Best cool wallets 2020

This wallet really impresses for less than $50 and I’m sure I’m going to have this well into the 2030s. As a guy who doesn’t wear accessories, my watch and purse are the only real options I have for accessorizing. My Bulova has hidden the previous one, now I’ve locked the latter. With that, I couldn’t be happier.
The packaging was of the highest quality. Came to keep your wallet in a durable black box with a velvet-type bag inside. There was no need for the velvet bag, but it was a very nice touch. I’m glad to see a company that is still proud of their product delivery. It’s a very small purse. I barely notice it in my pocket, but it still holds all seven of my cards, plus ID and money. It replaced my Fossil product wallet for which I paid nearly three times as much. Just get one if you’re on the fence to get this wallet. You’re not going to be let down.

The only complaint I have about this wallet is that it’s a big tad but still fits in my pocket comfortably. It carries all my cards, money, and misc. Things such as shop receipts. It also feels pretty sturdy and lasts longer than my previous wallets. I was happy to buy from small businesses and see them returning to the city.
My hopes are surpassed by this pocket. The leather was super soft and suitable for stitching. This is probably my favorite so far out of the 5 or 6 wallets I’ve acquired in the last few years. Always love the gray color. The package that came in was what was most appreciated. This was bought as a gift and was specifically marketed by a corporation that is worried about the service it actually took over the rest. I definitely recommend you and thank you!
Beautifully made and easily delivered. I purchased my husband’s wallet, a retired Marine. We know that you are a member of the army. Good production. The built-in security is a great good wallet that fits well into the pocket and holds all my cards! I’m a Vietnam veteran and my son is now with the Air Force on his 8th Middle East mission! So I’m going to do what I can do to help vets!
The value of this wallet really impressed us. It’s so smooth, the leather smells so good. It’s been packed nicely. It was a wonderful gift. My boyfriend liked the door of the double I d and how it flips up. This sets out the cards so you can see them well.

There are two thumbs up.


My husband wasn’t looking for a new wallet, but I still got this one. He continues to say he hates admitting it, but he loves this wallet. That’s as good as you can get an endorsement!
Absolutely 100% pleased with this purchase. This wallet is of great quality and value, and this company striving for excellence is apparent from the consideration that went into creating it and manufacturing it. The company is owned by a businessman, delighted to hear. We are a family of the military and we always try to support our nation’s patriots.
I purchased this wallet to replace two wallets I bought a year ago on Amazon that fell apart. This wallet looks very well made and in my pocket the leather feels amazing. So far, I think that this wallet is the best wallet I’ve ever owned, and I look forward to seeing how well it will keep up over the coming year. Similar to the other items I’ve bought in the past, I also expect it to last.
This wallet looks good and appears to be well-constructed in Amazon’s photos, but it started to show its shortcomings within two months of average usage. The card slots are only suitable for one card each; if there’s anything else inside the slots, they’ll expand quickly, causing the cards to spill out when the wallet is upside down. At checkout, be careful when taking out the wallet; my cards fell on the floor. The leather is very thin and when folded, the wallet bends; it is not evenly folded. Based on its rankings, I had high hopes for this wallet. I had to buy a new wallet a lot earlier than I thought I’d have to. I bought the same manufacturer’s wallet accidentally to replace it and I’m going to return it immediately.

three folded wallet

Quite disappointed that a search for men’s wallet made in the USA brings this one to the top of the page and then when the wallet is ordered, it arrives clearly displayed with made in China. I give it as a present for Christmas, and I hope my husband likes it; he’ll likely. But I really wanted to buy one made in USA, and I really wanted to. And that’s all I’ve got to say about this product, as Amazon and the manufacturer’s subterfuge deserve no further comment.
It’s a great product. In fact, as an early Christmas present, I gave it to my father. He enjoys all about it. Thank you for putting out an affordable price for such a high-quality product. Glad Christmas and thank Father.
My husband is looking forward to his new wallet! The leather is comfortable, so you don’t have to break it in to fit comfortably in your pocket. Especially with forged and multi-folded metal in place, mammoth leather can be so supple.


