To my father, I ordered this. It arrived quickly and was packed well. It seemed to be of a robust and reliable nature. My son liked the leather theme. He was pleased with the functionality of the flip-out window and other pockets. I was happy with the cost that was affordable. Great gift!

I’ve moved away from keeping a wallet in my back pocket over the years and I’ve tried to find the right front pocket wallet for EDC. For a few years ago, I’ve had a Trayvax and I love it, but it has its limits. Now that I’ve graduated from a more professional office job that requires me to dress up a bit more professional, I’ve started to update my wardrobe and accessories and that meant looking for a more traditional wallet. I wanted something of high quality, durable, safe, affordable, and ideally made in the Usa and Bryker Hyde had all the above to offer and so far I was not disappointed with my choice of purchase. The wallet fits in the front pocket easily and is easy to remove from the pockets of even tighter pants. This fits in the pocket so easily that I find myself checking to make sure that it is still there on a regular basis. I got my own brown leather in distress and I love the look of it. It’s a simple wallet to dress up or dress up. I will definitely buy more of these as presents for people in the future and highly recommend it to anyone searching for a high-quality conventional wallet, or any of their other wallets.
My father-in-law Found and bought one of your wallets on Amazon. He liked his showing me so much, and then I had to buy more. Very good quality. The wallet is really strong and sturdy. I made the best investment in a while.

Wonderful product!

Good quality, good quality. Only real reason I bought this wallet was because of the double sided I d window and the cash slot was split. But now I’m impressed with the wallet in hand and seeing it. More than a quantity of card slots is applicable. And two pockets below the slot of the ticket. More then satisfied with the wallet. When durability is right alongside the price, I will definitely buy again.
It’s a good wallet feeling, I figured it would be smaller sadly, so it’s too large for me. If you’re looking for a little wallet, don’t buy this. Although this is a really nice quality wallet I got for my husband, it does better as a medium wallet. It’s well-sized but can still fit in his front pocket comfortably. He loves the front and back to the wallet’s window section. He liked the idea that protecting his data from being swiped by a passerby would have been texhnology, but we weren’t too sure if it would succeed. Okay, as he did in his old wallet, he put his electronic key card in his wallet and it won’t scan into the building without actually opening up the wallet. So we’re faithful!
Love the wallet value and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how perfectly lined it was. You know everything else is better when they put that much in the box. Thank you. Thank you.
This is a nice, well-made wallet. The leather is soft and it’s not a bulky purse. It arrived quickly and was beautifully packaged to include a pouch in the box to protect the leather. I’ve been very impressed. I’m not going to hesitate to buy another when my husband tires this one out!

The wallet came filled as precious jewelry. Okay, if you give it as a gift. Using good quality leather and other fabrics, it is beautifully stitched. I can’t attest to the efficacy of Rfid, but others contend that they have carried out successful trials with positive results. All the pockets and compartments are correctly made, and the wallet has a rather thin profile. A very good wallet for the price in general.
This is the best wallet I have ever owned. For about a month now, I’ve had it, and it’s great. I like the view of the 2Id turn. It seems that the leather is very good quality.
Robust purse. Leather feels nice and looks sturdy when stitching. Within the rfid (foil?) you can hear a faint crinkling. Wherever you sit or move, don’t hear it. For a few weeks now, he was using the wallet. I’m pleased with that. Want to have other colors, but the sleek black still works fine.
Great purse, like the logo in general… Complies with my lifestyle. The wallet itself is of great design, and understanding that it is immune to scanning is simply an added plus. The biggest thing I like about the wallet is the company owned by Veteran, which is also in line with my lifestyle.
Love this purse, leather of excellent quality, stitching, very easy to slip inside and out of my back pocket. I used to struggle to get this wallet out of my old wallet, very pleased with it. I am also a disabled vet, especially knowing that I own a veteran.

