Braided Mohawk With Curly Weave

Next weve got a mohawk with beautiful braided buns. The hair was divided into three parts and the braids were styled into three buns, producing the appearance of the mohawk. We love this hairstyle because wearing a mohawk is a fun and fashionable way. For smaller sections, you can replicate this or try using more buns. Check out the YouTube tutorial for Joana below.

Mohawk With Braided Sides

If you have already shaved some of your head but dont want to go further, you can make simple braids on the sides of your Mohawks top part. Theyre going to look very interesting.


For the Mohawk to look its best, it is not necessary to make cornrows. You can braid your favorite way of braiding the top part and it will certainly look amazing.

Go overboard

Make the best mohawk braids by starting with the cornives on the sides and continuing to braid the top. The more braids the more fun it is for the Mohawk.

Elegant French Braid Mohawk

Talking about hair for a special occasion here is another mohawk that will make you look and feel beautiful about an event. The hair is a loose mohawk with sleek twists and a short ponytail. It also has pieces that are sparkly jeweled. For a wedding or party, a mohawk like this would be perfect. You can attach accessories of any kind.

Simple And Stylish Mohawk Braid

You must not choose a bold mohawk. Maybe instead try something more elegant like that. The hair was braided into a three-strand braid. Its a hairstyle thats easy to wear and suits everyone. To help you recreate this look at home, you can find tutorials online.


. Take your hairs mid-section and twist it into a thick Mohawk braid. Knit with the side hair French plaits. Next, for a classy look, connect the Mohawk and French plaits to a simple three-strand braid.

Mohawk Braids on Long Hair

Make an amazing Mohawk braided beehive on the sides and let your hair down your back. Youre able to stand out from the crowd.

with French Plait

Take the middle hair and style it in a pull-through braid all the way to the nape to get a trendy hairstyle. Take the hair of the hand and thread it into a plait of French. With this hairstyle, youre going to look absolutely beautiful.

Crimped Mohawk Hair with Braids

If you want to look different, you might be able to put your styling rod into a mohawk hairstyle with braids. From the side, take the hair and knead it into the cornrows. Style these metal ringed cornrows for a punk look. Knit the lower half hair in three-strand box braids to upgrade the look.

The real deal

Dont be afraid to go all out if youre going for a braided Mohawk. Start by braiding the sides and go further by arranging the cornrows on your head to create an impression of Mohawk.

Braided Mohawk Hairstyle With Weave

This long mohawk braid is the first hairstyle we need to show you. The front hair was cut into chunky braids that go all the way down the center of the head and into a long braid ponytail for this look. There are common side braids as well. This is an impressive hairstyle that will make your look sexy. You can also try a shorter braid single ponytail. Jpg


You can mix two types by producing ocean waves on your sides as you try to create a Mohawk braid. The findings can go beyond all expectations.

Bantu Knots Mohawk

There are so many cool ways of making a mohawk, one of which is Bantu knots. We have to show you the next hairstyle features three major knots that are styled in line from the top of the head to the back. In between, too, there are small braids. This is so unique and looks like a statement. Online tutorials that show you how to create a similar style can be found.

Mohawk Braid Ponytail

This hairstyle idea is for you if you want to try a mohawk but not to be too bold. The hair was braided into a simple pull-through braid of three stands. Theres also a Dutch braid on the cute side. Its an easy look to wear that suits everyone. With or without the side braid, you can recreate. With this hairstyle, any kind of braid will look amazing so be imaginative!

Trendy Natural Mohawk With Hair Cuffs

You can jazz up every hairstyle with accessories and this is a great way to make your mohawk accessory. The hair is naturally beautiful and curly on the side with a trendy design. Glam hair cuffs were also added to completely complete the look. This design can be recreated or other beads and accessories can be added.

Fun Braided Mohawk Like Bun

Shave the sides like you would for a Mohawk and then go crazy with braided boxes to make a wonderful braided bun on top. To produce the most voluminous results, you can use a weave. Braid Hairstyles for Black Women

Triple Rainbow Braided Mohawk

Everybody likes a rainbow and if you dye your hair too partially in rainbow colors and weave them in a blended Mohawk braid style triple rainbow. Take the rest of the hair and style them for a cool look into French side plaits.

Bun Mohawk

is put in a line and locked with pins. For sure, youre going to rock this look.

Undercut Braids

oscillating to fall backwards. D An undercut to complete the look on the sides.

Cool Frohawk Idea

A cool and edgy frohawk style is available next. A frohawk is a mohawk showing off your curly natural hair. This hairstyle is a beautiful example. Of trendy side braids and ties, the hair has the traditional mohawk feel. This is a fashionable idea of hair that fits everyone! Online tutorials are available to show you how to create a similar style.