I bought this gift for my son in law for Christmas, so I didn’t remove the paper wrapping on the wallet; but if the outer box and exquisite velvet bag that holds the wallet is any indication of the quality, then I know we’re all going to be happy to see it when it’s opened on Christmas morning. I was definitely looking for a Rfid blocking technology wallet. I didn’t realize that this organization was based in Dallas, nor that until after my purchase it was owned by a veteran. Thank you, fellow Texans, for your service!
The wallet from Bryker is of the highest quality. It has 8 pockets for cards, two wide pockets for additional cards underneath those pockets, two screen windows for major cards like driver’s license, and space for even more cards between those windows. During my long life, I owned several wallets. That’s the best.
My dad, who is also a marine, is a Christmas gift. That’s part of why I bought it. I’ve been impressed with the wallet’s softness and thinness, but I won’t carry it so I can’t rate it. 🙂 Well done, the wallet looks really good. Actually, I bought three of them in various colors and styles with the plan to keep my favorite and give the other two for Christmas gifts. I hold myself Texas Brown and I love it. I’ve never had a wallet I’ve always taken out to look at, but now I still find myself doing that with mine. I really wish I had more money to put in, because with a few hundred dollar bills in there, it looks even better.
The wallet is the way it has been portrayed. It is an excellent quality of craftsmanship. I gave it to my husband as a present. He likes this wallet because it’s lightweight but sturdy. Thx u.
I love Men’s new BiFold Rfid Wallet! It came expeditiously and it was all I had hoped for! All parts of the wallet were responsible for all my wallet needs! Remember, first-class wallet packaging! This wallet I highly recommend!


Trendy wallet

As an early Christmas gift, I gave this wallet to my hubby. He cares about it all. In general, he likes how quickly credit cards and reward cards are kept. On his last wallet, the slots for these items were tight. These slots aren’t tight, but they’re not loose enough to drop cards from them.
Two days ago I got the wallet and so far I’m impressed. The leather is beautiful and it looks high quality. The real test, of course, is how it will last 3-5 years. But I like it for now, particularly the card slots, which have a little extra space on the sides to make it easy to get in and out of cards. They also stay very well in place.
It’s a big purse. I used my Metro system card (which uses Rfid) to test the Rfid blocking capability and this wallet definitely blocked the signal! It feels extremely well crafted and in my pocket, it fits well. Many pockets, without a cumbersome feeling, to carry my many cards. Probably the only thing I would add is an inner zipper on one or both sides below the cardholders, but otherwise, it’s a good wallet and I’m very satisfied with it.
I bought the wallet for years and years. I’ve got what I’ve paid… cheap. I saw the wallets of Bryker Hyde, read Amazon’s feedback and definition, and then ordered one. The wallet came in a perfectly sealed box on time. I knew it was of high quality when I moved everything to the new Bh wallet. So proud to have this wallet with you! Thank you very much, Bryker Hyde.
At first, I had concerns since the finish seemed to be pretty slick and I was wondering if the wallet would remain in my pocket safely once I sat down. But with this, I never had any problems.
This wallet meets my expectations… Great profile decent wallet. Has many credit card slots, happy with the two I d windows with extra underneath to position Health Insurance card, etc., two big receipt sections, great enough to put 25 bills in cash. This wallet is perfect for traveling in the pocket of your front and back shirt.

