What is capillary botox?


What botox brand would you recommend in Colombia? And the application of capillary botox leaves hair smooth. Permanent way when rinsing?

maria emilia cundumi lucumi

I find it very interesting and I would like to know what products I can use since my hair is uloteric in what brand and how I can apply it

Jessica pavez angel

I have wavy hair, botox works for me

Sharon T.

I loved the information, what I would like is to know which is the best brand.

karmina torres

capiollar botox leaves your hair straightened that can last a certain time ???? ‘ or it is only of the moment and then the hair returns to its natural shape)))))))


I have a query, I had a curly perm done on my hair, but they told me to apply keratin to smooth it and then the capillary botox, how recommendable would it be to do that?


Hello, I would like to know what are the active ingredients of capillary botox. Is appreciated


Good afternoon, I write because I need concrete answers about a question. I recently applied a capillary botox ampoule, with the intention of renewing my hair, which is curly, but with the misuse of irons and dryers, it has been deteriorating, looking less curly. My question is, can I use professional curl styling creams, like the one I currently use, which is Mystic curl cream, or not? Since I was suggested not to use salt-containing styling creams because I would get dandruff on my scalp, and that’s not my intention. They also told me on the other hand that no styling cream contains salt. I need help from professionals. I hope you can answer my question.


In Chile, which brand can you recommend? Thanks


The explanation of capillary Botox is very good, I would like to know where I can do it, I am from the federal capital