What is the difference between prawn and prawn

What is the difference between prawn and prawn

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In the Mediterranean diet the fruits of the sea are great protagonists, with an immense variety that allows us to create the most delicious dishes. However, when buying, we do not always know how to distinguish between products that appear to be very similar, especially when it comes to the family of crustaceans. How many times has it not happened to you that you don’t know whether to order prawns or prawns? If you don’t know what is the difference between prawn and prawn, at OneHowTo.com we give you the answer.

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The difference between prawn and prawn clearer to the naked eye is its size. The prawn is much smaller than the prawn, typically used in dishes such as garlic prawns, designed to eat this crustacean in one bite. An average prawn of those usually found in markets and fishmongers can measure between 6 cm and 10 cm.

For its part, the shrimp is larger, offering more meat to the diner. Those that we find in stores are usually 12 cm, although depending on their origin they can even reach 20 cm.

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There are many different types of prawnsWhite prawns, orange-hued prawns and deep red prawns, larger and more expensive, are normally found on the market.

For his part the shrimp it is usually pink to brownish in color. It is common to get them in some supermarkets already cooked and ready to eat.


Although they belong to the same family, there is a difference between prawn and prawn regarding its texture. Prawn is much softer and juicier, which is why it is highly appreciated in the gastronomy of various countries, including Spain. For its part, the prawn has a tougher and less juicy meat than the prawn.


Another very important difference between shrimp and shrimp, at least for the buyer, is the price. Prawns are usually more expensive than prawns. In addition, in terms of portions, the latter, being larger, fill the diner faster than prawns.


Despite this, it is good to clarify that all those dishes that require prawns in their preparation, for example garlic prawns or prawn cocktail, must be prepared with this crustacean and not with prawns, mainly so that the texture is softer. and the flavor much juicier.

However, when it comes to dishes that include seafood such as fideuá or stuffed squid, it is possible to use either of the two ingredients and obtain a good result.

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