Let the things flow and do not suffer for the romantic moments, they will come in due time.


Don’t ramble. Be clear and concise about the day, time and place of the meeting. Nothing of “We can meet someday” if not that he tries to specify to give the feeling of having things clear. The self-confidence It is one of the most attractive traits of the human being, in addition you will give the impression of not being a fickle person who gives up at the last moment.

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Try to make plans in which you can get to know each other better by what you try to be quiet dating that allow you to speak and communicate. Leave for later the dates in discos, concerts or amusement parks that generate great stimuli and distract from what should be the main thing: you.


Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else or what you think they would like. You must bear in mind that at first we all try to please the other and that is fine but we should not change our essence by being with anyone. In addition, in the long run that is unsustainable, with what is better be authentic From the beginning. If the thing goes to more, that is because he likes you just as you are.

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If he rejects you, nothing happens. You may not catch her in a good moment, have other plans, be insecure, or just don’t like you. Communicate with her to find out how she feels, do not overwhelm her and if she does not want to go out with you, leave her. Don’t hold a grudge against her and try to understand her. You must know how to accept a rejection and trust yourself, remember that we have all been rejected at some time and that, although you are fantastic, you cannot like everyone.

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