Viking hairstyles ideas for men

Viking hairstyles ideas for men


Do you like the Viking style? It is something more natural and wild than what we are used to, but in recent years the tendency to the fashion of the wild look, mainly due to the popularity of some series and some books, but also because more and more people are looking for little seen hairstyles and, for this, they opt for more natural haircuts and hairstyles or, on the contrary, to dedicate more effort than ever to comb your hair.

If you want to try to wear this look sometime, whether you are a man with a spectacular mane or if you have short hair, there are many hairstyles of this style that you may like. Keep reading this article and discover different Viking hairstyles ideas for men, You are sure to love them!

The most natural-looking fashion

The aesthetics of carefree and wild look It has been gaining followers at great speed in recent years. This phenomenon has especially been driven by the appearance of book sagas and series such as Game of Thrones or Vikings, which today are among the most popular stories. There are hairstyles of this style with short hair, but most are hairstyles for men with long hair, or parts longer and parts shorter or even shaved.

Currently, both men and women are joining this new look, although it is really often difficult to know how to adapt it to our day to day. Therefore, below we are going to propose some of The most striking Viking hairstyles for men and most wanted today.

Viking Hairstyles Ideas For Men - The Most Natural Looking Fashion

Shaved sides and tufted ponytail

What better way to get inspired by Viking hairstyles than by looking at the Vikings series? Ragnar Lothbrok is the main protagonist in this historical series about the exploits of the Vikings and, really, it is not surprising that someone with a strong and restless character like his was the king of his people and who, in addition, always had an imposing yet carefree look. Ragnar is perhaps one of the characters who has had the most hairstyle changes, but we are left with the one who left his sides shaved to show his tattoos, while wearing a collected with the hair curled in several strands.

If you want to achieve a Nordic hairstyle for men like this, you will have to separate your hair into different strands and roll each one on itself, creating an effect similar to that of a braid, and fixing them one by one so that they do not fall apart. Once you have them all, you will only have to put them together in a ponytail, it is recommended that you put a ribbon or rubber band at the beginning, near the head, and at the end of the ponytail to fix the strands. If you want to achieve the most authentic look, it is always advisable to decorate your hairstyle with a wide leather band instead of rubber bands.

Viking Hairstyles Ideas for Men - Shaved Sides and Banded Ponytail


Short shaved hair from behind

Bjorn Lothbrok, the son of Ragnar, is another of the main characters who shows us ideas of Viking hairstyles for men throughout the series. At the beginning of the series, when he is a boy and during much of his youth, Bjorn wears a very characteristic Nordic hairstyle for men, the short shaved hair from behind.

If you prefer to wear short hair with a fresh hairstyle and forget about long hair, this is a Nordic hairstyle for men that is one of the best hairstyles for men with short hair and, thus, discard the hairstyles we are so fond of. accustomed. To achieve this, you will have to let your hair grow a little in the front and on the sides and shave the entire back and a little on the sides, more or less until the beginning of the ears.

Viking Hairstyles Ideas For Men - Short Hair Shaved From The Back


Long and collected hair

One of the ideas of Viking hairstyles for men that could not be missed is the hairstyle for long hair par excellence, loose and natural hair or, her hair collected but disheveled. The character that in the Vikings series wears this hairstyle is Rollo Lothbrok, Ragnar’s brother, being one of the characters who change his hairstyle the least in the series.

To get this look carefree but carefulIt is advisable that you do not blow-dry your hair, but let it dry mostly by itself, thus achieving this somewhat disheveled effect. Take the two strands from the front and bring them back, tying them with a thin leather ribbon or with a thin rubber band. Placing the loose part of the hair in front of your shoulders will make your hairstyle look both from behind and in front.

Another hairstyle for men with long hair that has become very fashionable and that is really recommended to wear a modern look that is reminiscent of the Nordic style, is the well-known male bun or man bun.

Viking Hairstyles Ideas for Men - Long and collected mane


Male Viking Inspired Hairstyle

If you want to have a hairstyle inspired by the Nordic style but that looks a little more modern, we recommend that you experiment a little combining shaved, long hair, collected and braids, you will surely find a hairstyle that you like. For example, shaving or leaving the hair quite short on the sides and the back of the head, leaving only the upper part with long hair and making a braid or ponytail is a very good choice both to attend more casual dates as well as more elegant events.

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Viking Hairstyles Ideas For Men - Male Viking Inspired Hairstyle


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  • Do not be shy when it comes to experimenting and trying new hairstyles, a good change always feels good.
  • For a more authentic look, use wide or thin leather ribbons and even some beads to decorate a section of your hair or beard.
  • The beard is a very important element in the Nordic look, if you like to have a beard and want to combine it with one of these hairstyles, try growing it and you can even make braids.

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