Top green hair

Light Blue Hair

Spring green highlights look amazing when paired with light blue hair color. You can either dip the ends in front or use a classic highlight approach to make one partial highlight. The combination is going to be priceless in any case. Quinceanera Hairstyles

Turquoise Hair Color

is a wonderful option for girls with dark skin. This stunning green shade can indicate when you step out of the door. Allow your hair to improve your image!

Green Ombre

Blue Highlights

Dye your hair turquoise green and use blue dye for highlights. You don’t need to add a permanent dye. If you just want to see how good these colors make you look, apply temporary hair color. Next »

Black and Green

Mixing black and apple green is a great idea for your next hair color project. It is up to you whether you want to use the color of blue hair to compliment the image. This hairstyle will turn your way to some heads in any event.

Blue and Spring Green Locks

Using different shades of green hair color to create a base for your hair design. Once the base is done, add blue hair dye to produce partial highlights. Brown Hairstyles with Caramel highlights

Classic highlights

Consider creating the classic highlights with color dyes in blue and green hair. Whatever shades you choose, it’s going to look amazing. Best Two Tone Hairstyles


green dye. This dipping technique creates a bit of asymmetry but the overall result may surpass your expectations.

Yellow Strands

When choosing the perfect image of various ridiculous colors, there are no rules you can follow. Use the number of shades you like.

Violet Ombre

The higher the brighter the lower part should be.


should be used to build a rainbow appearance. Your hair will certainly shine if the shades compliment each other. Ask your hairstyler for some help in choosing the shades. Best Short Stacked Bobs to Steal Instantly

Long Balayage Hair

Although this combination of colors on your hair can intimidate you, we challenge you to try it out. Lovely balaying technique will make even the most eccentric mix look chic and sophisticated. This blue and green hair will blow everybody’s mind!


However, it gets an upgrade from classy to cool with this combination of hair dyes. Blue and green hairstyle may not be your first choice, but if you’re brave enough, don’t hesitate to try it on such a classy bob-like hairstyle.

Half-up Half-down Hair

is so trendy and stylish. You can choose to wear for both casual and formal environments. This one is different though. Because of this combination of hair color the twist half-down can look even more enhanced. You can curl the rest of your hair with a large curling wall and make it look a bit messy.

Half-down Hair

Mermaid Hairstyle

Blue and green are not just hair shades. These are the colors of the sea and sky. This blue green hairstyle reminds us of mermaid’s hair. It’s done differently than any other hairstyle. You should section your hair and dye the upper part in green while the lower part remains blue. Ponytails are timeless and trendy. Whatever hair dye you wear, it will be trendy and interesting. For summer wear, this two-tone blue and green hairdo is great.

Braided Mohawk Updo

and turn your hair into a bun. Everyone will look amazed at your hair!

Braided Updo

You can wear your blue and green hair in many ways, but this one is the most challenging. Two-tone braided updo may not be for everyone, but it looks beautiful, we must admit. Pair it with some teal or mint shade summer dress.

Blue Curls

! This will definitely add a difference to your regular looks and fashion in general.

Pixie Cut

If you belong to the Blue Club then don’t hesitate to dye your hair like this girl. In order to make a small difference, you can always add some mild and barely visible green highlights. This hairstyle and this combination of blue and green hair will make you the biggest star of parties and concerts.

Long and Layered Hairstyle

Layered hairstyles are perfect and easy to maintain. If you want to make your long and layered hairstyle look quirky and different from others dye it in blue and green. There are no rules – you can add blue to the roots and green to the middle sections and blend it to the hair ends. They are usually easier to apply to brown and black hair and create a rich blue color. Lighter blue shades don’t always look like you’d like them on dark hair. You may want to try lighter blue colors if you have blonde or light brown locks. If you don’t go for dark blue colors.

Different Blue and Purple Hair Color Concepts

If you’re away from style and want to make a stand with your picture blue, the shades of purple hair are here to support. The combination may be even more impressive while each of them looks extraordinary on your hair. It’s an art to know how to combine blue and purple. If you plan to go to a hair salon, be sure to bring with you some of the pictures below. They’re here to inspire you and simplify your hairstyle choice.


Nowadays you won’t surprise anyone with a stylish shadow unless you do it with outrageous hair colors. Bright violet on top and dark blue on bottom create a magnificent picture.


This fantastic scan can only be achieved by a professional hairstylist. The subtle change from dark blue to purple hair color is so amazing that everybody’s going to turn their heads on their way.

Color mix

Blue shades on the top and blue highlights on the bottom allow you to play with at least three colors. These lighter shades of blue and blue are just what you need to soften your image a bit. Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

Dark shades

If your natural hair is black or brown, they are a perfect choice. Unfortunately, it is difficult to maintain the brightest colors. Be prepared for monthly visits to the salon.

All shades of violet

Consider creating partial highlights using different shades of violet. No matter how asymmetrical the illuminated strings are, the overall image will be fantastically stunning.

Blue highlights

looks perfect when mixed with dark or light blue highlights. When you want to curl your hair, the highlights will appear even more prominent. It is up to you to make the decision.

Prominent balayage

This is another example of a popular purple balay. Enable yourself to immerse yourself in the world of purple and light blue colors mixed with dark blue strings. What a great choice every time!