It’s the best wallet I’ve ever owned. Because I didn’t know the product, I was doubtful, but it had great reviews. The wallet’s feeling is amazing. The slots of the card are large, making it easy to get in and out of cards. The stitching value is timely. In the future, I will continue to purcahse this company’s wallets. Proposals for being a company owned by a contractor.
This is a great feeling. Nice soft leather, it just feels like a material of value. For a couple of years now, I wanted something like this. I’ve had a few ids to carry as a military, and that fits all nicely. It’s going to be from last year. I’m going to post another review to update in a year.
This wallet loves my dad! He used to order just a certain kind of thing, but found it, and it was up to his standards. I don’t get that, but I’m happy as long as he’s happy! And we love being in possession of veterans, particularly as my husband is a veteran!
Soft leather butter. To secure the leather as well as the elegant black gift box, the wallet came in a gift pouch. The wallet is British Tan with numerous Cc slots plus 2 I d card windows. This well-made product is the perfect gift for Father’s Day, birthday, graduation or just because he needs a new wallet.
Finding a wallet that is just the right size and carries the right number of cards and has 2 I d windows took a long time. Fit and flamboyant. I had recently scanned and hacked a ticket, so before I decided on it, I looked at many. It would be very pleased to buy it again. It blends in your jeans and the bottom of your back pocket is not sticking out.
I’ve got this as a surprise for my fiance and he really loves it!!!! Great size, good material and all the various places for credit cards are enjoyed by him. This is a great wallet and I definitely would suggest this to any man looking for a new wallet.
My spouse says it’s the best wallet he’s had and it’s preventing fraud from getting your information. Large areas for your cards and in the spaces you don’t need to pressure them. He was amazed at how beautifully made, useful, and they seem to have been talking about what men want.

magazine wallets

For Valentine’s Day, I gave this to my husband and he loved it! It’s fine!! Thank you for this wallet’s excellent craftsmanship and thank you to Zeus and the mighty Mammoth!
Nice paint and long lasting pocket. Have operated a mine now for almost a year. The security of the Rfid is good, although the trifold was a must when I buy wallets. A lot of space for cards and Ids, not bulky and gaudy.
Love this wallet, the make is very robust and of good quality, and it looks like it can last for years! While this wallet is a little larger (thicker in width and length) than most typical shaped wallets, keep that in mind when buying (especially for those dudes sporting a wallet in their back pocket) I only had the wallet for a few days. With the high quality and design, I’m very impressed. I’m excited about the security rfid blocking too!
My new wallet was all I had hoped for. The two I d windows are wide enough to be trimmed by none of my I d cards. Without fighting for a finger space, I can easily access and remove all my material. The wallet looks great and it feels great. Completely pleased and suggested to a relative.


Blue-black wallet

Love the wallet. It’s a very sturdy build that blends in well with jeans and jacket pockets. I had to send it back as amazon shipped the wrong color. For anticipation that they would send the wrong color again, I didn’t want to order another one. Luckily, the vendor approached me, these people show what customer service must look like. I don’t hesitate to say that in the future I’ll do business with them. It will be up to them specifically to prevent any mess ups from third parties. Good pocket, great customer service, good supplier. To the poor of an enterprise, the whole thing had to have a monkey wrench.
Great quality storage it lost two stars because it sets off every alarm and metal detector shoplifting store. If I knew I would probably have gone with a normal wallet before.
With the I d window separating from the cloth, I had a slight problem and contacted the seller. They set out very quickly to take care of me and get me a replacement.
I think the problem was that the I d window is not intended for a card you need to pick up regularly. I’ve moved my card to one of the other card slots ever since and I hope I’ll get a long time out of this wallet now.
I love the purse. I like it’s got lots of credit card storage slots and loyalty cards. The two-sided I d window is an added bonus for those Ids you don’t often need to wipe.
Update: for a year now I’ve had this wallet. It’s very well broken down. In the pocket, very comfortable. All of the components ‘ stitches and seams are like it’s still new.
It was the scale that was great. Light, thin weight. Without getting bulky, holds all my things. Will buy or as a gift again. Great price for leather and building value.
I purchased the wallet solely because it was capable of Rfid. It’s a nice design, except for Rfid, but no different from my current wallet. The ordered brown wallet wasn’t a dark brown, it was closer to white. No matter, as no one sees the wallet to buy something until I pull it out. It holds the cards and money Okay, but the additional window of the Side Flip I d made it too thick to carry in my back pocket. So I cut off the picture window and place my pictures in one of the slots in the middle.