Trendy Bun Mohawk

The next look to show you is another top knot. The hair is split into smaller sections resulting in more buns than the three we previously featured. As you can see, it produces a bolder and more statement making look by adding more top knots. The process is going to be the same as using smaller hair sections.

Mohawk Braid For Black Hair

We had a beautiful accessorized hair idea earlier in the post. You can attach hair cuffs to your mohawk style here is another way. There are thin side braids with a lovely curly weave for this look. There are also glam gold cuffs in the braids. This is a versatile hairstyle for every occasion to look great. Such side braids can be tried or you can try another funky style.

Blue Mohawk Braids

If youre a fan of dyed hair but you also want a Mohawk hair style that dyes your hair in a blue shade and twists it into a Mohawk hair.

Mohawk With Side Braids

Amazing is our next mohawk style! The hair on top of the head was cut into a bold mohawk and there are also delicate side braids. We love how a lighter shade runs through the mohawk as it only offers a more unique look to the hairstyle. This is an idea of hair that will make you look sexy, but will also show off your edgy style.


This example is a great place to start if you want something else. Please call for professional help, you will not be able to create this on your own.

Blond and crazy

You can use a weave for the top braided part if you want a really amazing Mohawk. Make reversed braids on the sides on a regular basis and collect the ends on top. Then the hair extensions are attached. Wild Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

Braided top

This is a choice for those who dont hate real mohawks who are tired of the way they look. Braid your manes top sides to make a great impression.

Braided Ponytail

. A simple braid with the well spiked top part creates an extravagant Mohawk for any woman who doesnt fear it.

Formal Mohawk Idea

Stylish and elegant is our next mohawk. At the top of the head, the hair is loosely braided and becomes a deep curled ponytail. Hair like this is easy to wear, and for any reason it will make you look trendy. This is a discreet and glamorous way of wearing a mohawk. Use this hairstyle or use a closer braid as well.

Neat Cornrows

If you want perfect Afro hair weaving all your hair into braids and styling them into a Mohawk. Take the side hair and use some gel to neatly separate them. Now knead her into cornrows that connect with the style of Mohawk.

Natural Hair Faux Hawk

Show off your wonderful natural curls with such a mohawk. The hair is naturally curly and to make a mohawk look has been swept up on the sides. On the YouTube video below, you can check out a tutorial on how to create this false hawk. Its a chic and stunning look and its going to be great like a party for a special event.

Low braids

This braided Mohawk is different from regular braided ends. Dont cut a Mohawks hair too short. To make long and impressive braids, leave some locks in the back.

Braid Designs

On the side of your braided Mohawk, a real professional can create stunning braid designs. Dont think about making his imagination run wild. Youre going to love the results.

with cornrows

If you want to look trendy and stylish, ask your stylist to take all your hair and braid it in a thick braided mohawk. Knead the side hair into the cornrows that are connected to the thick fused braid. With its distinctive texture and thick length, this hairstyle is ideal for afro hair.

Long and straight Mohawk

and, if necessary, straighten the hair up. Start by making small braids at the bottom and maybe by braiding the whole thing you will go further.

Braided Mohawk Updo

If you want to look chic its time for a French braided mohawk to style your hair. This hairstyle, without much hassle, can make you look super elegant. All you have to do is lock your hair in one place and thread it into a Mohawk braid that leaves nothing wrong with tips.

Curly Fro Hawk On Natural Hair

Underneath is the YouTube tutorial Its really quick and we really love it!

Long Mohawk Braids

Looking for a chic and glamorous hairstyle? Thats for you then. We have long cornrow braids here that were designed to create a mohawk. We love this hairstyle because the best of both worlds is offered to you. With the elegance of long braids, you also get the edginess of the mohawk. For any occasion, a hairstyle like this would be perfect.

High Golden-Brown Bun with Cornrows

Paint the hair with a golden-brown shade leaving black roots. Next knead all your hair into cornrows and then twist them together and bring them up for a highly elevated braid mohawk bun.

Merged Multiple Blonde Braids

If you have blonde hair, we suggest you choose multiple blonde braids merged. Take all your hair up at the tip of your head. Next, weave your hair in numerous braids and give them the fused braid shape.

Bubble Mohawk

So fashionable are the bubble mohawks! This style is a bit like the bubble ponytail, but to create that mohawk look, you just start the bubbles higher on the head. Its easy to just section your hair and add elastic ties to your hair. Digital videos with pictures are available in depth so you can practice this style on your own. Try recreating this or adding some braids.