Touch of green

When combining purple and blue colors do not neglect other interesting options. Adding a touch of green to your otherwise lavish mane will make your picture even more stunning. Alluring Brown Hairstyles With Caramel Highlights

Blue Bangs

If your hair is short, the color combinations are even more pleasant. Use the color of blue hair to dye your bangs and keep purple for the rest of the locks. You’re probably going to make a big claim.

Fairytale waterfall braids

If you have long hair and a great determination to look like a fairytale princess you can show your hairdresser this photo. The various shades of blue and purple come together to create an extraordinary image.

If you are still wondering whether you should use blue and purple hair colors for your hair take another look at the above options. See how amazing you can look by taking advantage of these two colors.

Teal Blue Hair

If you want to play around with color but you don’t have a great place to start why not this?

Pastel Blue Purple Hair

Fading your brighter colors out to this is super easy and when touching up your color make sure to add conditioner to the bright shades you used before to dilute them down. Little tip – it makes them more pastel and powdery!

Blue And Purple Bob

We’d highly recommend starting with these washing and conditioning your hair with them for a few weeks Before you start your lightening and coloring treatments.

Purple To Dark Blue Ombre Hair

Avocado coconut oil egg whites mayonnaise and more have all been successfully used on the hair to increase protein and keratin.

Blue And Purple Ombre On Blonde Hair

If you don’t want quite so much color leave more blonde at the top and add the blues and purples to just the ends of the hair. This ombre is stunning and we love it but you could always add more or less.

Light Blue Hair With Purple Roots

This one incorporates shades of turquoise blue with purple just at the roots. If you’re thinking of a way to liven up your roots and grow out the old blue at the same time this one is definitely it.

Purple Hair With Blue Highlights

There’s the odd chunky blue highlight in this mane of purple and the twisted loose waves help to show the various shades off brilliantly.

Blue Purple Pixie Style

Of course it gives you the perfect opportunity to show off those beautiful shades too. What’s not to love?


A washed-out look can often work over darker natural hair and you can make your roots a darker shade than the rest of your hair when growing them out to give you a little extra time before bleaching again. Who said colorful hair like this had to be too high maintenance?

Gorgeous Combo!

There are things you can do to make life easier and the first of these things is to go for the chop – get all the dead bits cut off the ends of your hair. You can still opt for something bold and blue / purple like this but just a shorter version of it. It’ll soon grow back but it won’t grow at all if you don’t cut off the dead bits.

Dark Purple Hair With Blue And Teal Lowlights

There are so many to choose from these days there’d bound to be one you like. With vegan specialities henna and more there has never before been so much choice when it comes to coloring your hair.


You can add as many or as few as you like and it gives you a chance to play around with your colors and shades giving you new ways to incorporate blues and purples together.

Dusty Ombre Look

When you’re washing with this the color fades with more of a powdery and pastel finish making it look like that was the effect you wanted in the first place. We’ve been fading our hair out with grey / silver shampoo for a long time and now we swear by it!

Dark Blue To Purple Ombre Hair

There are lots of ways to recreate curls without resorting to heated tools but straight hair isn’t so easily achieved. Rock your natural waves for a while your colorful hair will love you for it.

Blue Hair With Purple Peekaboo Highlights

Sometimes you’ll need to play around a little with shades before you find one that’ll work perfectly with your skin tone. This is something that an experience hair stylist will be able to help you with.

Vibrant Blue And Purple Hair Looks

What would you risk if you cut off your locks anyway? There are lots of advantages to go for the cut … Having blue and purple hair looks like this is a huge benefit beforehand!

Split-Dyed Hair Look

It’s a fun way to experiment with it and the violet and blue tones are too cool for school.

Light Blue Dark Braided Hair

You can mix things as much or as little as you like and you can create all kinds of amazing looks.

Blue Purple Pink Hair

At very bad days you can use hats and curly hair is the best way to cover up two-day old roots. Dry shampoo gives you a little extra life between washings and you can even see various updos. That’s what we’re doing when it’s impossible for us to wash our own!

Purple Melting Into Teal Blue

It can take a few sessions to get correct sometimes. It’s good that the first time you don’t look right – the color is generally more conditioning, so you can do this bit more than once. It’s the pre-bleaching in which you’ve only really fired the one.

Dark Purple To Blue And Light Purple Hair

Fade-out may sometimes look as good as your hair’s initial color, so don’t be afraid to leave it a little longer before appointments.

Short Hair Look

Be rational about your attitude – if you’re going to be extremely brazen, you’ll need to be prepared to put your leg work in front of you.

Vibrant Blue And Purple Locks

You may even want to think about using them to get your color off to a good start. Afterwards, you can easily switch the color and touch it up at home. It’s moving on, which is often the hardest part.

Purple Hair With Blue Face-Framing Highlights

This is all about compromise and sometimes you need to learn to be a little flexible when you want the brightest looks.

Jaw-Dropping Shadow Hair

minutes to an hour search as we go. Typically the bleaching and harsh treatments are completed before you put on the paint and most colors have some kind of conditioning treatment in them so you theoretically allow extra time for the conditioner to work it’s magic as well.
Beautiful blue and purple hair looks like you’re going to be lusty right now. We can’t wait to see what you’re coming up with – remember to follow us and post your wild ideas on social media!