Twisting weave


Fancy some edgy and contemporary twist hairstyle? Then the beautiful and curved twisted mohawk is perfect to lit up your street! These weave hairstyles with twisted hair come in a naturally dark to a bright flash of color that fits nicely into this style.

Shoulder Length Twists

beautified with new top bun remains one of the best twist with weave hairstyles for women. A few added accessories alongside the top bun gives a better fab appearance.

Twisted Bun Life

incorporate several designs that are perfect for glamming events especially when you desire to appear your best.

Senegalese Twists

This twist hairstyles with a weave are long and free-flowing. The medium twists are lovely and come with a smooth and gassy feeling. The twist with a weave is just begging to be whipped backward and forward. It’s sophistication and styling techniques used in creating this look are second to none. As amongst the top hairstyles customizations are available for a wide range of colors and shades.


Although complicated at the beginning the flat twist with weave that is a quick choice to last for days if done right. Attractive light and super protective new flowers or a few other hair accessories can further spice up your twisted hair look.

Flat Twist Updo

There are several techniques to styling these twist weave hairstyles. You can make this twisted hair look if you like it. It’s endless in the ways you can elect to rock these hairstyles.

Pink Curly Hair

One easy technique to spicing up twist weave hairstyles for natural hair is adding a bit of color. This hairstyle can easily add extra weave extensions into various shades. It makes an impact and once you get bored with them you can replace them with another color.


are amongst the best twist with weave hairstyles that offer protective styling. It applies a great sophistication in design that can still be hauled back whenever needed. You may want to add more fun colors to match your creativity.

Marley Twist Out

that makes these hairstyles top. One of its most prominent features is its protective styling. The weave offers some designs and styles that can last for several days.

Twisted Ponytail Style

. Using a soft protective material would guarantee the twist with weave would not pull any hair or cause frizzing.

Twisting Out

Once twist-in is complete the twist-out of these twisted short hairstyles can offer another haircut entirely making the twisting out sassy amongst the most versatile twisted weave hairstyles of this era. You may be required to try several styling options but once you find the one you love the rest becomes fun. These twist weave hairstyles provide women the much-needed break from some harmful styling practices. You can attain more elegance and versatility with these twist with weave hairdo. So irrespective of your desires as a woman let these hairstyles get you covered and stylish. Tucked in Coil Wear a stitch band and twist your hair then tuck the twisted hair inside your stich band like a coil. Romantic Up Do Then you’ll add a modern twist on the forehead towards one side by taking off a section of your curls with the comb. Soxy Bun Soxy bun is one of the fun hairstyles for curly hair. Tie your hair in a soxy bun for a super cute look. Make a high ponytail and roll your hair into the soxy starting from the top and tuck them inside it as you come towards your roots. You should use a soxy that matches your hair color although the girl in the picture has used white one to better explain the method. Braided Chignon Side part your hair and tease them on the top and make a side braid leaving a few strands on both sides. Now coil the braid like a chignon and secure it with bobby pins. Braided Half Up Do

Comb your hair center part and make a few sections on each side. Now make braids with each section and then tuck each braid in one another and secure with bobby pins. Twist and Pin Up Do It’s really easy and simple but there is a technique to it. You should use very good quality pins and the key is not to overload pins with hair like if you tuck in too much hair in a single pin the pin will be likely to reverse and fall out of your hair. Catch only a few strands of hair with each pin so it will connect the twists with one another turning the hairstyle look gorgeous. Boho Braid

Center part your hair till the nape of your neck. Now start braiding your hair along the temples and join the braids when you reach the hairline on the back of neck. Secure it with an elastic band and you’re done. Braided hairstyles for curly hair have to be done tidily. Beaded Headband Up Do Catch your hair like a high ponytail and then wear a fancy headband. Now taking portions of hair from your ponytail pin back hair into the base of the ponytail just like we make flower like bun. Your up do should look like messy so don’t worry for fly-aways at the back. Second Top Knot Make a high ponytail and then twist and coil it like you make a normal bun. Now secure the bun with an elastic band that matches your hair color. You need a holding spray for the finished look. Braid and ponytail Making this hairstyle is very easy for someone who knows how to create waterfall braid. You’ll first create a high ponytail with leaving % of your hair (make a section from one ear to the other. And then make a braid on the top of the crown by taking smaller sections of your hair from the front hairline. Crown Braid Chignon You can easily recreate this hairstyle at home. This is a nice braided hairstyle for curly hair and you can wear it on a wedding also. This is an ideal up do for thick and curly hair because you’ll have to braid and twist your hair to create this chignon.