Cornrow Mohawk Braids

Do not stop making one-sided cornrows. A stylish braided mohawk can be achieved by braiding the locks around your head and hanging freely down just the top half.

Mohawk Braided With Curls

Love frohawks? Then you have to see the next thought. The hair has been braided into smooth and elegant braids for this hairstyle. A bold and curly mohawk completes the look. This is ideal for women who want a stunning statement look! On the sides, you can try this style or try another braided pattern. Jpg


Use braids on the sides to pick up your Mohawk. Youre going to need a lot of patience and hair gel. Dont worry about experiments. This Mohawk will give you the opportunity to make a real statement.

Chic Mohawk Updo

Weve got a chic mohawk twist next. The hair is divided into sections and on top of the head has a beautiful twist mohawk style. This is a beautiful idea of hair that can be worn on the city from day to night. At the sides, you can add braids and also try tighter twists at the top.

Kinky Mohawk Curls with Punk Cornrows

By turning them into kinky Mohawk curls, you can look as punky as you can. Now take the side hair and turn them for a punk style into stylish alternating cornrows. For this hairstyle, thats all you need to do.

Box Braids

The best thing ever is multiple braids. So braid all your hair into thin multiple braids and use some styling products to secure a Mohawk look of your top braids. Take the side hair and knead it into the braided Mohawks cornrows.

Mohawk Updo Statement

Check this next idea if you love bubble mohawks! The hair was styled with a bubble design into sections. For a special occasion, its the perfect hairstyle. Try recreating a similar style or adding braids on the sides. Keep them small and thin, however, so you dont remove the limelight from the mohawk.

French Ponytail braid

and connect the side hair to it for a clean appearance.

Low Fade Knotted French Braid

If you want a super exquisite hairstyle, divide your top hair into multiple sections and braid all of them. Now take the braids and weave them into a single thick French braid beginning at the front line and ending at the hair tips. For the remaining hair on the sides and on the back, for a low fade hairstyle, trim them down to the neck.

Multi-story Braided Mohawk

Consider getting some fun accessories when youre all out with the braid. Rings and fake nails look great, trapped in your locks asymmetrically.

Reversed French mohawk

is a great option for a subtler one to change your wild impression.

Braid Style Modern Mohawk

Mohawk ponytails look so chic. This style of mohawk has a prominent braid on the back of the head and then goes into a low ponytail. Its a sexy mohawk with a retro look. For someone who wants a cool and edgy look, a hairstyle like this is great. Its great for women who also enjoy retro clothing and makeup.

Braided Mohawk Updo

Would you like a bold hairstyle to get you out of the crowd? Thats for you then. We have an amazing red mowhawk here. The braid that is used here is wide and chunky, and there are also two small side twists. It is a type of mowhawk that is going to wow everyone. Recreate the red look in a different shade or seek a similar hairstyle.

Weave Mohawk

with braided cornerstones. Ask your stylist to twist your top hair into thick Mohawk curls that are then styled into a Mohawk hairstyle. First, take your side hair and add them with the Mohawk twists in the cornrows.

Natural Mohawk Braids

This natural Mohawk reflects your feelings. Make cornrows on the sides and straight off the rest of the hair. With some hair gel, pump up the volume on top and youre done.

Braid Bun with Undercut and Headband

for women. Ask the stylist to undercut the hair on your side and back. Wear this hairstyle to complete the look with a stunning headband.


Try alternating braids of hair strands on the sides of your braided Mohawk. Youre going to create a trendy hairstyle thats hard to overlook.

Burgundy Mohawk With Braids

Become a true Burgundy hair-colored dance floor queen. Its easy to create this long and amazing Mohawk by making cornrows on the sides and fluffing the locks on your head. Black womens short bobs

Half-up Hair

and let your shoulders loose the other half of the hair.

Braided Mohawk Into A Ponytail

A mohawk with a boho vibe features our next hair idea. The hair on the top has a loose braid and enters a low ponytail. Theres also a cool braid on the side. We love this hairstyle because it looks trendy and elegant. From day to night, you can wear hair like this anywhere. Even, if you had a summer beach or bohemian style reception, it would be a great choice for bridesmaids.

Weave braids

You already have plenty of fashion with blonde black hair roots. But if youd like more style, take your side hair and weave it into cornrows. To add awesomeness, extend the top cornrow into thick double braids.

Twist Mohawk With Side Braids

Its absolutely amazing the last mohawk braid look we need to show. Its an intricate style with sleek, smooth side braids on top of the head with a twisted mohawk. These hair is like a work of art. This is for you if you want hair that wows. It would be a brilliant choice to recreate this look or try this hairstyle in a bold red color!

Hopefully youve found a fun braid hairstyle mohawk to try! <


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