Undercut men

Unconnected Undercut


Shaved Sides

The perfectly shaved hard part haircut ensures the perfection of all the side hairs and the comb over. The hard part is on one side while the hairs sides unisonly fade. The facial hairs are not left behind either to compliment the hairstyle they are also shortened and styled.

Side-Swept Taper Fade


Elephant Trunk Faded Sides


Elonged Top Hard Part


Short Pompadour

This look consists of two hard parts on both sides of the head forming a triangle separating the top of the head. The hair is long, but a short pompadour has a style. The style is made distinctive by the fact that in order to give it a clean finish the sideburns end at the beard edge.

Curly Hairstyle with Fade


Perfectly Twisted Top Mild Hard Part


with Fade

This hairstyle is perfect as it complements the hard part because of its innovation. The hair on top of the head is cut short with this style while the hard part is close to the neck at the back. To make the distinction, the sides of the head are cut to a fade.

with High Parting

This look is very flexible and stylish. By stretching hair from the forehead to the crown, the false hawk can be achieved by using a comb. The sides can be trimmed to be faded or designed to be smooth.

Hard Part comb

. The long hair is combed to one side, which helps reduce the appearance of the stubble.

Crimped Hard Part Hairstyle


Short Spiky Hair

This style is popular among international soccer players and rock musicians. The sides of the hair are cut to the scalp with this hard part hairstyle while the hair on top of the head is made spiky by hair products. To build a classic look, the hard part is normally on one side of the head.

Man Bun



Pompadour Fade

adds extra height to this look by blowing the hair to give it a puffy appearance. The fashion of the hard part consists of a mid-skin fade that provides a perfect contrast as well as a smooth sideline with a deep razor slice. Make sure you get a professional barbers help in getting the perfect look.

Hard Design Part

varies depending on your personality and preference from person to person.

Side part haircut

This hard part haircut makes a clear distinction between the faded part of the head and the wavy part of the haircut. Its quite simple to style this hairstyle and it requires little attention.

Braid hard part

while the hard part around the braid is formed. You may fade or trim the sides of the hair to the scalp.

Brushed Back Top Razor Fade


Sleek Hard Part Skin Fade


Messy and Textured

To create a more natural and pleasing look in this hard hair category you need to dye your hair for great results. The styles beauty can be seen from the heads contour. The sides were cleanly trimmed, leaving the hair in a complete mess.

and Line Up

A common hard hairstyle part especially for African-American men as it highlights their best features including beard. With this type, the hard cut is usually closer to the eyes on one side while the line cut shifts to give it a clean finish from one side to the other. Based on your style and choice, the top hair can be curly or afro. These are the most trendy hard part haircuts that men have adopted over the last few days.

Thick Shaved Line Mid Razor Fade


Razor Part Loosely Styled Pompadour

On the opposite, this tiny detail will adjust the haircut of a man to give the description better and thus give a striking look. The ideas you saw today are just the beginning, as every man can diversify the idea in whatever way he likes. So whenever you feel the need for improvements to add a clean dimension to your body, its going to do just fine. The size <