No issue with this purchase in any way. Appears to be a good product and the only criticism is that the bottom credit card slot causes the ticket to cover the slot / card above it, making it difficult to see or get the top card. The wallet is not thin when it is loaded. My triple wasn’t as big as before.
I purchased my boyfriend’s wallet for Christmas. I ordered last minute and the Prime delivery arrived on time. The packaging that came in was so sweet that when it arrived, I just handed it over to him and let him open it early.
It’s a good purse. Natural leather, comfortable and spacious enough to hold a lot of items without being bulky. My boyfriend really liked the little icon on the wallet’s inside.
This company emailed me several times to ensure that I was satisfied with the purchase and received what I ordered. Will certainly be buying them in the future again.
A Christmas gift in the Marines for my Grandson. He was curious about what he needed. Extremely high performance, fashionable, and in its uniform no bulge. Arrived as stated and on time in excellent condition. Should provide service for years. Will once again use this supplier.

Best for keys


The finish of leather and construction is of high quality. My credit cards fit nicely and can be removed easily from the slots. This wallet would be highly recommended.
Our hopes are surpassed by this pocket. Lovely leather, color and design. I’m going to order more in my house for the men! Packaging was great to give a gift.


More designs

Bought for my husband and son as a Christmas gift. We are a military family and we really enjoyed this wallet’s quality, details and look. It’s a very robust and well-made purse, and I need to say more about Made in America! If you’re looking to buy a very special loved one, we highly recommend Bryker wallets! Looking forward in the near future to buying more! Bless our soldiers and bless America with Christ!
I’m very happy with the wallet. Very well-made, plenty of room for my credit cards, driver’s license and military identification. Looks like it’s going to last a long time.
I ordered 3 wallets, one for each of my three sons, and they came packaged perfectly and had all the qualities my boys were looking for, including several slots to put in credit cards and two sides to put in cash. Super high quality, perfectly made, with this product we couldn’t be happier!
The wallet is of the highest quality. The website picture showed 2 windows (for I.D.) but there is only one window in the wallet I got. Giving it to my husband as a Christmas gift once he starts using it, I’ll let you know whether he likes it or not.

We loved the wallet’s feeling and functionality. The blocking of the Rfid gives you peace of mind. We’ve had it as a present and our son was very happy with it. Leather of the highest quality!
Great new wallet to replace my old wallet from Relic. Ordering on Amazon Prime was super simple and it was delivered quickly and in my back pocket before Christmas (as a gift to me on my own).
High quality, well assembled. It came packed in a package, wrapped in the paper of the tissue and in a pocket of silk drawstring. Quite nice gift delivery!
Thank you for the vcnct donation, as I’m a vet vietnam era. Just got the wallet and was very impressed with its value and spaciousness and still being thin. It’s a good job.
This is a beautiful purse! It’s going to be my husband’s Christmas gift. It’s one of the men’s wallet that I’ve seen the best looking. Wrapped up perfectly, and arrived on time.
1) This is my first Rfid wallet, far from it. I don’t know how well the different brands work to protect us, but up to this point, when I bought a cheap wallet ($10.00-$20.00) set, I found that when folded like wrapping paper, the wallet makes a crinkling sound. This is presumably the Rfid material that has been sewed into the casing. On a more expensive wallet ($40.00-$100.00) this has never happened to me until this one. Again, not speaking from a protective point of view as I have no way to test, but a purely ascetic one, in my opinion, it makes the wallet feel cheap.
2) In this pocket, when you place a card in the bottom slot, it will cover the card in the slot above. This question is conveniently left out of the pictures of the company as there is no card in the bottom slot I’m thinking about. To me personally, this is a concern because I put my cards in order from the bottom to the top to convenience purposes to the least used.
I don’t worry about craftsmanship and longevity because I’ve only had this wallet for a few days. These two reasons for moving on to another pocket are enough for me. I was going to return it, but my son liked it so it finally turned out to be an early Christmas present. I will refresh this reliability analysis in a few months. However, for me, I moved on to another similar wallet that has not both the above mentioned problems and is the same thickness in my pocket.
Sweet, thin and made of leather of sweet value. I like the 2-side door to hold both sides of my job ID and driver license. There are 2 billing compartments that allow me to distinguish my bills from receipts. Next year I’m going to write an update to discuss how well it will last… I’m suggesting this to someone.
High quality, beautiful stitching and attention to detail from every angle. Credit cards fit snugly but can be removed easily. Really happy and would suggest this wallet to 100 percent. If this wears out, I would almost buy one to have a replacement, but I think it will last a long time so well made.

