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The performance is very good, but I had to send back the original & the substitute because the brown colors on the website are darker than the real colors. I always wanted a dark brown one. Yes, the’ texas red’ is medium brown.
I like the new wallet I got. It is of excellent quality and looks great and feels great. And in my home state, it was made. Better people at work. This service is highly recommended. P.S. Many thanks for the service.
Exceeded expectations… replaced, and very happy, a different ten-year-old. Searching for a replacement in shops for a couple of years, but not finding a good one, but it doesn’t cost a hundred— this one exceeded my expectations.
Very comfortable and well-made. Rf blocking these days is a bigger and bigger deal and it’s good to have the peace of mind you’re not compromised with. The owned veteran is both a bonus and a follow-up to ensure satisfaction.


Excellent quality I look for in a wallet with the perfect design. I like the flip-out sleeve with the two I d’s and other credit card sleeves buttons, making it easy to get home. I like the lower one in general, which isn’t so heavy. It makes scanning in my community quick.
For several years now, I’ve been overdue for a new wallet; the old one was old, well, but broken in and comfortable in the back pocket, then fell apart. Generally speaking, I’m afraid of getting a new wallet, but on this one, I’ve taken a chance and I’m glad to do it. From the go, it was comfortable. Also, as a vet, whenever possible, I like to support vet-owned businesses. Good wallet at an affordable price!
While for my old, torn, used wallet I’m spoiled, it’s time for something new. On arrival, the packaging amazed me, but it was the most impressive wallet. The Rfid served a need certainly. As a frequent traveler, I am comforted by the security of the Rfid, which my old wallet had not. This wallet’s value was good, with no mistakes-3 weeks and counting. I’ve got a couple of credit and fuel cards, and this wallet is meeting the challenge. For several bills/receipts, the billfold has enough space!! In the billfold, I love the divider. After reading reviews, I was a little reluctant, but completely pleased so far. Breaking in the wallet took a few weeks, but now it’s very easy. The transparent window is Ok, but to see all the relevant information you will still need to take out your license.


Then, it’s completely satisfying.

This wallet was my dream wallet I used to a great extent. It has a different feeling than any other wallet I have ever had. I’ve invested more and less, but in my work environment, all those pockets were destroyed. I’m playing with sand, fuel, and iron. The organization is investing in the bright side to help veterans.
A good wallet, after my other wallet was stolen, needed a new wallet. I finally decided on a carbon fiber purse. I’m happy to have done so. The wallet came in an elegant box and a small bag of fabric. I got the leather scent as soon as I got the purse. It felt good to the touch and in the corner, there is a cool little symbol. Lots of card slots, a place to carry bills with a little splitter in there. I d cards can be kept in place, secured by a plastic seal. All-in-all for a very reasonable price, a really good buy. An additional benefit of helping the cause of a victim. Thank you, I’ve had my new wallet for 2 days now and I love it. There is plenty of space, 2 photos I d windows, 8 cards, and a split bill holder. The wallet’s look and feel are fantastic.


