bob hairstyles

Blue Black Hair Bob

We got this trendy black hairstyle from the beginning. The color of blue used here is very dark and has a tone of navy. It’s a beautiful idea of color that will suit everybody. On a similar hairstyle you can try a color like this but this blue black is going to suit all hair lengths and styles.

Peacock Blue Black Hairstyle

Bring attention to your face by framing it with peacock blue highlights on black hair. You’ll get all the attention you’re looking for with this awesome hairstyle.

Ocean Blue With Black Roots

The ocean blue shade where the top shade resembles the Hawaiian azure shore and the base expresses its depth is a combination of blue and black that you will regret not trying. Only imagine how awesome your white teint would feel! You’ve just made a trip around the wonderful black and blue color planet. Now you know how versatile the trendy colors can be, how to create a unique mix to your taste and how to show your imagination. It’s time to experiment with one of our fun thoughts. So what is the perfect draw for you: dark blue hair black hair or both? Ellendevinehair

Dark Blue Hue

For those who don’t want to go too bright and dramatic and would rather simply freshen up their black manes a subtle dark blue hue is the must. The good news is that it doesn’t need bleaching so you can try something new without fear of harm. Also, it’s better to apply the color only to the mid-lengths to keep your roots secure.

Blue Black Long Bob

Royal Purple Retro Blue and Black created the bold blue black color. The goods used can be seen on the list below.

Black Blue Into Smooth Pink Ombre

We won’t leave you without shadow inspiration! The transformation of contrasting colors that this coloring technique can offer to your hair is one of the things that people will watch forever, particularly when it’s a beautiful combination of blue violet and pink shades. One way is based on your skin tone to choose the right shade. A cool blue looks great on olive skin tones like spruce blue.

Stone Blue Hair Color

This high contrast stone blue hair color frames your face for a bright look if you’re younger or have a younger personality. Violet ends provide icing on the cake.

Electric Blue Black Short Hairstyle

Bold electric blue strokes distinguish your short blue black hairstyle from the crowd.

Lapis Blue Back Medium Hairstyle

Spice up the trend of blue black hairstyle with medium hair lapis blue highlights.

Dark Blue With Purple Tones

There is one rule for dyeing your hair blue: there are no laws! And when you’re about to find the perfect shade for your skin you can be sure that one dark blue hair dye isn’t enough to create a masterpiece! Perceive your hair as a palette of experiments combining different shades of blue add more depth by applying soft purple highl. The dark violet blue will send your locks to the deep sky.

Ocean Blue Ends

A bit of magic on your magnificently black base won’t hurt. However, the perfectly matching beautiful colors will encourage people to lose their minds in the beauty of the colors of the ocean.

Bold Blue Black

If you want a bolder and more blue look, check out this idea. It adds a level of sophistication to your look.

Blue Black Hairstyles for Dark Skin

Midnight Blue Highlights On Dark Hair

Looking at these midnight blue highlights, it seems like nothing can break apart blue black hair combinations: they produce incredibly sophisticated and natural looks. Nevertheless, some ladies don’t feel like sacrificing their healthy locks for a short-lived experiment.

Navy Blue Coloring On Dark Hair

Now let navy blue shade take over black hair! The previous idea of this shade was a tint while this picture shows how it looks when it’s taken as a base. It’s inevitable with such a color in the spotlight, but isn’t that a point? Everyone should see such beauty!

Short Blue Black Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are usually easier to maintain and dress for. That doesn’t have to be boring for that short hair. On the contrary, for short hair, a properly cut blue black hairstyle looks incredible. Here are some examples that you need to check out.

Iridescent Blue Black Hair Color for Long Hair

Try an iridescent blue scanning for the ultimate shine for your long black hair. Wear a beautiful blue rainbow of colors in your hair.

Navy Blue Black Hair Style for Straight Hair

It’s a way of dressing up your hair without resorting to waves or curls.

Magical Blue Violet Highlights

When you look at the blue hair color chart you’ll find two seductive colors that will captivate you once and for all. Yes, we’re talking about blue black and dark blue hair colors. At first glance they may look similar, but there’s a big difference in color between them. It’s a way of dressing up your hair without resorting to waves or curls.