I ordered my husband’s wallet, and he loves it. The value is outstanding, the packaging is out of the world-making a gift that is simple and elegant. My husband loves the owner of the 2 window I d, and not many wallets come with it. That and the Rfid are for him a defining factor.
Really good pocket, fashionable and as advertised works. I tried an ID card that operates with a Rfid chip and it could not be read by the scanner. I’m sure it’s going to fit well!
Retired Navy guy has been searching for this wallet for 35 years and seven continents. It all arrived wrapped up in a cool, wrappable box in its own soft bag. It was discovered in the Amazon box one day early, the sailor thought it was for him and opened it up. Can’t believe that he likes it. (I was taking it out). Fit for his names, cards and other stuff about Vip. And, he supports other veterans. The wallet is a gift for xmas but I opened it and it looks very nice. When they say they are Rfid, I’m always a little leary… How would you know if they’re not. I hope you’ve said that this wallet is so I hope you’re right. But it is packaging that looks very professional and it looks like a very nice wallet. I’m sure our son’s going to like it the way I do?
The guy who likes to accumulate cards and several currencies has ample space for Wallet. Flip pocket is great for two Ids management. Leather is of high quality and is fantastic. The wallet is still fairly slim when each compartment is full (or doubled) and fits easily in a pocket without the bulk of a double-but with all the features.
The leather seems to be of the highest quality and looks like it. It comes to you in a tin box when you first open the envelope, then you open it to a soft bag, then it’s wrapped in a nice paper sheet, and you finally get to your new pocket. The card slots are wide, so concern about the slipping of the cards is understood. The Rfid works as it is advertised. I’d suggest to anyone looking for a new wallet.
Only what I’ve been waiting for. It’s hard to find a 2 window I d holder, and it’s stitched in to the wallet so it doesn’t fall out accidentally. There is plenty of space for cash and cards. It seems to be leather of good quality.