Get slim leather zip wallet

Have the pebbled black leather, it feels and looks expensive, not as thin and cheap as others. Very well-made, has plenty of card slots, and an extra flap that opens up allows easy access to driver license, etc. Even behind card slots there are hidden slots that husband really wanted for all the extra medical cards he carries and 2 divided paper bill slots. It was packaged so perfectly, with several protective layers & shipped separately. My picky husband was impressed and filled it up instantly and fired his old friend. Glad I chose this one for his birthday, great for a wonderful gift-you’re not going to be disappointed!!
This is a wallet of great quality. I’m shocked. A lot of storage.. but it can be dense, be warned. So it may not be for you if you don’t like a thick wallet.
This is the best wallet I’ve ever owned. It’s very comfortable and just the right leather color. I wanted a wallet with plenty of credit card slots and this one has plenty. I’ve taken my time looking for the right one at Amazon. I’m so glad I’ve chosen this one. I’m also happy to hear this is a family-owned company that makes them. It’s a very well crafted wallet.
This wallet has it all-eight slots for quick access to credit cards, a bill divider, and two window slots to say driver license, etc. Even soft stuff. Really, the wallet is really great.
I can’t speak for longevity as I just got it, but it fits easily everything I had in my old wallet and looks less voluminous (probably because the owner of the ID is sewn on and not inserted). With 2 Ids, 4 credit / bank cards, 2 gift cards, 5 membership cards, a fishing license in a ziplock baggy and 26 bills in it, this Brykerhyde wallet hardly needs any effort to fold.
If your guy enjoys even Rfid’s sleek design of a leather wallet, this is the perfect gift! Beautifully made of leather and stitching, it also shows its value. Hubby loves it, and he never says anything positive to him about my online purchases. I’m going to order another one for my son as well as an extra for the hubby. I hope this will help you settle on your wallet.
Stitching and leather-look good. Napa leather is not as soft as others, but perhaps better in the long run as napa leather can become too soft over time. Switched from Bosca because Rfid in the wallet could not be found embedded. Just time (2 years) is going to tell if the wallet holds up. I wish they made an I d flip that went up instead of horizontal because when opening it makes the wallet too wide to get the second backside I d but no big deal.
This is a good purse, after 20 years I finally replaced my bi-fold. This wallet has plenty of slots for your cc and is fitted with 2 I d pockets for your license and other Id. It comes packaged perfectly, it’s a luxury package. I’m even using a small pocket until the wallet gets broken in. Good for a gift or if you’re looking for a stylish two-fold wallet. With this one you’re not going to be bissappointed.
The wallet has a lot of credit card slots, debit cards and other cards that are required. I also love the wallet’s size. Not too large, not too small. $40 is a high-quality wallet deal.
It’s a pretty purse. The extra I d flap is good for my driver’s license and job I d, and it holds all the cards I used to carry in my old tri-fold, but it’s much thinner.
Wallet is all wrong. It looks nice but in China it’s made cheaply and the scratches of leather are very simple. I don’t feel $40 worth this purse. I help their veteran cause, but I want their goods to be made in America. If it was made in Usa, I would charge more and buy it again. But I wouldn’t buy this wallet again for that reason or suggest it to a friend. The company does not claim to be a Us brand, but when I looked for “made in Usa,” it came up. The pictures and the encouragement of the veteran would make you believe that it is, but my own mistake is not to look deeper.

A lovely product of value!


Lovely item for my boyfriend and great gift, he’s extremely picky and kind of a snob, but he loves it. Recommended. The packaging was good and it quickly came in. Thank you.
Smooth, luxurious leather. For precise stitching, it’s well finished. The Rfid must work, it set off the Tsa metal detection screener at the airport when I tried to walk on my person other than anything in the wallet without any metal. I’m sure it’s going to last a few years, a great value.
Second, there’s casual beauty in this purse. Furthermore, it is designed functionally to allow full use of my many cards and ID. Thrid, security from the Rf Id. Third, delivered inside a nice box in a cool fabric pouch— perfect for a gift! I don’t usually write reviews, but thanks to the company for making a great wallet, I do here.


cool wallets not only for boys


Beautiful purse. This was bought to replace a Coach leather wallet that my husband wanted to clean by tossing through the washer. It came really soon, wrapped up like four different ways, and it was a great size. The hubby likes to have two clear card pockets. He even seems to prefer it to the more expensive Coach wallet.
I tried a lot of different wallet choices and it’s really the best one. I’ve got a lot of stuff I need to carry and the other wallets are too small and not made well. I also need to double to secure my DL and ID in separate areas, and this is the only wallet that fits such requirements. I’m suggesting it!
From my family to yours, start with a big thank you. You guys have gone far beyond the company’s standards. The letter is a great touch and the service is amazing. Build quality is excellent and I had to check to make sure it was still there for the first few days after adding it to my EDC. Thank you again and thank the lord… The bag, not me. I wanted to like this service and business, with their commitment to vets in particular. I had this wallet for less than a month, however, and a seam fell apart behind the I d holder on one of the credit card slots. I didn’t overfill the wallet and when I found the gap, the credit card slot was actually empty. It looked at the front sewn, but it was obviously stuck behind the fabric… now unglued. Going back and looking somewhere else. Deceptive.
First of all, the packaging is good off the line. Nice box style of jewelry, inside the wallet, is in a small bag and leather is covered by leather. Very impressive, especially if you offer one as a Christmas gift.
Second, the leather’s value is surprisingly high. Their own wallet marketing doesn’t really talk much about leather, but it’s soft, tanned and smooth. It also smells great.
This wallet I’m very pleased with. It’s a very well made product and building. I like to know it’s going to last when I buy something and I can see that with this one. Finally I broke the old wallet that I had for so long. I like this one’s style so much that it’s similar to my other, but it has anti-theft engineering advances. It’s a better update, therefore. The sleek nature has made more space in my purse, not to mention. In my pocket, it’s a better experience, I really enjoy it and would recommend it to others. It’s in a nice box when it’s sent to you, wrapped in a wrap and then coated in soft tissue paper again, and it contains a small case. We definitely know how their brand can be taken care of, a refreshing surprise.

