What is the meaning of bear tattoos

What is the meaning of bear tattoos

Bears are animals that have been used in different cultures and at different times in history to represent different feelings and values ​​through tattoos. Currently, this type of design is one of the most used in body art for both men and women, since they are usually very versatile drawings that can be made anywhere on our body, especially on the arms, legs and back. Nevertheless, What is the meaning of bear tattoos?

If you are not sure what type of drawing you should do on your body, in the following oneHOWTO article we will help you choose the perfect tattoo. Keep reading these lines and discover in detail the different meanings that bear tattoos can have. Which one do you prefer?

Origins and first meanings of bear tattoos

The bear is an animal that has been around since practically the beginnings of body art. Being a fierce and huge animal, the first tribes that existed in history feared but, in turn, admired and respected the bear, especially the hunters and warriors of these settlements. Therefore, a drawing with this animal on the skin looked like main meaning strength and power. However, we can find other first symbols depending on the place and the different cultures:

  • Medicine and healing symbol: In native tribes, mainly the Great Sioux Nation, which were formed in places that we now know as the United States and Canada, bears were sacred animals and, therefore, they were used in different healing rituals because they believed that they had healing powers.
  • Symbol of strength and vigor: In other American tribes, bears represented strength and courage, so warriors and hunters tattooed these creatures on their bodies.
  • War symbol– In ancient Celtic cultures, bears meant ferocity. In fact, in Norse culture these creatures represented Odin, Norse god of wisdom, war, and death.
  • Courage symbol: In other barbarian cultures, especially in Germanic tribes such as the Saxons and the Visigoths, bears represented values ​​related to this symbol such as bravery and splendor.
  • Symbol of evil: the only negative meaning within the origins of bear tattoos is found in Christian culture. In fact, in the Old Testament, these animals represented cruelty and brutality.
What is the meaning of bear tattoos - Origins and first meanings of bear tattoos

Meaning of Haida bear tattoos

The Haida bear is a drawing that had its origin in the indigenous tribes that were originally from North America, inhabitants mainly of areas that we now know as Colombia and Canada. The Haida is a mythological being, adored by these settlements, which was associated with motherhood. It was also represented as an animal associated with older relatives, acquiring a meaning of wisdom, protection and spirituality.

Currently, the Haida bear tattoos inherited from these ancient tribes, are designs that stand out for being painted the creature in black and red color, although they can also be seen in green tones. Generally, the Haida is usually tattooed in areas such as forearms and shoulders.

Meaning of teddy bear tattoos

The decision to get a teddy bear tattooed on your body often seems a bit strange and even childish. However, the people who have done it, surely it is because they know the story of the teddy bear of American President Theodore Roosevelt. President Roosevelt was on a hunting expedition when at one point he encountered a bear cub. Moved by compassion, this gentleman refused to kill the little animal. That’s why Morris Michtom and Steiffs companies designed this plush toy in honor of this very positive story.

Currently, due to the Roosevelt story, teddy bear tattoos symbolize innocence in addition to having other meanings such as love, affection and compassion.

What is the meaning of bear tattoos - Meaning of teddy bear tattoos

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Meaning of panda bear tattoos

Pandas are one of the best known species of bears that live in the mountain areas of some regions of China. They are currently in danger of extinction with approximately less than 2000 animals living in the wild.

Panda bear tattoos are a good option, since represent harmony and good luck. In addition, this creature is associated with one of the best known symbols of Taoism, the Yin-Yang. Due to its bicolor (black and white), another meaning of panda designs is the search for balance. Generally, these types of drawings are usually tattooed on the arms, in the case of men, and on the ankle or one of the sides of the back, in the case of women.

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Grizzly and black bear tattoos meanings

Both the black bear and the grizzly are two of the strongest and most aggressive species of this type of animal, being feared by other creatures as well as by people. The main difference is that the grizzly have brown fur and the black bear is usually smaller than the previous one.

Wear a tattoo of both a grizzly bear and one with black fur means you have the same combative nature than bears. In addition, it is also associated with strength, power, courage and self-confidence.

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What is the meaning of bear tattoos - Meaning of grizzly and black bear tattoos

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