Night Sky Blue Hair

We’ve got to show you the next hairstyle is wow! A dark black blue color that reminds us of the night sky is the sleek and straight hair. This is another style in which, in low light, the hair looks dark and in brighter light more blue. It’s a great beauty idea we’ve had to share!

Egyptian Blue Black Hair Color for Dark Skin

Decorate your tight curls with an Egyptian blue hair color.

Deep And Gentle Vibrant Blue

This is what happens when you decide to shorten your dark blue black hair: double the brightness of the texture and simply enhance the whole look. See how gently this vibrant blue tint reached the dark base melting softly with it, adding a bit of a pastel feel to the crown. Such ends are something that with normal words can not be represented. The only thing we know for sure is that they give a ‘ wow ‘ effect to these bright strands.

Navy Blue Ends On Black Hair

This picture shows that nothing emphasizes the beauty of black hair better than navy blue hair dye for dark hair. Just look at this picture: a little touch at the ends moves the basic hair color to a whole new level. Navy blue is a very dark blue hair color that is popular with creative ladies due to its saturated and silky texture. When we told you about its versatility, we weren’t cheating. But this time, on perfectly balanced contrast, the whole look is built. The blue shade gives the dark brunette mane a deeper finish and thus underlines the light skin tone.

Black Hair With Blue Undertone

This idea is about to hit everyone; even ladies who have always been loyal to their blonde hair. Believe it or not, this damage may change your life for the better. Yes, new colors, no matter what they are, will cause some harm, but they’re worth it: those who try to pull off black hair with blue undertones will finally find out what the r is. Here’s what you need to bear in mind in order to achieve this color yourself: make sure you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner before you dye it. Your hair should be super clean; otherwise it might not be appropriate for the black blue hair dye. > Before painting the hair with a new color, blend all the dye components and thoroughly mix them together to achieve a rich color. > If you want to create an all-over blue look, add the dye by segment or by layers that pay attention to the roots. Remember: starting with the bottom layers is easier. > The above picture shows you how good the coloring of black hair looks. Do not forget to follow our tips to get the most out of the dye you pick, and it will be yours to have such a polished, vibrant look.

Blue Gray Black Asian Hair Color

There’s always hope for women who think blue black hair is still too brazen. Take a few notches with denim gray tones. Your medium-length black Asian hair now has a beautiful blue-gray tinge!

Teal Blue Black Long Asian Hair

d sunlight to your long black hair with teal blue highlights. It’s a color that takes both in and out of the sun the fun side.

Cobalt Blue Black Hair Color for Straight Hair

To lighten up a blue black hair style for straight hair go with a lighter blue hue. Cobalt blue adds shine to straight black hair.

Royal Blue Black Hair Style for Long Hair

If you don’t want to fully commit to a blue black hairstyle switch to these royal blue clip-in extensions.

Jet Black With Dark Blue Tint

Jet black hair is known as a darker than dark hair color. Most girls have many color preferences and many moods. Even those who love to flaunt with full black looks will suddenly realize they need more colors in their lives. Yes girls can be so moody! To please your inner beauty, take a fresh look at your jet black hair by incorporating dark and white. Cobalt blue adds brightness to the black hair straight.

Black Cobalt Hair

Cobalt color seems to be everywhere: on furniture accessories clothes. Naturally it can come to your life as a beautiful hair color too! The depth and movement of the black base through cobalt coloring is simply beautiful.

Short Nightfall Hair

Next we have a beautiful blue black look.

Peacock Blue Balayage Hairstyle

Balayage allows you to infuse multiple shades of blue into your hair like a peacock. Your blue black balayage blends in full blue at the ends for a blue shade of hair.

Blue Black Box Braids

Next we have this cute and stylish idea to share with you. You should hide your black locks under a thick layer of deep blue once you get sick of seeing the same image in your mirror every day. A tip: don’t completely hide it as a hint of black appearance only adds to the look more movement.

Midnight Blue Black Hair

Our next concept is an incredible Dark Midnight Blue color. This hue is very deep and subtle in black blue. It’s a beautiful color for anyone to look amazing. This black blue is a great choice for someone who just wants a more subtle blue shade.

Long Blue Black Asian Hairstyles

Asian women with long black hair may also join the trend in black hair color. The result could be even more drastic if anything. The amount of color used and the blue hue give the effect all the difference. Let’s take a look at some long hair hairstyle example for Asians.