Never used wallet


For my husband, I ordered this wallet because I wanted a high quality wallet that would last and not wear out. This seemed to fit the bill because of what I saw on Amazon. I’ve been asking my husband if he likes it and he said it’s bulky because it’s new?
I wasn’t sure I would like this style (I used a triple wallet traditionally) but now that I’ve had a couple of weeks to get used to it, I declare it a winner!
I like the divider in the cash pocket and every item I have stored is easy to get to, remove & replace without being loose.
I’m pleased by the Rfid safety, the leather’s super-soft feel and the assembly quality. I was interested in finding a wallet with a little more width (measuring length x height) that would hopefully also spread stuff out, leading to less thickness…. this wallet does just that. It fits in my back pants pocket perfectly snug where I can easily forget it’s even there. I hope for a while to have this one as it seems to be made for the mission and it’s just what I’ve been looking for…
High quality. Good wrapping. Upon receipt, leather is well oiled. Has a great leather feeling. At first, it’s tight. But it splits well over time. Really satisfied with my purchase. It’s for the cost. Recommended a bit.
It’s been a blessing. He was in love with it. The performance seemed to be good. There is plenty of space for cards and two paper money areas to hold foreign currency apart from Us currency. He really liked the opening of the I d manager.
The wallet arrived in time. The packaging was thought out very well. My initial idea was to give me a gift; then I remembered that it was my new wallet. The wallet fits nicely with all the slots filled in my front pocket. When I have to have my Identification and insurance cards, the two windowed ID owner makes it much more convenient. I could show them my name, turn it over and see my insurance card for Bam. The compartment of the divided bill is always valued. It helps me to differentiate my money from other items. The bills go in the back, front receipts, and in this day and age, the Rfid coverage is a must-have.
Good Portemonnaie. I love the design and the color. It’s very handy for all the pockets for credit cards, bank cards, etc. It’s tiny too, and in my back pocket I don’t mind it. I went to Greece and needed a Rfid wallet to cover my money, for extra security I had it in my front pocket and I never knew it was there. A definite win / win For my husband, this was a surprise. He seems to like it because, since it was bought, he has been using it. I like how it looks like a real wallet, but the Rfid blocking material is still there. This material causes the wallet to crunch, but it is subtle and not annoying. I don’t know if he likes it, but I don’t have any concerns This wallet gives me peace of mind that my rfid chip credit card is free. The wallet looks so beautiful and is made very well. It fits perfectly with my bag.
My puppies chewed the wallet of my friend so they purchased it as a substitute. I don’t know a lot about men’s wallets, but for the price it looked like good quality. My friend has a ton of useless stuff in his old wallet (we’re talking about a 20-year-old blockbuster card) and most of it fits in without being too bulky. It looks nice, the photos have been correct in color, and he seems to like it very much.
With just the right number of pockets, this wallet is the perfect size. During my career, I’ve had a lot of different wallets, and that’s the best one yet. The fact that it also has coverage from Rfid is an immense additional bonus.
Ordered to replace a silk wallet 6 + years old that saw better days. Learned not to use Rfid software after buying any of my cards, but who knows in the future….?
This was a gift, it looks like it to the individual. Personally, I like the look and feel, it has lots of pockets in your wallet for cards or other things you want.
High quality, beautifully looked and functional, but with a major imho flaw. Across two of the fold sides there are 4 slots / pockets. The lowest slot isn’t as big as the other 3, so it covers the card above it if you place a card in it. Other than that, I like the pocket, but from a5-star to a3-star this design flaw takes it.

Just a good wallet to stop all of our world’s scammers. The wallet is made well and is expected to last for years. It has enough containers of credit cards and now that a person pretends to look at their cell phone while in a store behind me, I feel safe that he / she does not steal my data. It’s a shame that today we need these security appliances, but today it’s another world.
A great purse. With my credit cards and other cards there are plenty of locations. Enjoy the I d flip. The content is the largest notch. Thank you for a great piece that’s practical.
The most amazing wallets I’ve ever bought. The slots of the credit card are wider than the cards and the’ length’ they slide down leaves 3/8 of an inch above the leather, both the extra width and the’ depth’ make you out / in a breeze! This really blows me away when I can tell you it’s Supurb for a fact! I walked all over the wallet and every vertical, horizontal, and everywhere around the corners is accurate! The defense of the anti-card reader is undectible as it looks and feels natural. The leather is soft and smooth with a stunning appearance of leather. For now, this will certainly be my go to label. Had found a minor flaw for me, it is that the transparent window inside is a little difficult to remove cc that I keep there. The front window is slightly different because there is a wider leather strip in the upper part which makes removal easier.
I’ve always wanted this purse! But let me start with the packaging. This wallet is prepared for presentation other than choosing the correct seasonal or occasional wrapping paper: elegant package, tissue wrap, wrapped in a drawstring bag of fabric. Ranks up with 5th Ave’s best! And what about the wallet? Gorgeous! Beautiful fabrics, stitching detail, galore features. If this wallet doesn’t satisfy your needs fully, I strongly recommend an additional purchase: one of the Minimalist wallets from Bryker; a front pocket wallet containing the most commonly used cards, ready cash, stamps, etc. Replace the leathers and you’ve got an emsemble, both of which are covered by Rfid. And girls, I know your penchant for wallets… but every once in a while a guy needs a new wallet and never thinks of buying one until the old one bursts! Save him the embarrassment: on that special occasion give him the present!
I purchased this wallet for the birthday gift of my husband and he loves it! Value leather and it’s been done well. This wallet came with enough credit card holders and fits perfectly into the pocket of my husband, not cumbersome and awkward in his pocket.

