Blonde hairstyles

Beachy shade color on a fiercely cut bob

You can never go wrong with one-of – a-kind hair color and a tough cut. This look has both. A bob with blunt ends and perfect long bangs. Brunette-to-blonde hue with a design that frames the eyes and makes the face stand out in the most beautiful way. This fade looks like a bubble gum, and it will love most daring ladies.

Brown To Blonde Sombre

Deep natural roots that gently turn into a beautiful warm blonde color give a smooth look to the hair. This ombre hair color for brunettes is better styled with a lot of texture or beachy waves.

Ultra Glam Black and White Ombre

This hairstyle has so many awesome things. Let’s start with the color. Nearly black brunette roots with shimmering blonde gold. It’s amazing. Then the theme is there. It’s a sparkling blowout that shows the bold color perfectly. Wallflowers do not need to be used.

Honey Blonde

Celebrities aren’t just the ones that give birth to trends and help them propagate around the world. In fact, they’re the ones that give rise to trends. So if you’re wondering which color jobs make famous women nuts, you’re going to find out today. There’s also a mix of warmer and cooler colors that’s really pretty interesting. It takes the usual balayage sunkissed and pushes it up a notch … or five. While this color is bold, if you want to look outside the box, it’s awesome.

Ombre All Day Every Day

Beauty gods have spoken and this might just be the ultimate simple hairstyle. Long powdered hair you can wear down or pull up in a snap? Check. Positively sun-kissed effortless makeup in a golden blonde color? Yup. Wanting to wake up like this every damn day? You betcha.

Peach Ombre

This shadow shows a blonde melting down with a super cute peach undertone. It will function for any undertone of the skin as well.

Silky straight bob with extra developed roots

This look is a bit dramatic so get ready! Dark natural roots are out to shoulder length where bright blonde shadow begins. The change is pretty short making a more visible break from dark to light. It’s pretty worn down and it’s also a nice way to shake your up-dos as you get such a difference from dark to light. Nearly everybody would look bomb with such hair color overlooking the undertone of the skin.

Burgundy Ombre Hair

Burgundy shadow hair is all about eye-catching and outstanding looks. Who says you need to completely change your initial hair color to give it a fresh look? A deep and saturated burgundy shadow that moves from the middle shaft to the ends can beautifully enlivening and accentuating dark and rich bases like chestnut or black. On all hair types, this hair style can be worn and this wavy hairstyle seems to be particularly easy to wear. There is no need to pull the straightening iron out and spend a lot of time preparing for your day. Plus for every occasion, this look is suitable. The model above sports her blonde summer hair with the look of the shadow that blends well with her base color.

Indigo Blue

If Jade Thirlwall goes bright with her color it means that this color is really special. Indeed, indigo blue is unique: it is very deep while being extremely vivid and shiny. How could a lady who loves naturalness turn to the blue direction? This hair shadow is here to answer this question with its ethereal charm. Indeed, she switched on all the lights this time. The star went with triple shadow for the most realistic futuristic look. She styled it all into a loose knot to enhance the ensemble’s screaming effect, making the ends as sharp as her look’s visual impact.

Chestnut Brown

Lucy Hale’s natural hair color is brown, but it doesn’t mean all highlights should automatically be blonde. A sprinkle of light brown chestnut over its dark brunette base is an amazing way not only to freshen things up but also to improve the appeal of its natural brown hue.

Brown Ombre Hair

Ladiez, who tries naturalness in its purest, will make things new. The color is completely flawless from light brown to white blonde. Note that in this style you don’t see the hand-painted signature balayage highlights – it’s a true shadow color. Wearing it perfectly straight and allowing everyone to know that your beauty means business with a clear blunt cut.

Fireball Black To Red Ombre

This is one of the best ombre hair ideas for brunettes or women with black hair. If your stylist is out of hair color and cut ideas show him / her this picture. The vivid color will make you stand out in a crowd and make your hairstyle the best red ombre hair in

A sexy cool tone bed channel surfer girl vibes

. The color of the ends perfectly mirrors the way your hair would be lightened by the sun and saltwater after a summer in the sand – less of course the harm! Choppy layers match beautifully the loose waves and shadow of beauty.

Gaga Inspired Yellow

If you’re a fan of Lady Gaga then this hue is for you.

Hairstyles For Blonde Ombre Hair

Blonde balayage with icy highlights is the crazy new trend.

Barbie Pink

Halsey is here to remind you that you don’t need to go blonde to wear the world-famous pink hair trend. The only thing you need is the right pink shade: it should be bright to stand out from the brunette strands but gentle enough to avoid a drastic look. This is such a cool nighttime hairstyle or really anytime you want your best look. At the ends there is so much color that you can hardly say it’s shadow and that’s what makes it so awesome! The bright sunny color starts from the roots a few inches and saturates every strand quickly.

Pastel Haze

Now it’s time for the best blonde-to-pink graduation you could ever see. The fact is that Lady Mary Charteris ‘ hair look is one of the most common color ideas among all possible variations, but in this sense popular means win – win because you can’t go wrong with it if you already have blonde wheat hair. This girl has played various roles: from chic and feminine to masculine and tomboy. In this picture you can see how she adds to a completely classic look a twist of modernity. A saturated tint of plum shade covering the top of her black mane is enough to make you don’t agree with the feminine look a little sassier?

Galaxy Hair

Mismerize people with a dark hairstyle which resembles starry sky. Galaxy hair with deep roots that shift into blues and gray is a sight to behold. d a splash of purple or pink to a gray shadow and set heart on fire.

Lavender Ombre

This bright purple lavender color looks so bold and sexy. If you have yellow or olive undertone in your hair, it’s going to be great. Your hair type or texture is not going to be an obstacle to creating such a hair style.

Pink Lemonade