Tomato for Uric Acid

Manuel pina

Excuse me, I have very little high uric acid and I go on diets because they haven’t given me medicine that because with pure diet it will take away but not when I eat anything I get horrible pain in my hands, it swells up and in the heels of my feet a doctor prescribed me from Mexico 300 mg allopurinol I hope it will help me I do not understand if the high uric acid levels are little and with the diet I do not see me kita


Excellent articles, thank you

Carlos ALberto Mendez Casale

Is the egg bad for uric acid? …. or does not have incidence?

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Very informative and very clear in his statements of when it is NO and YES


I wanted to consult you since in my last laboratory I had a high uric acid value. What do you think??
It may be that I should reduce the intake of some vegetable, fruit, nut, seed or legume, which may be affecting me ???
I follow a plant-based diet with intermittent fasting 16-8
What levels of uric acid can be considered as worrisome?
Thank you very much and greetings!!

the maslouhi abdelkhalak

Recently I have felt certain pains in the joints and after the analyzes carried out under the instructions of the doctor and with a high result in uric acid, I recommended certain treatments based on (colchicine cristallise and allopurinol) for 3 months. I found many deficiencies in the Suggestions of diets to follow Due to certain information through google, certain foods are recommended to lower this evil, in other documentation the same products are not recommended due to their high or low level of purines, that is, I find certain contradictions or perhaps inadequacies in the information such as the case of the subject mentioned above in the subtitle of FOODS TO AVOID IF YOU HAVE URIC ACID where the LEGUMES part has been highlighted, leaving it as a general term not complete and without details and thanks for your effort

Very nutritious information

I wanted to know what happens when uric acid is below normal

Edinson dogwood

Good afternoon, by mail could you send me a diet to lower uric acid please.

mauricio assael

What does tomato produce? Is it good or bad.

Elia Tabuenca

It’s good. There is no reliable relationship between tomato consumption and increased uric acid. No medical study has shown this alleged association so widespread by word of mouth.


Hi guys!! I have finally gone for my results how nervous I was .. it turns out that uric acid (which was what I was worried about because I was 6.3) has risen to 6.4 on a uric acid diet … (notice that I have never eaten or viscera and shellfish for Christmas) … now to the rheumatologist … I am a woman and 28 years old … which is what is out of the picture !!!! I already have Friday … Thanks for reading!

Graciela Garcia

Look, it happened to me years ago, when I was 24 I had a gout attack. Unimaginable. As it turned out, it was the birth control pills. I stopped taking them, went on the regimen, took allopurinol for a while, got pregnant, and my uric acid never went up again. Now I am 58 years old. Say you take contraceptives, keep it in mind, ask the doctor.

Manuel Cabrera

I have uric acid and cholecterol, I don’t know which foods are good or bad


The tomato problem is in the shell and in the seed, this was said by an indigenous man to a man who had a leg like a ham, he told him not to eat that or alcohol and you will get better, he did it and that’s how it was. his leg has deflated and he has not had this problem again just by following that recommendation, oh and pouring himself warm mastranto water with mango leaves and salt. on the leg, morning and night. for a few days.

Elia Tabuenca

Thanks for your input Jacqueline 🙂


What diet is advisable for a person over 80 with knee pain will be due to uric acid thanks

Willie galarza

Tomato is not bad for gouty people if you consume it the right way. 1 the tomato should not be refrigerated so that it becomes well ripe to obtain its properties, a green or hard tomato is not good. 2 the seeds should not be consumed, the seed does produce 10% of 100% uric acid. 3 being mature apart from being good for the diet of a Gouty purifies the liver. In summary, the tomato has a very good benefit for the diet of the gouty, consume without fear but never forget after each meal fruits such as pineapple and apple water, I personally recommend: cut 4 apples, half a packet of strawberries cut by half with all its leaves which is a tremendous cleanser and also two slices of pineapple cut into 4 with the whole peel accompanied by two cinnamon sticks two tablespoons of brown sugar and boil it for 30 minutes, strain it and refrigerate it to accompany meals, forget about it From sugary sodas that are lethal for gout, all foods prepared by yourself have to be LOW IN SODIUM and goodbye gout, you will not have attacks that will put you on the ropes, this discipline has to be for life, if you break it because its consequences are very painful apart from the fact that the kidneys are getting sick little by little, I jo have an attack for 4 years, before starting this regimen I cried every 4 months, I share this comment p Because carrying the drop for life has a price that no one wants to have those pains that even make you shiver with fever.

Elia Tabuenca

Very interesting your contribution Willie, thank you 🙂

White cedillos

Very good report to me, a doctor told me that the tomato was very bad because it suffers from Gota.

Yerko Aguilera labbe

Hello, I have a 7.6 range of uric acid, it is very high if I consider a range of 7.2 maximum, some remedy that raises uric acid, thanks to your comments.

Hector zapata

Well, for not knowing it is better to ask

melania gaete

I eat a tomato for breakfast every day in the morning, that would be bad

Maria Teresa Abenza Moreno

It has given me uric acid, I take a lot of tomato with “Mozzarella” cheese, can it give uric acid? Greeting


About 7 days ago I asked a question about uric acid, the remedies that my doctor had prescribed, had no effect whatsoever. I went to the clinic and 3 doctors diagnosed an infection in my ankle, which could turn into a clot. They decided to intern me, and they would do an echodopller for me, as it was the weekend they decided that I would return home, rectifying antibiotics and tablets for blood circulation, all of this is that they are going to refer me to a phlebologist because it is an internal varix that my The doctor did not realize all this, I hope they give me a moderately fast turn, with the antibiotic the swelling loosened and I can walk a little better, as soon as I have news, I will contact you again. thanks for all your kindness