It’s for me a beautiful purse. I have been carrying my 7-star / Classic wallet system for 40 years. Great pockets and apps, excellent hardware and packaging.
The leather feels good, smooth and smooth. The wallet’s model is ideal for my needs. Arrived in a nice packaging and container. It looks like a great wallet overall. Hopefully for years to come it will last me.
With this wallet, my husband is very pleased. He’s got a lot of different things to carry, and it’s all fitting. It seems to be done quite well, but time is going to tell. I’d buy from the seller again.
This wallet covers your credit cards in real terms. My company has I d cards that must be held up to the readers before I could just hold my wallet up to the reader and open the door, but this wallet doesn’t work anymore… I’ve got to open the wallet and face the ID right in front of the user. In other words, the wallet completely blocks the Rfid. I was initially concerned that the wallet would scratch easily, but now that I’ve had if I haven’t seen scratches for a couple of weeks to complain about…. Recommended!
Really pleased with the wallet. Bought for Father who, in twenty years, did not have a new wallet. He just enjoys it. It’s beautiful color, price and quality. I’m going to buy goods again. Find key chains and wallets for ladies. Thank you very much.
This purse I love!! I like the pocket of the credit card… too easy to get to and get a credit card. I want soft leather as well as the two windows!!
This is a great product. In the bag, leather is very soft and light. A little wider than a few wallets, but still fits quite well in the pocket. To stop digital theft of credit card information, it does have some lightweight metal in it. It should be remembered that when going through Tsa metal detectors, you need to remove your wallet. It’s going to set them off.
Wallet made extremely well. Stitching is good, it has lots of credit card slots, and I like the sewn in windowed I d flap in particular. It seems it’s going to last a long time.
It’s a good purse. Excellent leather and workmanship, and very good design. I haven’t given it 5 stars (I love it) because I really don’t. But that’s not the fault of the wallet. Before purchasing this wallet, it’s the Rfid feature that I didn’t understand. It’s a very useful feature, but you need to be careful about what you want. I used to carry my Clipper card (for transport to the Bay Area) in my old wallet and I could just slap the wallet down on the card readers and everything was perfect. I can’t do that with the new Rfid wallet. I even tried to cut the inner lining out of what I thought was the blocking product, but that didn’t work.
Designer suggestion: provide a secret non-Rfid slot that can be used as above and can also be used to conceal an additional $20 for emergencies.
Only one small concern would be that I want a zipper pouch to hold my Rmo from the school of the officer behind the card page. I was in situations where I was lucky enough to hear it thunk out (and no one was calling it a check). I bought this wallet as a gift to my dad. It arrived quickly and beautifully packed. The leather is beautiful and the wallet is made well. There are plenty of slots for cards and so on and the wallet has a fairly slim profile because of its size I was looking for something new because my old wallet didn’t have enough slots for my cards. I’m really glad that I’ve selected this wallet because it looks great when I take it out all my friends instantly compliment me on it to look nice and have I d holders. It’s a good wallet and I know where to get my next one if something ever happens.
That’s what I’ve been waiting for. Now I can open my license to withdraw from most stores. There are many ares in this wallet to carry credit cards and other necessary appointment cards. The leather is very comfortable and matches the environment of my back pocket. I’d give this wallet five stars over all and order a spare one ride.
This wallet was exactly what I wanted to replace my broken old wallet. The features and value are outstanding, and with this purchase could not be happier.
Fast delivery to Prime. Bag packed very well. It’s what I’ve been waiting for. Doft leather, lots of card slots and so on, and security from Rfdi, a must these days. Fits well for additional secutity in the front pocket of my jeans. Like it. Enjoy it.
I bought this and he loves it for my dad! The two holders of I d cards are perfect because they are military and need two Ids constantly. The I d slots are wide enough to allow Ids to be quickly removed and replaced. His last wallet broke around the I d holder’s stitching because he was constantly pulling out his I d as he passed through the gate, so this is his favorite wallet for this reason alone. The leather is smooth and exquisite. The wallet was shipped as planned in two days, and the company’s follow-up emails were fun and comical. This wallet is highly recommended!
Nice wallet and very classy packaging. Then in a plastic sleeve in a lovely package. Inside the package was a pretty bag covered in tissue with the pocket. I had it for myself, all my cards looked good and kept it. This is the best bet out there if you want to impress someone.
Good bag!!! Love the look and sound of the leather. I only have a minor complaint about it being a bit thick (even without credit cards, etc.). I guess it’s because of Rfid protection. Although it’s a bit thick, it has all the features I’ve been searching for: dual I d owners, dual bill fold. Overall, I’m full!
Excellent quality! Good leather feeling and what I needed. I’m expecting a long time to last this wallet. I am an active military duty and I need to have two ID card spots. I didn’t try the Rfid, but I’m expecting it to work without a problem. No doubt, I’d buy again. Thank you.