Dark Skin White Hairstyles

Indigo Blue Hair Color for Dark Skin

Indigo Blue is a hair color that complements dark skin tones.

Ocean Blue Hair Color

If you like blue on black hair color but find blue too boring for your tastes, consider changing shades. Take your long black hair with ocean-blue highlights into deep waters. You’re still going to get the subtle color spark, but with a hue that fits your personality better.

Midnight Blue Hair Color

Midnight blue hair color is a vivid blue hue that appears as if it represents the midnight sky moonshine. And the reality is that no shades can be compared to blue black hair accompanied by midnight blue charm. In this photo the black color prevails yet the midnight cutie offers a very rich undertone producing a very noble excellent look. This indigo blue is a darker blue hue and is a better way to add a color pop. Black And Teal Hair Idea

We’ve got another denim color next. This one is a little darker than the hue of denim we previously featured. It’s also an all-encompassing light instead of black. It just shows how with similar colors you can make amazing different looks. We love this hair and it’s nice to let your chick out of the block.

Ash Blue Black Shaved Hairstyle

After spending the time and money to get a bold shaved cut add ash blue hair color for black hair in some style. Now you’re going to be both bold and classy.

Long Blue Black Hairstyles

Trendy Blue Black Lob

The last hairstyle we’ve got to show you is this trendy black idea. Just add to your allure will the resulting smoky feel.

Long Blue Black Hairstyles

Royal Blue Black Hair Style for Long Hair

If you don’t want to fully commit to blue black hairstyle, switch to these royal blue clip-in extensions.

Denim Blue On Black Hair

The look of blue black hair is named so not for nothing: you can see the dark base clearly and all over it a light denim blue tint. There is no over-color; there is a sumptuous deepness and softness dimension. You can apply semi-permanent denim hair dye to get such a duet, which will give you an amazing two-week effect.

Azure Blue Asian Hair

For a variation on the usual blue black hairstyle pin up the top layer before applying your blue hair color. Now as you move your head around that azure blue pop reveals itself.

Smokey Black Blue

For order to make the black part dominant, ask your stylist to mix in your dark base a diluted shade of blue so that the pigment will come out as a clear film. In this way, even through the blue-colored hair, you can make your black hair stand out by changing the entire look to the dark mode.

Blue Black Lob

Another cool lob is our next concept. At the root, the hair is very dark and becomes a trendy black blue color. You can recreate the entire look, or this color will work on long hair as well. This is an elegant cut and it reminds us of the hairstyle of the character Coraline. For someone who wants to be special and stand out from the crowd, it’s the perfect style.

Dark Blue With Bright Elements

How can you add a lighter accent to your dark blue look? A little contrast will enhance the beauty of your primary deep and create stand-out elements that will catch people’s eyes with their brightness. Straight Blue Black Hairstyles

Straight hair allows the color of your black hair to stand out without distractions.

Prussian Blue Black Ombre for Dark Skin

After straightening your locks, add a Prussian blue shadow to your hair style.

Spruce Blue Hair Color for Olive Skin Tone

There are many options when it comes to blue black hair colors. One way to choose the right shade is depending on your skin tone. A cool blue like spruce blue looks great on olive skin tones.

Berry Blue Black Hairstyle for Long Hair

On black hair, this berry blue hair color adds just a hint of flair. Black To Teal Ombre Hair

We’ve got a dark to light look next. The hair starts black and then changes to red and then the hair finally turns towards the tips into a light blue. It’s a stunning combination of colors and looks amazing on anybody. This look can be recreated or you can apply a lighter blue color to the eyes.

Cobalt Blue Asian Hair Color

Light up your black hair with a shimmering cobalt blue star! Apply color to the top of your head and fade as you work your way down. Let there be fireworks!

Black Hair with Blue Highlights

This next hair concept is one of our bolder blue black looks. This gray steel color is both beautiful and subtle to make your friends ‘ envy.

Black Hair With Blue Tips

Next we’ve got a blue black look called Dark Denim. This is another look where black hair starts and slowly becomes light gray. It’s a very subtle change of color, but to be noticed it’s blue enough. For anyone seeking a subtle and trendy blue hairstyle, this is great.

Iridescent Blue Black Balayage Bob

d style and complexity to a blue black hairstyle by going with an iridescent blue scanner. The colors are a sure conversation and your hair will glow positively in the sunlight.

