Triangle braid

Red Triangle Box Braids

First up we have these gorgeous red triangle box braids. The braids are chunky long and are in a bright red shade. We love this look because the red color really makes the triangular pattern stand out. It is a trendy hairstyle that is perfect for the ladies who want to look bold. These braids have been finished off with a cord you can use a cord or not depending on your own style.

Box Braids With Triangle Parts

Love braids with cords? Then our next pick is for you. Here we have very long braids with cords. One design is criss-cross while the other cord is beautifully wrapped around the braid. You can recreate multiple cord designs like this or choose one. Either way your hair will look super stylish.

Small Blonde Braids

Love blonde braids? Then you need to check out this next idea. Here we have braids with black blonde and other tones weaved together. This multi tone look is edgy and trendy. It is a subtler way to wear braids that all have a bright color. You can recreate the blonde look or use any vibrant shade.

Blue Ombre Triangle Braids

Be bold with a hairstyle like this! These triangle braids start off black then gradually blend into different blue tones. This is such a stunning hair idea. It is a great way to show off your fun and colorful style. You can recreate this look on long braids or choose shorter ones.

Half Bun

This high-piled hairdo is the bee’s knees. Thanks to both the braids and the beads it’s ideal as a casual everyday coif and as a formal look. The triangles in this pattern are smaller which allows for many more braids. Best Crochet Braids for Kids

Stylish Triangle Braid Pattern

Earlier we shared triangle braids with small braids in-between the triangle sections. Here is another gorgeous way to wear this type of pattern. For this tiny braids frame the different triangle sections while the rest of the braids have been styled on the side to show off the trendy design. This is a cool unique and creative hair idea that will wow.

Jumbo Triangle Box Braids

Next we have jumbo triangle braids that have been accessorized with cords and cuffs. Accessories like these can really jazz up your braids and make your hairstyle unique to you. Go for something glam and gold like featured or add some vibrant cords and other things like beads.

Piled High

That is a lot of bun made up of a bunch of braids. The twisted cable style of the plaits just adds to the triangle technique don’t you think?

Silver Tinged

These triangle braids are pretty standard regarding the pattern and technique. However they illustrate exactly how to rock fantasy-colored locks with the braiding style. Those frosted plaits stand out beautifully from her dark roots.

Trendy Triangle Braids

Our next idea is perfect for the ladies who like to look trendy. Here we have braids with an intricate triangular pattern. There is also just one braid cuff. By only using one cuff you make the accessory stand out and it looks very chic. This is a hairstyle that will look amazing on anyone!

Sleek And Stylish Triangle Part Box Braids

Next we have another braid idea that looks effortlessly beautiful. These are long triangle braids but the triangular pattern is different. The triangles used here are smaller so the pattern looks more intricate. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that will suit everyone. To jazz it up a little you can add braids in other colors.

Kids Braided Style

<img src= As you can probably tell we’re living for these baby hairs as well. Take a look at the pattern and you’ll spot a looser more abstract triangle shape as well but that’s cool—braiding after all is endlessly customizable. Ravishing Poetic Justice Braids Styles

Stylish Long Triangle Braids

The last idea we have on our list are these stylish braids. The braids are long and have a beautiful color weaved through them. There is also an amazing triangular pattern. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that is perfect for the trendsetting ladies. You can have any color added to braids like these.

We hope you have found an amazing new hairstyle to try!

Chunky Triangle Braids

Next we have a gorgeous hair idea that features chunky triangle braids. The braids start off thick and then get thinner towards the end. This creates such a cool look. Hair like this is easy to wear as it is simple but trendy. It will suit any occasion from work to special events. It is a versatile hair idea that will suit everyone.

Black And Copper Braids

When adding color to your braids you don’t have to go all out. You can just add a few bold braids to your look just like this. Here we have black and copper braids. As you can see the color still looks gorgeous but it is subtler than the styles where all the braids are colorful. Copper is a stylish color and it will look amazing on any braid length.

Triangle Goddess Box Braids

Another way you can glam up your braids is with added curly hair. These long triangle braids have curly hair at the ends. This combination is gorgeous and it just gives the braids a chic and stylish look. You can have long braids like featured or try curls with shorter braids too.

Black And Red Triangle Braids

Next we have a beautiful black and red braid idea to share with you. Most of the braids are black with two red braids. When you only have two colorful braids it really makes the color stand out. This is a stylish idea that will suit anyone. You can choose red like this or try a different color.

Caramel Blonde Triangle Braids

Next we have a stylish braid idea. These chunky triangle braids are a beautiful caramel blonde shade. Blonde looks so trendy with braids. This blonde color will suit everyone but you can choose a cooler and brighter blonde if you prefer. Either way blonde braids like these will give everyone hair envy!

Long Accessorized Triangle Braids

Our next hairstyle features gorgeous triangle braids with more cool accessory ideas! Instead of cords and cuffs here we have cords with shells and a braid wrap. Little accessories like these make the simplest of braids look amazing and you can express your own style by choosing your favorite colors and patterns.

Multicolor Triangle Part Braids

Looking for a hair idea that makes a statement? Then these braids are for you. Here we have long triangle part braids that start off black then blend into light purple blue and then yellow. This is such a gorgeous set of colors. You can recreate this or try your own color palette. Multicolor styles like this work best on longer braids so you get the full effect of the color change.

Long and Defined

You can really see the triangular shape with these triangle braids. The triangles themselves are beautifully arranged so that the shared points look like starbursts. We’re in love with those baby hairs too.

Bold Burgundy Braids

Another must-have color for braids is burgundy! Here we have long chunky braids that are all a beautiful burgundy shade. A color like this perfect for the fall and winter. Recreate this look or try a black and burgundy braid combination. Either way your hair will look awesome.

Stylish Thick And Thin Triangle Braids

You can make braids look unique by creating cool patterns like these. Here we have triangle braids with very thin braids in-between the triangles. This is such a stylish and creative idea! You can be as simple or as intricate as you like. So recreate something like this or add in a few more small braids maybe even try different colors too.

Thick Triangle Part Braids

If you are looking for a beautiful hairstyle that is easy to wear this next idea is for you. Here we have thick and long triangle braids. We love the triangle pattern used here because is so neat and stylish it looks amazing. You can recreate long braids like these or try this pattern with short braids too.

Half-Up Half-Down Braids

Braids look gorgeous when styled into buns. Here we have triangle braids that have been put into a half-up and half-down bun. We love this look because you get the best of both worlds. You can have your braids down but rock a beautiful bun too.

Coppery Triangle Braids

Earlier in the post we featured black and copper braids. If you loved that look you may like this one too. This idea shows how to wear braids that are all copper. As you can see these braids look amazing! The triangular pattern looks super trendy too. Hair like this is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Golden Sprinkles

Not only do we love the color of these triangle braids which are liberally sprinkled with shades of gold blonde and light brown but we’re also living for the pattern. Notice how the triangles are sharply defined but are not uniform in size—that definitely draws the eye.

Length for Days

Everything about this triangle braid style is on-point. The length is to-die-for—that’s some Rapunzel level lushness. The half-up bun also shows off the triangles which is always a plus. Different Braided Mohawks Worth Giving A Shot

Have you ever had your hair done in triangle braids? Are you ready to try them?