When this wallet effortlessly treated my cards with room to spare, I was pleasantly surprised. It still looks really smooth, it doesn’t look packed. Love it! Love it!
To my friend, I got this wallet, and he really likes it! It’s nice, it suits all his credit cards and it’s got the rfid! If we fly for extra security, he can put it in his front pocket! This wallet is highly recommended! Fast delivery in a nice gift box and very nice packaging!
The order not only came early, it came so professionally loaded. Thank you so much for this excellent product of high quality. I would recommend this product again and again after a lot of research I ordered it. It’s my ticket. I really need to take the badge out of the wallet to scan, tested at my work door. The one I was looking for. Great. Excellent.
I realized I’d love this wallet as soon as I opened the box. The packaging that came in was top notch and the material inside was very safe. It was still slim after putting 7 Credit Cards, 2 I d Cards and cash in the pocket. My only wish was that for this particular model, Amazon offered additional leather shades.
I bought this wallet for my love as a gift and he loves it absolutely!!! The dual I d slots are ideal for getting both a state license and a military identity. The wallet’s construction is also great… you can say it’s going to last a long time. I’m so pleased with my purchase!!!
In July 2017, I purchased this wallet and it had all the things I wanted. I am 66 years old and very picky on what I want in a purse, and they were perfectly satisfied with that. The wallet’s quality was amazing and even the way it was packed in shipping to protect it was incredible. Since so many new wallets are usually really fat when loaded for the first time and need to be broken in, this wallet did not need to break in, it was fine for the first time. I found in May of this year that the stitching on one of the internal pockets of the card had been removed and it was becoming difficult to keep cards on that hand. I thought I needed to try to find a replacement in these days where customer service is scarce. I emailed Bryker Hyde on a whim about not receiving a reply of any quality that these days is so typical of others. I couldn’t be more right. I’ve never encountered customer service like these people do in my recent years. The way they take care of their customers is exceptional. I sent a screenshot of the tear to cover it and they acted instantly. It is not possible to praise the value of these individuals and their services high enough. They’re all alone in a league.


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