From the moment I unboxed it I loved this wallet. It was very secure, making me feel like the goods are being cared for by the suppliers. A lot of space, a beautiful leather smell, and a surprisingly slim profile (although it has more space than my previous wallet) make a great product.
I recently received my Bryker Hyde 2 I d Rfid Wallet for men as a retired Navy Chief, and I’m pleased with the extra capacity. It fits comfortably in a pocket of ordinary front pants. The permanently attached side flip is just as good as the vertical flip for holding and viewing both my license for the military I d and drivers.
This makes more content around 25 percent less bulge than the smaller wallet this replaced. The slots of the card are large enough to put two or more cards in the same slot. I use one Bifold pocket for bills and the other for a couple of blank checks if I ever need one. My original reason for purchasing was no concerns about digital skimming, but the high quality and space alone make it an excellent purchase.
I’ve used it for only a few days, but I’ve been pleased with my new wallet so far. It ended up a bit thinner than I once anticipated, but I love the style and form. I’d highly recommend this to anyone.
I’ve never seen my husband so happy with a wallet lol that he struggled to find one that he liked and that would hold everything he wanted but that wasn’t too bulky and that’s fine. The color is also different.
After some lifetime I recently bought this wallet, Pos decided to steal mine in a restaurant. I decided to spend a little more money and go with this masterful artwork after looking around at the typical things I purchase. This wallet I love. I can’t attest to her durability yet, but she took great care in the packaging process, to begin with, the product. It comes in its private gift box, inside of which the wallet is in a stylish pouch that suits the wallet perfectly. The wallet itself is beautifully covered in a fine paper to keep the leather’s texture. Now be ready when you cut the sheet. The leather is a luxurious piece of art that is extremely lightweight. I’m not yet used to how good it feels when I pay for things. I never imagined it would make me smile holding a purse, but we’re here. This service is highly recommended! 10/10 High quality, long-lasting pocket. Used for more than a year. It has two slots for Ids doors. Includes eight additional card slots. Holds a great deal of money. One complaint about coins is not a dedicated spot. It would be a great zipper pocket.
Receiving my new wallet was excited. It was all I had hoped it would be to my delight! The leather of great quality. Easy on the eyes. I have received compliments on it already. The packing was great. Refer to anyone who is searching for an update.


It’s been holding up well so far, but it was a Christmas gift, so it’s been only 2 months. In my experience, Waller typically begins to fade away after around 8 months. We’re going to see.
It’s a pretty purse. It’s amazing quality. I typically go a year through a purse. Yet I think this one is going to last for a while. The leather looks very elegant and genuine. Similar to all other leading brands, I was slightly skeptical about paying a little more for this one. But it’s not worth every dollar spent anymore. I was amazed at the quality of the wallet and packaging when it was shipped which I think you can only get from a small business. It’s great to support another as a business owner myself!

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I’m happy with all the wallet facets. Volume, texture, color, 2 transparent slots and 10 other smooth card slots. I had been in Parkland for a medical residency in the 1970s and enjoyed the concise writing-up received.
The packaging alone shows you they don’t try to cut costs down on corners! Classy, you know! The first thing you’ll notice when you start moving your ids and cards to the Bryker is that there’s plenty of room….. no struggle to get cards in and out, which means the pockets won’t wear out of friction! I wish I had found this wallet a long time ago… and it doesn’t cost much more than I paid for the wallets of Geoffrey Bean…… thank you!!
It’s been replacing my old leather wallet. I found perfection on this wallet after trying out different wallet sizes and types. It has enough space to carry all my credit cards and IDs. The container is properly secured to preserve your valuables. The leather is amazing. Content with the purchase as shown in the photos. Pleased with the service! It still needs to be used as it should be for a little longer… but the first impression is excellent quality. Like few others have reported, the vendor took the time to create it and assemble it with patience and expertise, I bought this for my father’s specific features, and he loves it. I just bought another one for my brother, liked it so much. Good quality and well-organized.

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Love your purse! The leather is comfortable and it’s excellent craftsmanship! To my dad, this was a present, and he loves it. He also likes the security of Rfid, too. Thank you, in August 2018, I bought the wallet. I’m quite shocked that at the seams the edges are completely worn out, feathered and beginning to come apart. I had a lot of leather wallets before and it lasted at least a couple of years before there was an issue. For example, the fabric is not sheepskin. I’d say the wrong commercial. Don’t buy As a very picky person sticking for 10 plus years to my old wallet and trying to find a replacement that suits my needs for a long time, I finally found one that’s right for me. The bill separator is perfect when stationed overseas for traveling and using it. This wallet can be packed and folded without opening it. I highly recommend bringing more than a few cards to anyone.
For a while, I’ve been searching for a purse. I saw this window had a dual I d. What a bag of perfect leather. The packaging is more impressive. This wallet, if on the market, deserves a second look. Yeah….. I’d buy it again!
It’s pretty thin. With all in it, it’s not much bigger than my old wallet. The oil’s scent is incredible. The leather feels smooth and sweet. But, I’m not sure about the stitching, but time is going to tell you about it. Yet how can you go wrong with the lifetime warranty? You will only obtain the guarantee if you buy Bryker Hyde from one of 3 licensed vendors. For more information on the warranty, visit their website.
The packaging was exceptional. Quite a nice article layout. A small branded wallet box, the wallet was placed in a felt bag in a plastic bag. Open the box and the wallet, while stored, had a decorative tissue paper wrapping for protection as well as paper insert.