phone wallet for men

I’ve been looking for a new wallet for a long time, but until I got this one, I couldn’t find the right one. I’ve got my wallet in my front pocket and I wanted something not too big but big enough to hold all my cards and cash. I needed something in my pocket that was soft and comfortable, too. This wallet meets all my needs. I purchased the leather from the black sheepskin. Quite good leather and outstanding craftsmanship!
I couldn’t wait to get a new wallet, so I came across this one after looking for a while and it’s far beyond my expectations. The packaging alone would be amazing to a friend, dad, spouse as a high-end gift. I went black smooth and it looks really nice. If you’re on the fence, it’s a pocket of top quality.
As the size and feel, it’s very convenient. Holds all my personal items and tickets. You think it’s the best wallet I’ve bought. For security reasons, I really like the Rfid definition.
I had to use Rfid blocking sleeves before purchasing this wallet and it was a challenge any time I needed to use a ticket. It’s time for me to get a new wallet and I’ve been lucky enough to trip over it. It doesn’t just look good, it’s very lightweight. Overall, my new wallet is really full.
I was kind of hoping for a double-sided window, so I could display my ID’s face as well as offer scanning back. I tried to cut my own leather, and it looks pretty janky, but anything.
Since getting my old wallet for 20 years, I bought this wallet and I absolutely love this one, lots of card slots, etc. with two doors for I d’s and two money slots. The leather is soft and beautiful.
I hardly ever leave comments on Amazon to start with, but I felt the need for this wallet. Let’s start with the packaging. I never got any item packed online from any seller like this Wallet. This company treats you simply how well they package their wallets because you won an award. The value couldn’t be any better now with respect to the wallet itself. Originally I was just intending to get a standard black leather wallet, but it was an instant buy when I saw the Slate Gray shade. The fabric is of high quality and it looks and feels top notch, Rfid blocking technology, and it was exactly what I was looking for in the Bifold Side Flip model. Oh, and the fact that this is also a company owned and operated by a veteran made this purchase an easy choice.
So if you looked at hundreds of wallets online like me, don’t look any further. You won’t be disappointed by any of this company’s pockets. If I could send 6 stars to this pocket, I’d.
I started looking for a suitable replacement after my 15-year retirement purse. Something I needed with two ID holders, split cash processing, plenty of card space, and Rfid coverage. And something durable, of course, that will provide years of service.

zip-top wallet

It seems this wallet has it all. I purchased my new mine in Texas and took my old wallet. It was looking back. Rfid Security is invisible and I like the style of the double I d.
My husband needed a new wallet. I never ordered one online because it’s very important for him to’ see’ it. I took an opportunity to order this bifold from Bryker Hyde, a veteran. The claim that my husband is happy is a gross understatement… he just enjoys it all!! And it’s even cooler because it’s run by vets. Thank you all… for your service to our country… and to make such a great product!
It’s a legendary-light weight-thief stumping wallet in its very own gift box with the softest brush. Thank you for the common man’s treatment.
The wallet loves the husband!! Comfortable, plenty of easy-to-use card slots. We didn’t know that you were a company based in Dallas which makes it even better because we’re here too! Finally, thank you for your service!

