The accounts of the Real to follow in Europe

The third day of the Europa League The group B scenario has changed substantially, giving Monaco a significant advantage in their qualifying aspirations and also increasing Real’s chances, with two points after the first two days. The last goal of Diop at Philips Stadion attached to both Isak in Austria they place Monegasques and Txuri Urdin at the head of the operations, waiting for a fourth day that will bring more light or even more equalize the classification.

As things stand in the middle of the group stage, it is possible that the result that most favors Real in the Monaco-PSV from 4 November be another victory for those of Kovac, which would leave the Dutch on the ropes, especially if the Real repeats victory against the Sturm in Anoeta. Whatever happens in the Louis II, the squad of Imanol will guarantee his continuity in Europe if he beats the Austrians in two weeks in Donostia. That even would leave the Graz with zero points, for the seven of the txuri urdin with two games to play. La Real would have the third place, that is, the passport to the Conference League, guaranteed as a lesser evil beyond the Monaco-PSV result.

Another mathematical derivative of this day is that if the Blue and Whites tie their two home games (Graz and PSV) they will also ensure, at least, second place in the group since they would go up to 11 points and the Dutch could at most achieve 10 The second classified of each group will have to play a round of 32 tie against a rival from the Champions League.

In the event that the PSV be imposed on Monaco on November 4As long as Real beat Sturm, the Txuri Urdin would depend on themselves to be group leaders as they would travel first to Monaco on November 25 to defend that lead.


  1. Monaco 7 points
  2. Real Sociedad 5 points
  3. PSV Eindhoven 4 points
  4. Sturm Graz 0 points