Quite impressed

When it comes to wallets, I’m too picky. This was bought for me by my wife because my 10-year-old wallet fell apart. This purse I love! It is ideal for ordinary day-to-day use. The value of leather is very good. The side flip feature is pretty cool and gives inserts so much extra space.
Today I just got this wallet. This is a wallet of very high quality. Real beautiful leather and a strong scent. But, the best thing is that it’s spacious and easy to fit all my various cards. Surprisingly, it folds up tightly if you just use the slots for the chips. I highly recommend this wallet to be a great company. It’s also got here quickly.
For just a week, I’ve had this wallet, so I can’t give an opinion on durability. Nonetheless, I must tell that this is a very well-made wallet with all-round quality stitching. The fabric is lovely! But by far my favorite feature is that even with the same content, it’s about a third thinner than my previous wallet. I’m pleased with my purchase. The only “drawback” is that I need to take my business I d card from my wallet in the morning to get into work. No longer holding my wallet to gain access to the sensor pad. But after all, it’s an Rf blocking pocket. I don’t think you can go wrong to buy this wallet in a nutshell.
The wallet is very cool. Only got it so I’m not sure yet about longevity. It was hard for me to find 2 window Ids with more than 4 or 5 debit card slots, credit, visa, health insurance cards, etc. A little more than I wanted to spend, but it’s worth it if it lasts.
I used to go through wallets pretty quickly-but now that I’m doing more online shopping and, if possible, paying in-store with my phone; wallets seemed to last for me a little longer than late. My last wallet was a gift of plastic gag that lasted a full year for me (I didn’t think it would last 6 months). This wallet seems to be well-made and of high quality. Only time will tell how stable it is-I will update this review in one year (if possible) to let you all know how it is going!!!

The wallet is very comfortable

The wallet is very comfortable. It avoids any attempt to read what’s inside. My old wallet, through my jeans, would open a security lock. I’ve got to take it for the swipe. Nice to know that is proof of identity scan theft.
I bought this wallet for a trip to come because it’s got the Rfid. What I got was more than I was expecting. This wallet is a high-quality wallet. Holds for the cards I carry more than enough slots. One of the best parts is that you can fold $1500 (maybe more) in $50 and $100 bills in half on some side of the two bill slots. They don’t cause the wallet to split in half and they don’t stick out the wallet’s edge. When you go into your pocket to use your smaller bills, the folded cash will not be seen. This is a great extra protection that I didn’t expect. I’ve been through my share of wallets like most guys. None of them is near this one anywhere. I went for a change with the great one. It came packed good, it looks feel and work it screams performance. The stitching is done well. I don’t like anything about this purse. I usually don’t leave reviews, but thanks to you, I’m pleased.
A lot of credit card space. Two spaces for I d. The material of high quality. Folds nicely in the pocket and fits well. Glad I got it because it’s nice to know those bad guys can’t get card information.
I was approached by Bryker Hyder with a message about the organization and its philosophy before I even got my wallet. This welcome message (full of humorous phrase turns) prepared me to receive the leather wallet that arrived soon. I am now on a five-week Asian trip, and my hopes have been surpassed by the pocket. It’s not razor-thin, but in my front pocket (and even in a shirt pocket) it fits well. While traveling, when you don’t want to take every card you own, it holds a lot of cards. The currency billing compartment is very welcoming. While I don’t know how well the wallet protects the information encoded in my belongings, I’m sure it’s doing a good job based on the feedback I’ve read and testimonials from this modest and ethical business.