leather snap wallets

I have had this wallet for nearly a week now and I’m very pleased with this wallet’s value. It feels great, is lightweight and yet carries all my tickets, Metro passes, etc. and shows no sign that, unlike my previous wallets, it will bend my cards. Carrying on a daily basis is a real pleasure and I highly recommend it without hesitation.
Good quality, great shipping packaging. The leather feels nice and it looks good and sturdy with stitches. Only concern is the clearness of the I d door. Looking through it, somewhat burry, but still able to read I d.
I love the purse! Each time you hold it, you can feel the performance!! The spartan logo and the name Bryker Hyde make the wallet special and I was able to get my wallet a day and a half after I ordered a great product experience and My husband is 74 years old so we’ve been buying wallets for a long time. I’m the one who has to remind him when it’s time for a new wallet because it’s starting to look shabby (Breaking In A New Wallet hates him). He still purchases products because they last longer, but online shopping is a challenge because you can’t personally inspect it. Due to the detailed positive reviews, we purchased this one and then crossed the fingers that the product lived up to the reviews. His wallet is very picky. This wallet fulfilled all his wishes! We got the black leather with the pebbles. He really wanted to upgrade to the Rfid and the feature is there. The best part is the side flip carrying his military identification and driver’s license without trying to get it out of the purse. Great stitching and design. This service is highly recommended. You’re not going to be disappointed. After a year, I plan to do another review to update how it’s going on overtime.
It’s a beautiful wallet with lots of room. The sleek design suits my pocket perfectly and is easy on the eyes. It’s also a seriously good quality to being a thief stumper.
The wallet is excellent quality fine. I looked at many other businesses, but none of them could equal that. I’m going to be back in order and highly recommend Bryker Hyde.
I purchased this as a gift to my close friend who kept his wallet Way longer than he should have. But because he wanted a particular type of wallet (leather bifold with two I d windows and lots of card slots), finding one for him was almost impossible. He looked all over, I was looking all over. His I d plastic was gone in his old wallet — I’m honestly surprised that he missed everything. And when I saw this one and started to look at the details, I realized that I finally found it and immediately bought it! He was so happy when I gave it to him, his eyes lit up. To get a new wallet to replace one, it took him the better part of two years. This wallet has all he wanted, and I was pleased that it came in a way that was practically gift-wrapped already. From the wallet itself to the quality of the packaging screams. Next time I notice that he needs a new one, I can buy one of these for my father. Once again 10/10 would buy.
The wallet came very well packed. It’s made of quality leather and it works really well with the Rfid app. The cloth is very comfortable, so when sitting in the back pocket, it doesn’t hurt the back. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and will find Bryker Hyde again for my next purchase of the product.
Extremely soft leather, the quality is very good. Wallet came in a beautiful gift package. Some reviewers said the card slots didn’t hold cards very tightly, but I didn’t have that problem. If it is very convenient to show your ID, the double window flips out. Overall, this wallet is very happy!

black color wallet

My husband and I both love the color. Good to try anything but black or brown. It looks good and came in a nice box with a silk case, perfect for the gift. Good amount of room and good performance. New purse.
Beautiful wallet. Good quality, good quality. Could have done without asking me to read all the stupid messages. While the wallet is built in the Usa, it is manufactured in China, be advised. For some people, that detail is significant.
This wallet is awesome! The leather is very comfortable and I like the arrangement of the compartments between I d and payments. The encryption is great to make you feel confident that it is not easy to extract information. Really happy to buy.

Getting a wallet that’s older than I am is really cool. Mammoth is really hiding. It’s the dream purse. There are more card slots than I need and it’s both small and comfortable. I only had it for a couple of days, but it seems to be really long-lasting. Thank you guys for that.
Wonderful purse!! You could see that there was a lot of work going into making it. The leather’s quality is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Weak, but strong and long-lasting. Plus the color choices from which you can select. I wanted gray because it was a different thing. Often, these wallets have a security lining to ensure identity thieves are unable to fill their art. This is also a company owned and operated by Veterans that only make the purchasing noise. My husband (it was an early Father’s Day gift because I was too excited) loves it!!
Price and more! The layout included all the necessary elements for a highly functional wallet. Bought the black, a bit light, but it’s rich brown and smooth after two Bick leather conditioner applications. Use this wallet for years!
Color and texture are cool, but for a few days I’ve only been using the wallet and it’s already beginning to show signs of advanced wear. I’m not sure about this wallet’s durability.
Great men’s wallet and vets helping veterans! Shipping was swift and contact information was provided almost immediately by the manufacturer. The wallet was shipped in a shipping envelope, a gift box, a plastic bag as specified and packed and then wrapped in thin fabric. Really impressed with this wallet’s thorough wrapping. Most men have given I d today for more than one government and I consider the side flip 2 I d window to be very useful and much more convenient than the usual 1-Id window wallets. Stitching and the fabrics used seem to be of very good quality with plenty of credit card slots for all those businesses waiting for individual membership/credit cards to be held by individuals. The wallet’s physical size and thickness is as expected and break comfortably in.
Good purse. I love it’s got 2 I d doors. I use one to listen to my drivers and the other to bear a license. It’s high quality, and it wrapped up the package it came in very nice. I recommend it highly.
It’s a big purse. The door of the 2nd I d is lovely and special. Even with all the slots filled by the cardholder and some cash used every day, the wallet isn’t too bulky. I was able to check Rfid’s blocking ability recently. I was staying in Alabama State Park using Rf entrance pads at the gate. The gate wouldn’t open when I put my wallet up to the entrance pad. I removed the key card from my wallet and held it in the entrance pad and unlocked the door. I am happy.
This wallet is excellent. High-quality stitching and leather. This holds my cards firmly in place, so when I need to use them they come out right out. I got the nice Texas Brown paint. I just heard, too, that this is a family-owned Texas company that’s cool!





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