Two braids hair

Two Feed In Braids

We would like to begin our list of the best two braid hairstyles with this trendy red and black look. The hair is a beautiful blend of black and dark red with two long braids. There is also a center braid that has been accessorized with gold rings. It is a statement look and is perfect for the ladies who want a bold hairstyle. You can recreate with or without the accessories.

Two French Braids

side braids and black hair ties have been added about half way on the braids. It is a simple way to accessorize but it just makes the hairstyle unique. Use black hair ties for an elegant look or choose bright and colorful ones for a bolder hairstyle.

Feed In Cornrow Braids

cornrow braids that have been braided on an angle. As you can see it is a simple style but it does make a trendy statement. You can change the angle on any braid type to create a similar look.

Two Braids With Curly Weave

side braids and then halfway the hair is left loose and curly. It is a stunning and elegant hair idea. You could wear this style anywhere but it is a great braided look for a special occasion.

Long Cornrows

Looking for a trendy and easy to wear style? Then this is for you. Here we have cornrow braids that are long and simple. It is a hairstyle that looks effortlessly cool. From day to night this braided style will keep you looking stylish. You can recreate the long braids or try shorter ones.

Two Big Fishtail Braids

Want to completely transform your look with a new hairstyle and color? Then this is for you! For this idea the hair has been dyed with multiple pastel colors. Then the hair has been put into a double fishtail braid style. The braids are quite loose but there is a section in the middle that is tight. This look reminds us of a princess! Recreate the whole style or try the braids in your own hair color. Braids like these will take practice but it will be worth it.

Cornrow Braids With A Center Braid

Next we have a statement making hairstyle. For this look the hair has been styled into two side braids with an accessorized center braid. There are also smaller braids too and the ones near the center braid have trendy triangle partings. This is such a creative and unique style. It is perfect for the ladies who like to stand out from the crowd.

Two Braids Into A Braided Bun

If you need a hairstyle for a special occasion like a wedding or the prom then check out this next look. The hair has been beautifully braided into two side braids that meet in a low bun. It has also been accessorized. You can try a similar hairstyle with any accessories pearls or gems would be pretty. Also to make the updo less formal you can leave the accessories out for a simpler look.

Dutch Fishtail Braids

Our next idea is unique and stylish. Instead of all the hair being braided the braid only goes about halfway and then the hair is left loose. This half braid creates such a trendy look. You can try this style with fishtail braids like featured or you can use a different braid of your choice.

Two Dutch Braids

Next we have another cute hairstyle to share with you. The braids are very big and have been styled to create a Dutch braid look. It is a stylish idea and it is great for the ladies who want to try something new.