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I liked the leather quality given in the Rumplestiltskin contract! Now the wicked queen’s spell will be lifted, and peace will come back to Stoneybrook!
I received this as my husband’s birthday gift (retired Air Force). Because his b’ day is still a month away, I haven’t given it to him yet, but I’m probably going to give it to him early, I’m too excited to wait. He likes 2 slots of ID cards, one for his Dl and the other for his Card. Finding wallets with that feature is nearly impossible. It’s a bonus that blocks Rfid. He’s a pilot so he’s going a lot of travel. It seems to hold all the items he keeps in his wallet and when traveling for business, the extra section for holding receipts will be perfect. I’m particularly pleased to find a wallet made by a veteran-owned company (we also have a veteran-owned company) I’m starting by giving 5 stars to this wallet because it has everything I’ve been looking for and more. I’m going to update my analysis until my husband starts using it.
I don’t write a lot of reviews, but the overall experience of buying and getting this wallet from start to finish has been exceptional. The beautiful packaging compliments the inside of the artwork. This wallet looks and feels like a fine art gallery shouldn’t be in my pocket. I normally have the George Costanza size triple but even with all my credit card business cards I d and odd receipts I don’t use for and are disappearing beyond recognition (very little real money) this thing is so slim that I have a mini heart attack if I think it’s not there but low and behold it’s in all its glory. It looks and feels very good. Will never have another purse. Thank you for the quality you make and for your service, John and your family.
The wallet was filled with care, and he was very impressed with the quality when my husband felt the leather! The double-sided I d window is ideal for the license of his driver and retired Id. The size fits in well with his Jean’s pocket, and the construction quality is exceptional! We bought the color gray and it looks so good! Everything he needs to put into it fits easily. If you’re traveling internationally, this wallet can easily hold larger paper currency for your job or leisure. Tired of buying cheap goods that don’t stop overseas? It’s budget-friendly to buy this purse, and it’s going to keep up!


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Great workmanship. I just want to look at it so cool, so I’m spending money so I can take it out and look at it. I took a picture of it since then so I could admire it without going into my pocket saving my money. The slate gray must be option number one. It’s a good job.

This wallet loves both my husband and my son! They both commented on the one-of-a-kind color (gray), and it’s a Rfid wallet. I’m going to buy one soon for my future son-in-law!
The stitching was broken and the wallet felt weak, which are things I can overlook, but I can’t overlook the fact that the RFID blocking didn’t work at all, using my company I d in every slot and opening the gate without hesitation. For Christmas, Got will buy this for my husband and he’s very fussy with his wallets. He said it was perfect….. holds a lot of credit card and still folds up beautifully.
I like this wallet so much. My 40-year-old wallet ended up falling to bits. The only thing I don’t like about this wallet is it’s a bit stiff, but I’m sure it’s going to soften with use.
I got this as a present and I’m really happy with it! Everything top-notch is the performance, fit and finish. I love to support American businesses owned by the family. Thank you very much for making great stuff!
I buy a wallet and I’m not completely satisfied. The slot is not large enough to carry a wallet, as you can see from the photo. Also, the bottom row covers the second to the bottom row. Pain the in, but if you’re going to get the card out. The bottom slot should be made deeper than the other slots.
It fits perfectly in all my pockets and it feels incredible. Nonetheless, one thing I came across as a university student was how heavy the blocking of the Rfid was. To access our dorm buildings, my university uses ID cards with Rfid chips, and I found that I can no longer simply push my wallet while it is locked on my building scanners. This is awesome to some people but it’s a slight downside to me because it means that I have to either open my wallet or press it on the scanner to detect it very hard.
I like the classic stuff. That’s why I’ve got a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt wardrobe. I’m not going to have a Marty McFly dilemma when I slip into a time warp and end up in the past or present for 30 years-I’m going to fit right in. I want quality pieces that are going to fit the bill in fashion a decade from now.
I spent about 5-6 hours online looking for a good wallet and pulling the trigger on this bad boy recently. It’s the right size not too big, Goldilocks, don’t you know? It has a lovely luster and it’s top-notch stitching. It also has a beautiful logo on the front that looks just like the logo of the rapper Mf Doom which I think is so cool because I know it’s just a coincidence.



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