Stylish Blue Black Bob

You can add other shades to your blue black hair. Take your long black hair with ocean blue highlights into deep waters. You’re always going to get the subtle color light, but with a shade that suits your personality better.

Iridescent Blue Black Hair Color for Long Hair

For the perfect shine for your long black hair try an iridescent blue scanning. Wear a beautiful blue rainbow of colors in your hair.

Berry Blue Black Hairstyle of Long Hair

Some people prefer blue black hairstyles that are very subtle and to some people that’s all about blue hairstyles. On black hair, this berry blue hair color adds just a hint of flair.

Steel Blue Black Hair Style

Smooth your black hair with a steel blue hair color.

Violet Blue Black Hair Style for Girls

Instead of blue black hair, try black blue. This violet blue color dominates her face and will definitely attract the attention you’re looking for.

Frosted Black Blue Hair

Yes matt blue colors are not only popular on nails! This shadow shows that even with a rough transition blue and black shades whatever they go well with each other.

Navy Blue Black Asian Bob

In this setting, the navy blue hue provides an uplifting effect.

Blue Black Midtown Magenta

Midtown Magenta coloring usually features vivid pink or violet shades. As you can see, it serves as an excellent match for blue black colors, particularly if selectively used as highlights.

Aegean Blue Black Balayage Hair Color

If you are an Asian woman inspired by the sea, try this aegean blue balayage for marine color. With long loose curls, the luxurious blue tones are further enhanced.

Indigo Blue Black

Such a seamless mix of blue black colors is just to die for. You don’t need a qualified colorist to get the look; only a professional who can experience the true beauty of blue shades will make this concept possible.

Dark Blue Metallic Hair Color

We name it that because it blends the lighter base and pastel ends with the so much chic gunmetal gray and deep blue skin. Such a combination of colors never seems to go out of style because the color harmony is the quality that will never lose its meaning.

Dark Metallic Blue Highlights

Dark blue can be anything you want it to be and if you’re into modern metallic ideas its striking metallic-inspired version won’t let you down.

Indigo Blue Black Hair Color for Dark Skin

Indigo blue is a hair color that adds dark skin tones.

Ribbon Blue Black Straight Hairstyle

Long straight black hair is a great way to showcase the color of your blue black hair. Ribbon blue is a soft blue hue that accentuates your hairstyle without overpowering it.

Nightfall Blue

And if you feel you’re having a lot in common with this nighttime blue shade, you’ll be there to express it. Since nights have dark and light phases let your hair color be just as dynamic: transit the dark roots into pastel shades of moonlight creating the light and deep blue-black hair colors dimension.

Medium Blue Black Hairstyles

If you have medium length hair, you can still adhere to the trend of black hair. Let’s look at some hairstyles for example.

Stone Blue Hair Color

If you are younger or younger, a brighter blue color may match your blue black hair style. This high contrast stone blue hair color frames your face for a bright look.

Multidimensional Deep Blue Highlights

Since nothing can prevent us from creating our own brand new combinations right on our beautiful locks, it’s time to be as creative as possible. You already know how captivating midnight blue hair dye looks on black hair so why don’t your coloring include this shade? Try to mix at least three blue shades and we promise that you will never regret it. What cares that they look different?

Midnight Blues

Midnight. You walk into a bar where there is no one but you and the moonshine. A light projector suddenly turns on and starts to light up your way to the scene. You get surrounded by the beauty of the night and your hair starts to burn like a cold fire. Understanding the implications and pitfalls you may experience with your new color is key. So we want you to learn some dark blue hair tips that will be useful to everyone: from inexperienced hair girls to seasoned color players. Pre-blinding is compulsory! Don’t even think about going for blue hair dye without bleaching if you want to get a sumptuous color. It doesn’t matter what coloring strategy you want to pursue; only a lightened base will produce a truly vivid and intense effect. That means you should be prepared for a small amount of damage. > Try using sulfate-free shampoos and dyed hair conditioners to help the color stay longer. It’s also better to wash your hair in cold water and dry it with cold air; it’s a routine for healthy care. > If you’re not just playing with dark blue black hair and want it to be part of your life, you should make lounge appointments ahead of time. These colors need updates every two weeks: very quickly they start to fade. > Sometimes it is difficult to see where the dark blue base ends and the black undertones begin. And that’s why it’s so charming this color. Look at this picture: a look to steal is this seamless transition of rich colors.

Indigo Blue Bob Hairstyle

Bring on the spunkiness with indigo blue bob hairstyle. The warmer shade of indigo blue adds to the understated look elegance.

Subtle Black Blue Hair

Our next hairstyle is quite subtle. The hair is black with inky black highlights. Ribbon blue is a silent blue shade that does not overpower your hairstyle.

Blue Black To Grey Ombre

While some ladies are satisfied with just a few highlights, others want their head to be a canvas of all trendy colors. Blue black hair paired with gray shadow seems to outshine the latest trendsetter looks. So as not to make the colors blend roughly ask your stylist for a gray shadow with blue undertones. This contains two opposite color tone features, which is the main reason why it is becoming increasingly attractive. Although it goes well with all the bases and complexions, you can make it work for your pale skin as a completely authentic finish. Start with your dark roots and let the indigo stretch down the bottom of an icy version.

Royal Blue Highlights for Asian Hair

If you’re looking for a bright royal blue color for your black Asian hair without hair extensions you’ll need to bleach it first. That’s another level of commitment but you can get the exact blue hue you want.

Prussian Blue Black Ombre for Dark Skin

Black To Blue Ombre

Ombre is a very stylish color technique that will not be available anywhere soon. So why not try the black shadow blue?! Here’s a fashionable example. The hair begins dark and then mixes into a beautiful black blue shade. This is another great idea for the ladies who want to try blue black because if you decide it’s not for you, the color will easily grow out. jpg” />

For women with long straight black hair add subtle berry blue highlights to give the sparkle to your look.

Satiny Indigo Blue Hair Color

As you may have noticed blue black hair can be different; it’s hard to guess how many color variations are born every day as women’s imagination is just limitless. But there is something that puts together all the combinations of such colors: whether it’s dark light or pastel, it always looks very flossy. It’s because it’s the blue color and that’s it. While the indigo blue is very strong, it shines so brightly that at first it is difficult to accept its variety. And once the sun shines on the look above it all will be clear: it’s just stunning.

Dark Magic Blue Black Hair

With this next idea, give your hair a magical transformation. This black-blue look was described as Dark Magic. It’s a beautiful black paint with shades of blue. This is one of our favorites from the entire list and you can see what the stylist was using on the page below.

Blue Gray Black Asian Hair Color

There is still hope for women who think blue black hair is still too bold. Take it down a few notches with denim gray tones. Your medium-length black Asian hair now has a delicate tinge of blue-gray!

Royal Blue Black Straight Hairstyle

This subtle royal blue highlights gives your black hair an elegant shine. Next long black hair color coming up!

Blue Black Bob With Bangs

Previously we had a chic fringe hairstyle. You may also like this one if you loved that look. Here, the hair is shorter and more of a bob cut, with a subtle blue tone in the color used. These hair is perfect for edgy ladies to set trends.

Vintage Blue Black Waves

When you bring this image together with a picture of the sea filled in blurred moonshine, you won’t notice the difference! The natural shine and stream of waves is so realistic that it seems we should take a dip. Indeed, that’s what a detailed paint job will result in. Try black hair with a rich deep dark blue hair dye. It’s a mix of colors that shines like the sun.

Peek-A-Boo Blue Coloring

Girls who like to keep it simple but meaningful will appreciate this beautiful idea. Blue black hair is not always about two deep unusual shades that mix together. It can be a minimal combination where a few strands of dark blue hair are colored in saturated blue.

Azure Blue Black Ombre

At the other end of the spectrum, black hair is mainly blue as with this azure blue shadow of straight hair.

Steel Blue Black Short Hairstyle

This blue black bob adds a delicate populism to youthfulness.

Blue Black With Holographic Rainbow

There are three things women can watch forever: blue-black hair smoothly blended color shades and dark holograph shades. Can you imagine how much of a visual impact you will achieve once you mix the three irresistible beauties? This picture is here to precede your imagination. An iridescent color of blue hair may just be what you need.

Violet Blue Hair Style for Girls

Instead of a blue black hair color, try black blue. This violet blue color dominates her look and will certainly attract the attention you’re looking for.